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  1. Hi My site www.arkivsenteret.no/nyveileder is wird looking in Internet Exporer. It looks fine in both Chrome and Firefox.   Im using the latest version of both wordpress and Pagelines Developer.   [attachment=1168:three browsers.jpg]
  2. ... I have the very same problem but it's not limited to VImeo. When using Chrome the first video in a feature set is about 75% the height it should be but once it moves to the next video it's all fine. I have six feature sets on six different pages with a mix of embedded code sources (Vimeo, YouTube and Fora) and they all do the same thing. Even without this specific issue, I have the same problem detailed above when I view any of the feature set pages in FIrefox, Opera or IE9. I have tried numerous solutions involving using inline parameters like 'height', 'vspace', 'marginheight', 'frameborder' etc. and have tried all of them using inline style as well with no luck at all. I'm using <iframe>. Please advise. Thanks. P.S. I'm working on a locally installed web server and database.
  3. Black boxes in IE9

    Boxes shows up as black in IE9. That makes them unreadable. Take a look: www.attac.no, boxes are below the main content Chrome and Firefox seems to be working fine, but there's quite a lot of IE-users out there still. Is this a known issue, or is there something I can do about it?
  4. Hello! Guys, I've just found out that my site is not showing the sidebars in the right place of the page, they are showing bellow the post and the green page background i've added is not working, the Social icons are shown in the opposite side as well. If you open the site using Chrome or Mozilla there is no problem, the issue happens only with IE. The version i used for test was IE9. http://desenv.intesys.com.br Thanks in advanced.
  5. I've fought with this for quite a while - my Pagelines installation continues to have trouble inside of IE9. Because I don't see any other threads on this topic, I assume no one else is having this problem. My site is http://www.gringosabroad.com/ I get two errors: 1) formatting is lost and sidebar drops to bottom of page on all pages/posts except homepage 2) homepage begins to load and then switches to just a white screen. In image #1, IE9 renders the site without background, no sidebar, and the Fixed Navigation Bar changes from black to a gradient blue (deleting the links and search bar). The bottom screenshot is what it looks like inside of Chrome (and Firefox). Image #2 shows what the homepage is supposed to look like. IE9 renders this as just white. Given that just over 50% of site visitors are still using IE9 this is a significant problem. I disabled all plugins this am to troubleshoot the errors. Even with all plugins disabled, it won't work. I get the exact same errors. Any suggestions?
  6. I have a client who has using a flat screen TV for a monitor. It's about 30". The site I designed using PageLInes looks great on most every screen in IE9 but on this one it left justifies the site as opposed to keeping it centered. Chrome and Firefox work fine on this size display, it's only IE9 that has a problem. Is there a work around for this?
  7. My home page is not displaying properly in IE9 - no sidebars or footer. Other pages look fine. This is a major concern since that is where my adverts display. Some in the WP forum pages have suggested it is related to the recent WP 3.5 update. Can you help?
  8. Ie 9 Problem

    Hi there, my layout works great in all tested browsers on OS X, iOS, Android and all browsers on Windows 7 apart from... IE9. Navigation broken, styles, page layout, google fonts, jQuery not loaded. A mess. Please see the attached screen shot of my live site on Windows with site open in Firefox (version 16.0.1). Pagelines, Wordpress and all plugins (only very mainstream) are up to date. Site URL: seamstress.com.au I read on another thread something about 'compatibility' mode in IE9. All help very gratefully received. Warm regards, David
  9. Incompatibility with IE9

    The following blogs are built using the latest version of iBlog Pro: www.richcruzchicago.com www.thecfim.com The headings are now missing from the pages and from the features PLUS the sidebar is missing from richcruzchicago.com Sincerely, Rich
  10. I cannot seem to get my images in PL Boxes not to be oversized and coming out of the containers in ie8 & ie9 I have tried the ie fix \9 (see below) but it does not help (I can get the borders to change but not the image sizing). img, .block_inner img { border: 1px solid #9e0509; margin-bottom: .5em; width: 99%; width: auto\9; /* IE9 and below fix */ } PS I know about max-width, but if used here it does not work correct in the PL boxes. PS I have the images defined in the text area, so I can get the title on top of the image. Site is HOME page .. http://yourconsultants.ca
  11. Dear Support, Since I've updated the PageLines plugin from 1.2.4 to the current version 1.2.5, the Standard NavBar is displayed in some kind of blue gradient in IE9, instead of the configured "Black Transparent (default)". This only happens in IE9, FF15 correctly displays the Standard NavBar. You can compare yourself using IE9 and FF15 going to www.muenchen-webdesign.de, or compare the following image snippets (showing the problem in IE9 on the left and the correct display in FF15 on the right, respectively): In order to check for possible reasons for this issue, I temporarily changed the Standard NavBar theme from "Black Transparent (default)" to some of the other options available through the PageLines admin pages (e.g. "Orange"). But when I did this, the NavBar's are displayed identically on IE9 and FF15, so it seems this issue only occurs with the setting of "Black Transparent (default)". I then switched back to "Black Transparent (default)" - no change, IE9 still displays it incorrectly in that blue gradient, while FF15 still displays it correctly. Additionally I found, that switching to another Standard NavBar theme (Orange, Blue, Light Grey) moves the menue items (text) aprox. 50-100px to the right. In other words, it produces an additional margin space to the left of the first menu item text ("Willkommen", in my case). This doesn't happen with the default of "Black Transparent (default)", interestingly. Again, I emphasize here, that before updating to 1.2.5 everything was fine with the NavBar - so I really assume, that this is some sort of bug introduced with the 1.2.5 code. Can you please fix this problem (bug?) or help me in finding a workaround for this (e.g. by using custom CSS)? Thanks in advance, Franz