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  1. Firstly, love DMS.  From the small amount I have played with it today it is truly amazing.   However, there are a few things that look a bit patchy at the mo to use it as a live site theme.   IE8 support is NIL!  Sub menus don't even show up.  No slider and iBoxes don't allign.   As for the menu itself, can't make the parent item clickable and on mobile the (child) sub items dont show.   Can we also get rid of the RSS feed icon?  A bit random!   Do you think that charging $15 for the Navable section to address the menu issues is a bit of a joke?  These would appear to be things that the DMS should just do.   Looking forward to getting to grips with DMS.   Stuart
  2. Hi, I'm using iBlogPro5, great theme. But ies don't support css3 so I need my site to detect these browser to send them to some acceptable css for the navs to look decent ? Note that I have very little coding knowledge that's why i use pagelines!! im thinking of simple css like no round corner no gradients etc. site is www.globalrecobros.com Thanks in advance Dalia
  3. Font Awesome Icons not showing in IE8

    Hi everybody, I read every post about this problem and I did not solved it yet :-(. I use Font Awesome icons in my design for ruzzleonline[dot]net and they keep showing the numbers in IE8 instead of the logo's. I activated the box to 'Include Google IE Compatibility Script?'. This alone was not enough, what I did I added this code at the Header scripts section, but did not worked either. <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src="//html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script> <![endif]--> In earlier post from me about Google IE compatibility script this screenshot shows that code is already there on the page: http://screencast.com/t/mYeSX6y21FI. The only difference is the Code Pagelines includes is html5shim (with a M) and mine is html5shiv (with a V). On the internet though I read that that's the only difference, but it works the same... So I was not surprised it did not work ;-). I did my test in IE tester and browsershots.org (which also use IE tester)... Please can anybody tell me how to get this work? Kind regards, Willem
  4. Hi, I have an issue on IE8 when the page content jumps when it loads. A couple of things worth mentioning: I am using the google compatibility script, when this is turned off the issue goes away, but I get other compilibilty issues. I am only seeing this behavoiour on IE8, all other tested browsers are fine including IE9, Firefox, Chrome etc... I have tested with all CSS removed but still see the same behaviour I have used IE8 specific CSS to get the formating to look correct, so it is formatted correctly after the page jumps. I am not sure if my issue is related to the below post? http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/25626-ie8-problem-with-random-space/page-2 My site can be found here http://tinyurl.com/a5vt5bc PS. two screenshots attached to show before and after, the page jumps between 1-3 seconds of loading dependant on which machine it is being loaded on. Screenshot1 http://tinyurl.com/cj62e5t Screenshot2 http://tinyurl.com/d2ghuub If you need any additional information, let me know Thanks,
  5. IE8 Custom CSS

    li#menu-item-770.menu-item.menu-item-type-custom.menu-item-object-custom.menu-item-770 { display:none; display:inline !important/9; } The above css is not working. I tried 9 and /9 and neither is responding. I would like text to appear in the NavBar on IE8 but only there. So I did the display:none for other browsers. I got this code to work a few months ago but for some reason it won't work anymore. I also tried adding #page before the tag. Help! -James www.lifeservicesspokane.org
  6. HI there, I have a big problem with a site that just went live for a client yesterday and for some reason in IE8 the background is all wonky. I've included screenshots. Also, the site is getting hung up for IE8 when loading. It starts off looking good and then gets stuck with what you see. The website is http://www.thearcolc.org/ thanks so much for any troubleshooting you can provide.
  7. NIck, I'm testing the following site now prior to launch. The URL: http://whub34.webhostinghub.com/~videoh6/brucetesting.com/ In IE8 the dropdown carats are not showing up. Is this something that you can fix? If not, is there a CSS fallback possible? Of course the client wants compatibility back to IE8. Thanks for any help you can offer with this.
  8. Hello! I am so happy with my upgraded version of pagelines and the amount of support is great. I have been cross browser testing and I noticed that in IE8 the seach box icon is blown out. I have searched for answers but have not found any on this specific issue. Any tips on how to fix this is greatly appreciated, picture attached.Thanks!
  9. font-awesome and ie8

    Is there a fix for font-awesome not rendering in ie8? I've tried the shiv, so I am at a total loss. It's such a waist if we can't use it = renders in 9 perfectly.
  10. Hi, I 've made a home page www.lean2succes.nl with a quickslider and boxes. The quickslider doesn't show properly in IE7 and IE8: the images do not show, you only get an empty frame with a red cross in the top left corner. Is it possible to fix this? A message to IE 7 and IE8 users that they do not see the site properly would be a could alternative to a real fix. I hope anyone can help me with this. Thank you! Kind regards, Ed Cramer
  11. My clients website does not display the pagelines-customize/style.css just on some computers running ie8. I have tested it on many different systems and in ie8 and ie9 and it works great, but on my clients computer none of the CSS for the menu is displayed, and it is showing also a hidden menu (for mobile). A screen shot of what my client sees is here... http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com/PAUL-ie8.jpg Website here.. http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com Hmm seems to be a problem with your image uploader, i have reduce my file size to 1.3 k and I still get this message ... PAUL-ie8.jpg Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload)
  12. IE8 hacks

    I normally can put a 9 after a CSS command to make a IE8 hack. Unlucky it is stripped in the preprocessor of custom code. So that does not work out. I can remove the hacks and distribute them to style.css but that is a dirty fix. Can you fix the problem or is there a proper work-around? Example: .fbox {padding: 15px 30px9 15px 10px9 !important; } becomes: .fbox {padding: 15px 30px9 15px 10px9 !important; } Adding an extra space 30px 9 results in a compile error!
  13. I cannot seem to get my images in PL Boxes not to be oversized and coming out of the containers in ie8 & ie9 I have tried the ie fix \9 (see below) but it does not help (I can get the borders to change but not the image sizing). img, .block_inner img { border: 1px solid #9e0509; margin-bottom: .5em; width: 99%; width: auto\9; /* IE9 and below fix */ } PS I know about max-width, but if used here it does not work correct in the PL boxes. PS I have the images defined in the text area, so I can get the title on top of the image. Site is HOME page .. http://yourconsultants.ca
  14. Hello, Today, i give a presentation to my client regarding bootstrap site (non-pagelines yet, coz it still a dummy site), but i got so ashamed because the layout look very miserably. And i just found out that IE 8 does not support media-queries. i google and found two solution: http://ghita.org/tipoftheday/css-media-queries-for-ie and http://code.google.com/p/css3-mediaqueries-js/ but both of it, can't solve my problem on media queries, as i shown here: http://www.doxadigital.com/scrape/mediaqueries.html (using css3-mediaqueries.js) and http://www.doxadigital.com/scrape/mediaqueries2.html (using css-media-queries-for-ie.js) any idea how to solve my problem, i only got 2 days for a revision.. Thanks !
  15. The menu on my site isn't working on ie8, this is the default menu that comes with pagelines, please advise. www.milleryfamilydermatology.com