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  1. Hi I have created a page with a tabbed section and have formatted a responsive grid on the first tab using the shortcodes [row], [span6] etc. In full width browser, the layout looks fine, but when resized the images overlap the tabbed area. The page is here: http://loveyogaanatomy.com/test-caffe3/   Also even when looking at the demos using the grid they realign the images underneath each other when the images get to a certain size. This seems too soon to me, is there a way to let things get smaller before everything is shuffled around?   In the middle of posting this I thought I should try it without the tabs to see if it works like that and it doesn't so maybe I am coding it wrong. My layout is like this for 3 columns [row] [span4]content [/span4] [span4]content [/span4] [span4]content [/span4] [/row] shame cause I thought I had eventually got the hang of something.
  2. Afternoon Forum Wonder if someone might be able to point me in the right direction? Firstly I am running a Multi Site version of Wordpress with 5 websites on it. I am looking to change the home page of one of them so that it is split into 3 columns x 2 rows. Column 1- Row 1 - Feature (Linkable) Column 2 - Row 1- Slider Column 3 - Row 1- Feature (Linkable) Column 1 - Row 2 - Post/Image (Linkable) Column 2 - Row 2 - Map Column 3 - Row 2 - Twitter Feed I have looked at the options of running Column 1 & 3 as Sidebars, but this is not affective for the rest of the website, so really only need this for the home page. I have 'Grid Shortcodes' installed (however as its running on a network so I can't edit it or anything) I have also looked at the following webpage http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/ which is about as clear as mud to me. A steer in the right direction would be very helpful. Thanking you muchly