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  1. I activated the Jetpack Comments on one of my sites and after that I have a strange url-error. If I write a comment and tries to submit it I got an redirection to an old url I used when I first developed the site. I have search the db and can conform that I don't have any string to the old url. I guess this means the url must be hard-coded in one php-file but I can't find anything. The installation is an old Platform Pro that has been updated to Pagelines Framework. If I do the same thing on a fresh installation all works as it is ment to. The live site can be found on http://ssfk.info/ and a page with comments activated can be found at: http://ssfk.info/insekter/ The old url was http://vaket.ixnix.co.uk/ Anyone that has had this or a similar problem? Regards, Mikael