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  1. Response Gallery Loading

    I am using the Response Gallery on a site with need for a high number of images. The loading time is a concern. Is there any way to have a Pre-Loader or a standing Image while the Gallery is loading just to keep people from Navigating away from the page before the Gallery is known to exist.
  2. I am attempting to upgrading from Platform 1.4.1 to Pageline 2.3.8 with an install of wordpress 3.4.2. and once I activate the theme my previous posted content is displayed without any theme layout. See wigmag.com for results. I have followed all instructions provided about upgrading. I have removed all widgets and plugins. Twice I have deleted the theme, obtained a new download and installed the pageline theme with the same results. In an email exchange with support, they think it might be caused by a permissions issue, but provide no clue to what files or direcctories that would be. The server I'm running it on is using PHP version 5.2.10, MySQL version 5.0.51.
  3. Site loads slow

    Hi, so my site is slow and I read up in the forums and did the following: - W3 Cache was already installed (Minify, Browser Cache, CloudFlare and CDN enabled) - installed CloudFlare - installed MaxCDN the site was still slow. So I added the following code to wp-config. define( 'LESS_FILE_MODE', true ); That helped a lot but unfortunately made my site crash for some users so had to delete it again. Now I increased php.ini to 256mB (BlueHost). My site is still slow. What am I missing? And why made the above code make my site crash? This is driving me nuts. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks