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  1. I would like to know if it is possible to split the image grid so that I can have multiple image grids but with different images on the same page. I cloned the image grid for my template so that there are three but I don't know how to use the shortcode method to place them on the page. See attached.
  2. Hi, I tried to adjust the image order after I inserted the gallery and it doesn't show the changes. Take a look at this page: http://jrolandsalon.com/image-grid/ The gallery shows up twice, once in the image grid then as individual images.
  3. image limits

    I need to built 110 image portfolio. Your section looks fine, but I would like to ask for the gallery limitations. Is it possible to insert 110 pictures (all in one? or pagination?) thanx for answear Peter
  4. Usage question

    Can I download this section and use it on several sites, or just one? If I download it in my launchpad area, how would I install it on a site? How about if I install it on a development site, can I migrate the site with the section to the live site without issue?
  5. Projects

    Hi, I've got a question concerning the "Projects" section: In your instructions you write: "You can also exclude categories from being shown by supplying the category ID." But I can't find the "category ID" anywhere! Can you tell me where to look?