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  1. How to import hooks?

    Currently the hooker plugin doesn't recognize a hook for the section "navable"... how can I import a hook for it to recognize it?   You can see from this thread (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/27917-logo-in-navable-menu/) that Nick did create the hook for his section and called it navable_after_search but it isn't showing up in the Hook Editor or Action Map so that I can add to it via Hooker.   When I export a hook that I've created in Hooker, it looks like the following:    hookers.pimp   {"1371962115":{"hook":"pagelines_before_branding_icons","content":"<a href=\"tel:1-888-609-0882\" id=\"phone-right\" class=\"zmb\"><i class=\"icon-phone icon-spin\"><\/i> 1-888-609-0882<\/a>","php":false,"error":false,"priority":"10","enabled":"on","page_id":[""]}} Do I need to create a similar file to be able to recognize Nick's newly created hook "navable_after_search"?   Thanks in advance! Steve