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  1. Hi,   i have another question. How can i change the hero nav for mobile, tablet devices because the nav shows all levels at once and i can't use the arrows...   Thanks for help   Greetings   Peter
  2. HERO Nav

    Hy,   how to change the Hero Nav Bar (font, color etc...)? Only in CSS?   Thanks ;-)
  3. Hi Evan Wondering if there was a way of preventing the sub-menus from hanging over the right-hand edge of the browser window when they overlap? Please see attachment. Thanks paulzz
  4. Hi I just purchased Hero Nav. I made some changes in colours on the current page then removed it but the colours remain the same. I disabled the arrows for drop downs too but they still appear. I've tried deactivating, deleting and reinstalling but it retains those settings even though the sliders are set to 0 and arrows should be switched off. Can you help please? Thanks Paul
  5. Here's a link to my site: http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com/   See SEO, Inbound Marketing, and SEM for examples. The channel names appear twice. At first, I thought this was because some were saved as custom menu items, but re-saved SEM a different way to experiment, but still get the same result.   What am I missing?   Any help appreciated.   (Also, is there any documentation?)
  6. Hello, There is some sort of unreadable character appearing in the Hero Nav that I cannot get to disappear. Thus far, I am only seeing this on the latest version of Mozilla. Please view my website at http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com.   Thanks  
  7. for some reason, any menu item that has a drop down aligns to the left. I cannot fix it with CSS... can you please take a look and help me troubleshoot? http://epicgeniussites.com/wlhunting
  8. hi. is there a good way to have the menu items start on the right side? my client loves the site map and won't let it go. has to go right. is there an option I'm missing? or a css way to do it? http://healtheforlifekansascity.com thanks,