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  1. [attachment=1262:Pagelines.jpg]I started seeing flash ads while working today.  I thought it was my computer.  I cleaned scanned etc.  I went into pagelines and see that my custom logo has been replaced by these flashing ads.   Somehow, I have been able to upload the logo again,  Only to see it back to flashing ads again.  I have done this 4 times.  Please help. I have not been on the site since last wed. until today.  NO changes were made.   Can someone please explain to me how to upload a print screen of what I am seeing while trying to upload my custom branding logo.   Kelly    
  2. I know this is probably a really easy fix, but I can't find a setting to make my header logo be a persistent link to the homepage.  Is this a config setting somewhere or do I have to edit the header.php file to do this?   Thanks, Scott
  3. Hi, I would like to add to every page a different logo. How can i do this? I read something about hooks, but there is no further information. Or is this possibile with css? Thx Corina
  4. Hi I am having trouble getting a site logo to sit top right in the header and social icons top left... It -almost- works by setting custom CSS for the logo: .section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {float:right;} and then 'branding options - social icons' Distance from the right in pixels to a large value such as 1000 (under 'site options' then 'header and footer') The trouble with this approach is that the icons can be pushed off the edge of screen when narrowing the browser window or on a mobile platform... Far from ideal anyhow. What would be a better way of achieving this?
  5. Header Logo Issue

    How do I install the logo in the header it should be on left side. Now I have is the picture on the background it's for my header and menu, but logo is invisible like a *.png or background, I've know idea how to put default logo on the top. www.migrationspace.com Thank you!
  6. Hello, I need help with the header: 1. Change the color behind my uploaded logo to black 2. Center the logo (I will not be using the area to the right for social media icons) 3. Remove the space/padding around the logo so that it is flush with the top of the screen, the nav bar, and left and right margins -- Actually if I did this, I guess changing the color behind it would be irrelevant because it would take up the entire space. See http://severxance.com/ I am trying to get it to look similar to the attached mockup. Thank you.
  7. Ok, I'll admit that I've searched and seen a few topics on this with various suggestions, but unless I'm seeing wrong, they all seem to be prior to 2011. So here is my request for updated info based on the framework in it's present version. How do I align any of the nav bars to the right of the branding logo? I don't have a site built as yet, and I've used some css before to kind of get the effect, but it's always messy when trying to make it look good in a responsive setting. So i'd really like some advice in what is currently the best was to do this and which nav type would this work best with. I just want to hear the current methods before i start thinking about using it in my layout idea.
  8. Hi there, I am experiencing a problem with my site's custom logo. It looks great everywhere else except Firefox where it appears HUGE. I think the browser is not resizing it down for some reason and it appears in its actual size. All other elements look as they should. Any ideas? Thank you!!
  9. Hi, I wanted to add a button(with an image) over the main logo image at the right side, which links to another page. How can I do that?? Thanks for the help
  10. I am building a new site here: http://www.trakrcrm.net. I am using BrandNav with my logo on the left. Is there an easy way to put a logo or button on the right of that menu? My current site is http://www.salestrakr.com. I want a "Login" and "Sign Up Now" buttons. Can't figure out how to use a shortcode button nor a graphic button here.
  11. My logo won't show up

    I've looked through the docs. Watched the videos, tried every option known to mankind. I uploaded my logo like the video showed, and voila, NOTHIN'. Does it have to be a certain dimension? All I seem to get is a tiny area under my navbar but no image? Thanks for any help in advance.
  12. Center Custom Logo

    Hi, I'm trying to center a custom logo in the header of this website: http://www.rumbleranch.com I was able to center the nav classic with custom CSS code but have been unable to center the logo with CSS code I've found that already exists in the forums. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks, Taylor
  13. Can anyone direct me on how to remove the padding from around my logo image area? I would like a 1px padding instead of what's there now. I'm able to view the area in Firebug, but I can't figure out how to change the script on the site. Thanks for your help. Site: http://www.ezkool.com
  14. Hello! Friends, I would like to replace the custom logo only for some specific pages, is it possible to do? I've found a hook "pagelines_before_branding_icons", but i don't know if i'm using it right. Here is the code i added to the pagelines-customize/function.php function frontlogo(){ echo '<a id="39" class="plbrand mainlogo-link" title="InteSys" href="http://desenv.intesys.com.br/home/frontmail-email-marketing/"><img class="mainlogo-img" alt="InteSys" src="image link here" /> </a> '; // the page id is 39 and 222. } add_action( 'pagelines_before_branding_icons', 'frontlogo' ); In this case the image is added on all pages and what i wanted to do is replace the current image by another. Any help? Many thanks!
  15. Hi! Thanks for a great framework! I need help with two things I can't seem to figure out... 1) I want to place my logo right on top of the main navbar (in fact I want to place a site-wide picture including both picture and title of my website above, making it look like the picture is resting on top of the navbar). There is a gap of about maybe 20-30 px's and I want to get rid of it. Some custom CSS should do the trick, right? But what exactly? 2) How do I change the text color within the main navbar? I've chosen the Orange theme, and I want the text to be black. I think I'm missing something fairly easy, so sorry about that, but I just can't seem to find the answers! Thank you in advance!
  16. Center Logo In Brandnav

    I am building a website using Paglines Framework. I would love to center the logo similarly to the attached pic. Any ideas on how to best accomplish this?
  17. I basically am looking to put a logo with transparent borders above my header section. I would like to lower the white content box so the logo appears over the background.
  18. The question is in the subject line. I've already gone into the Drag & Drop section of PageLines, selected the Footer, and the only thing that appears there is the "Simple Nav." I tried removing that, but it only removed the Simple Nav. The PageLines logo remained. (And yes, I'm certain that I'm working on the correct template, since by removing the Simple Nav I saw that the Simple Nav did, in fact, go away ... and then re-appeared when it put it back into the Footer.) This logo isn't in the Morefoot. I've already checked that. There's nothing in it. So where does this logo reside that's at the bottom of the page beneath the Simple Nav that's in the Footer? I've removed all the PageLines logos, watermarks, etc. from Site Options > Website Setup. Yet the logo remains at the bottom of the page. How do I remove it? Where is this setting?
  19. I've been trying to attach my Pagelines affiliate link to the leaf logo on the bottom of the page, through the advanced tab, without any success. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get the link to update. I've cleared caches, used different browsers and computers. I've searched the forums but have not found anything pertaining to this issue. My website is https://vitamixblender.co Your help is much appreciated. Thank you. -Justin
  20. How do you center you logo on the fixed navbar?
  21. First I want to display my logo as SVG so I can style to resize nicely. When I try to upload an SVG using PageLines logo option it tells me the file type is not supported. Second I want to display the site title and description next to the logo as text and not have to make it part of the logo so it will render crisply on all screens and so I can easily update it.
  22. Dear PageLines Team, I made a website with the Framework ( RacoonCanyoning ). I used "Features" for the Slideshow at the top. Now I would like to have logo over the features (which is a separate file from the slideshow images). On the front page of the website you'll see how I want it (in those 5 pictures I put the logo directly in the image). I will use lots of different images for each site dfferent images (Features) in the header so I would be really cool if there is a way to overlay the photos with the logo. best wishes Max
  23. Hi! I hope someone can help me out. It is about this site: www.Armadix.nl/wordpress The owner of the site wants his logo in the Nav bar and not like in a fixed Nav Bar, but like in his html site: www.Armadix.nl I am using Pagelines Framework 2.3.3 and a child theme. In the CSS I managed to put the menu on the right, but how can I put the logo on the left? Do not mind the colors, its just for me to see what I am doing. Anyone an idea? Maybe a complete other direction? Thanks! Monique
  24. Hi Pagelines team: I have 2 issues with my header logo displaying properly on an iPhone & have attached 2 images to give you a clear picture. I'm using Pagelines Framework + Base Theme + Featured Branding plug-in. 1. on the main Blog Page, a 'duplicate' logo image appears below the site logo. What could be causing this? Can you point me in the right direction. None of the changes I make seems to have any affect. 2. on regular Pages, no duplicate logo appears, but the social links bleed into the site logo. Here is the CSS that Firebug shows for these Social Icons --- I'd be happy to make them invisible for Mobile users, frankly. Any CSS suggestions for that? section#featured-branding.section-featured-branding .icons { bottom: 50%; height: 24px; line-height: 20px; position: absolute; right: 0; text-align: right; } section#featured-branding .icons { margin-top: 5px; padding-right: 5px; position: static; }
  25. Hi, I would like to have my navbar hidden on my first page, and only appear when you hover the mouse over the logo. For the other pages, I would like to show the navbar as usual. Is there any way I can achieve this? Any help is much appreciated! My webiste is ulfholgersson.se