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  1. How to add code under header image

    I want to add a custom horizontal opt-in under my header image but above the navbar at www.nomadcapitalist.com. I already have it coded to match the width of the header image. I read somewhere here to go to Settings->Custom->Header Widgets, but I don't have such an option. Any ideas? Also, I can't seem to figure out how to reduce the white space/padding around my header image. I'd like it to blend in with the similar colored background.
  2. Hey guys,  I am trying to get a masthead to only appear on the homepage of my site. While using DMS, I try to do local section options it works fine, but it's still posting to every other page as well.    Any ideas on how to disable it from showing on all the other pages? Thanks! Jason   www.zox.la
  3. I'm a newbie, so I'm still learning.  I can't seem to figure out how to separate the header template area from the top of the site, or top bar at the very top of the site.  What I want is to bring the header template area down some, so that you can see my background image.   I don't know how to even go about giving that a class, or code it in custom code.  Can anyone help me please. Thanks.  
  4. I noticed that there is a "section options global" and "section options local".  I thought I would be able to set the header locally for each different template but I'm not able to do this.     I didn't see any explanation for this in the docs.pagelines.com section.     If the sections options global/section options local don't allow for page/template specific headers, is there any negative to not having a header and I would simply use different media boxes/columns without a header?   
  5. Hi i´m trying to change only the text color in header.     Tks
  6. I know this is probably a really easy fix, but I can't find a setting to make my header logo be a persistent link to the homepage.  Is this a config setting somewhere or do I have to edit the header.php file to do this?   Thanks, Scott
  7. Hi - does anybody know how I can get a different full width header per page? Thanks advance guys and girls for helping out!   ps. Take a look at : http://www.polygon.com/game/company-of-heroes-2/5100 and ofcourse : http://www.pagelines.com (big header)   Thanks,   Rich.
  8. Hi, I trying out to put a third part slider behind the header section only at the homepage.   i tried to put this code in the php customize file... but the slideshow shows up on the top of the site... how can i add this shortcode? Is there a specific header file?...   <?php echo do_shortcode("[metaslider id=467]"); ?>   http://new.pilates-personaltraining.ch/   Thx for your help   Corina
  9. Header Css Selector problem

    Hi there, I have still a problem with the css selectors. Don't know what happend....until last week everything worked fine. I am not a newbiee but i need some help. I disactivated all plugins... Disactivated all absolute positions... My issue is a header with 0.8 opacity and a background image underneath. I just tried to select the header with a red stroke to see what happend... it seems to me inactive at all.... .page-id-16 #header {height:300px;background:#ff0000 !important;border:1px solid red;} What should i do??? I have also the impression that there's is probably server right problem... Thx for your help Corina
  10. Hi I am having trouble getting a site logo to sit top right in the header and social icons top left... It -almost- works by setting custom CSS for the logo: .section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {float:right;} and then 'branding options - social icons' Distance from the right in pixels to a large value such as 1000 (under 'site options' then 'header and footer') The trouble with this approach is that the icons can be pushed off the edge of screen when narrowing the browser window or on a mobile platform... Far from ideal anyhow. What would be a better way of achieving this?
  11. Different header

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to have 2 different header images. One for the whole site (all pages) and another one exclusively for the blog page. If so, how can I do it? Thanks
  12. Background

    Hello, I just made the switch to Pagelines. It corrected a few issues that were arising with PlatformPro, but now most of my custom CSS doesn't work. I have figured out most of it with FireBug. I am stuck on this though! The header is supposed to be transparent. Here is the code I had been using. Any idea on what would work for this now? body #page #page-canvas{background:none} body #page{background: none} #page-main{background:white} http://capitallife.org/ Thank you! Jenna
  13. I understand that the Base child theme is for developers to create new child themes, and that you recommend non-developers to use the Pagelines Customize Plug-in. I am a non-developer, and I have the customize plug-in. My current challenge is that I want the PostNav to only show posts that are within the same category, and for that I need to edit section.php inside the postnav section folder of pagelines. Since I don't want to loose my edits with each of your next updates, I figured that installing the base child theme and copying my modified section.php file there was the best thing to do. This is working, but creating another problem: the base child theme is now messing up my header by showing a brandnav menu with a link to all my pages (not posts). How/where can I tweak this configuration? The base child theme should not impact / interfere at all with the header and navigation menu of the main theme. Thank you.
  14. Hi All, I currently have a portfolio website that I am rebuilding with wordpress+pagelines. I want to keep the overall design and just upgrade my graphics and capabilities. This is my current site : http://casseysdesigns.com This is my wordpress site : http://casseysstudioofdesigns.com I want to have the header and footer background expand across the entire page no matter what size... I would like the content of the header and footer to remain within the content area (This is how I have it set up on my current website via css) The problem is that even using developer tools and updating my style.css in my child theme the parent theme (pagelines) is overriding my styles and I can't get the header and footer bgs to extend. I tried a bg img that has a black bar across the top as a "fix" but it doesn't solve the problem for the footer and it doesn't respond the way I want it to on different sized screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need more information to assist me please let me know! Thanks, Cassey
  15. Hi all, I'm currently using Crackbar for my fixed navbar, and full-width sidebar for an additional text area beneath my footer (Footer Column Sidebars). What I need to do is create an area under Crackbar that can include a search function (preferably just the search widget, not a plugin), and other uses, including maybe a slider or image/logo. Point is, I'm not sure what to use now that Full Width Sidebar has been used. When I click Drag & Drop / Header, there's nothing to choose from that would allow any of the above. Any ideas? Maybe a Section that I don't see in the Store? Thanks for your time.
  16. I'd the headers on all sub-sites to link to the main blog.... I'm using PageLines Framework 2.4.1. Searched "header custom url" in this forum but none of the solutions seem to work. Help.
  17. Hi to all, I've been busy learning basic CSS / HTML / Wordpress and Pagelines etc for only a couple of weeks so forgive me if these are simple questions. I have created a 'Home Page' using the 'Base Theme' and I'm at a basic level now where I'm adding simple CSS to change the look of my site. However, what I really want is a 'Header' and 'Footer' at the top of the page that fits the entire width of the page. For the background of the 'Header' & 'Footer' I wanted to use an image which will be created using P'shop (j-peg file). I'm going to be taking a look into this soon but I wanted to ask here first incase someone has any advice or tips in achieving this? I don't want to complicate things too much as it's a clients site I am working on so hopefully I can keep the coding simple until I'm more familular with editing/adding CSS. Thanks for any help on this. I have also mocked up a rough example that demonstrates what I mean in-case I am unclear? Kind regards, James W
  18. Dear pagelines team, first of all. Thank you so much for a very professional Wordpress framework. I really like using pagelines and cannot imagine, how I could survived in the past without it. Now to my problem: I have a shop plugin installed called EasyDigitalDownloads. Everything works great, except showing purchase receipts. I contacted the EasyDigitalDownloads support before and we came up with an issue, which is caused by the pagelines framework. This is the support thread with EasyDigitalDownloads. EasyDigitalDownloads provides the functionality to send a purchase receipt to your customers. Within that receipt, there is a link to the buyers receipt in html format. This is an example. As described in the support thread with EasyDigitalDownloads, the receipt has a warning in the header and footer area. Essentially, what EasyDigitalDownloads is doing: call to wp_head(); at the beginning and wp_footer(); at the end of the receipt. When I change my theme to something else than pagelines, the receipt looks great. With pagelines, I get these weird warning messages. The guess from EasyDigitalDownloads: "My guess is that the theme is hooking in a function that fails when not viewing it from a normal template file." I attached the template.php, which is used to generate the receipt in the browser. What can I do, to have the header and footer of my site displayed as well as the receipt itself. I tried changing wp_head(); to get_header() and wp_footer() to get_footer(), but then I loose plenty of the receipt's styling. System information: ### Begin System Info ### ## Please include this information when posting support requests ## Multi-site: No SITE_URL: https://www.ipin.ibilities.com HOME_URL: https://www.ipin.ibilities.com EDD Version: 1.5.2 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 PHP Version: 5.3.13 MySQL Version: 5.1.56-log Web Server Info: Apache PHP Safe Mode: No PHP Memory Limit: 90M PHP Post Max Size: 7M PHP Time Limit: 30 WP_DEBUG: Disabled WP Table Prefix: Length: 10 Status: Acceptable UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE: 7MB POST_MAX_SIZE: 7MB WordPress Memory Limit: 40MB DISPLAY ERRORS: On (1) FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen. ACTIVE PLUGINS: Easy Digital Downloads: 1.5.2 Easy Digital Downloads - Software Licenses: 1.4.3 Easy Digital Downloads multilingual: 1.1.1 Installer: 0.5 Jetpack by WordPress.com: 2.2.2 Pagelines Sections: 1.0 Post Types Order: 1.5.7 WPML Multilingual CMS: 2.8.1 WPML Sticky Links: 1.3 WPML String Translation: 1.7 CURRENT THEME: PageLines Framework: 2.4.1 ### End System Info ### template.php
  19. Social Icons on the Header & Footer

    I'm trying to put an Social icon for Linkedin in the Header & Footer. By default icon is placed next to the logo and if it is moved by margin-left or css it's not work and isn't responsive. How I can fix it? Thank you!
  20. Header Logo Issue

    How do I install the logo in the header it should be on left side. Now I have is the picture on the background it's for my header and menu, but logo is invisible like a *.png or background, I've know idea how to put default logo on the top. www.migrationspace.com Thank you!
  21. Hello, I need help with the header: 1. Change the color behind my uploaded logo to black 2. Center the logo (I will not be using the area to the right for social media icons) 3. Remove the space/padding around the logo so that it is flush with the top of the screen, the nav bar, and left and right margins -- Actually if I did this, I guess changing the color behind it would be irrelevant because it would take up the entire space. See http://severxance.com/ I am trying to get it to look similar to the attached mockup. Thank you.
  22. How can I do different header style

    Hi there, I want to set up headers only for HomePage Widget - <h3 class="widget-title"></h3> PageTitle - <h1 class="entry-title pagetitle"></h1> I need to remove from other pages. Usual I just create a new php template and do a little bit php coding, but here I can't find template php.. Help!
  23. I am brand new to PageLines and am using it to build Climbur.com. What's the best way to add in the tagline, ad space and social sharing buttons on my Photoshop design to the header region of my PL site? You can see the PSD file screenshot attached. Not sure where to start--boxes, banners, etc... Thanks so much for checking this out and adding your suggestions!
  24. Header & Footer - Responsive BG image

    Hi, I make a background image in header and footer, how to make responsive it? I try use the "max-width" and "min-width", but it's not work correct and try to change "px" to "%" nothing works.. Thank you!
  25. Hi, I have noticed that the mobile view of my site is not displaying correctly. I have a blog title then language switcher and social icons all displayed in one line on the web: http://wordofmouthlabs.com But on mobile the header behaves differently and site title becomes overlapped with the language switcher and social icons.. It would be nice to display first the logo + title in one line, then the switcher and icons right under. I have tried tweaking the code with Browser Specific CSS plugin, but could not figure it out. Can you advise the solution please?