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  1. http://michellekimstudio.com/springsummer-collection-2014/   In the link above only 20 of the 21 items are showing up. I made sure that the category was correct and that it's published but it still won't appear. Can you please help?   Thanks!
  2. Hi,   Right now I have just the title in the hover and then if you click on the image it goes to the lightbox, I would also like it to include the description in the hover...   Regards, Cait  
  3. image under grid

    Hello! I have some problem. When I click preview image in grid-portfolio, image is displayed under the grid. I test it in different browsers and situation nothing has changed. How I can fix the problem? Thank you. P.S. Screenshots are attached.
  4. Gird Portfolio custimization

    Hi Guys, Hope all is grand. Have a quick question about the Grid Portfolio plugin, wonderful as it is! I am working on a site, and am looking to add a number of custom fields to the content format, and which will automatically draw through to the Grid Portfolio portfolio layout and then the page itself. So, looking to make a 'child' of the plugin for this. Site is www.wlfn.org As you see from the landing page is a film network blog / site, where film makers can load up their short films! I am trying to add Custom fields "directors name; length of film; and so on" to the hover section but can't for the life of me find the right section to adapt. At the moment it would show the films title.... and can see how that's pulled through. Have created the fields on the template page! Any advice or pointers would be appreciated. Am using the plugin Advanced Custom Fields to create them (had a look through pagelines but could not see anything similar). Am a keen but novice PHP beginner.... thanks Tim
  5. Hi, i just can't find the settings for fluid or grid mode in the portfolio section. I'm using lates PageLines and WordPres Versions. Thanks for a hint!
  6. I have tried to implement a hover over gallery LightBox like you demonstrate in your video. I believe I have followed your instructions but am not having success. I very well may have missed something. Attached is a screenshot of the way I have the section setup on the page I want to show it on. (http://jfspencer.staging.wpengine.com/parks/annual-events/dances/) Also is attached a screenshot of the way I have the portfolio setup. Thanks.
  7. Hi, If a user on IE8 (and IE9 and IE10, actually) tries to click the title in a Grid Portfolio box, it does not act as a link. The box itself still works as the link. If the user hovers over an area of the box where there is no title, and then moves back to the title, it will work as a link. Can you please tell me if there is a way to make the title act as a link upon load in IE8? Here's the URL: http://whub34.webhostinghub.com/~videoh6/brucetesting.com/moving-tips/video-tips/ Thanks, Bruce
  8. I just upgraded the section and it seems to have removed the text I have in the text area of the item as a description, only showing the Title. Is there a setting I'm missing for that? It was there in the older version... http://meghansfoundation.org/sponsors/
  9. Grid Portfolio

    My grid portfolio is just stretching each image across the page http://mooandbaa.com/new/portfolio-2/
  10. Grid Portfolio Error

    HI I am getting an error when I try to use the Grid Portfolio. The error that I get is the following: Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/create/public_html/create180design.com/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/grid-portfolio/section.php on line 362 The portfolio displays below the error but I cannot get rid of the error code. http://www.create180design.com/orlando-logo-design-portfolio I have deleted and re-installed this section multiple times with no success in change. Please advise asap. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I have purchased the grid portfolio. It is a great looking gallery but it has one issue that the buttons that display the categories just above the images on the left hand side cant be removed. Please could you let me know the best, simplest method for the removal of this? There isnt much documentation with this section and for $20 i would like some help on this! thanks again