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  1. Hi - does anybody know how I can get a different full width header per page? Thanks advance guys and girls for helping out!   ps. Take a look at : http://www.polygon.com/game/company-of-heroes-2/5100 and ofcourse : http://www.pagelines.com (big header)   Thanks,   Rich.
  2. Hi All, I currently have a portfolio website that I am rebuilding with wordpress+pagelines. I want to keep the overall design and just upgrade my graphics and capabilities. This is my current site : http://casseysdesigns.com This is my wordpress site : http://casseysstudioofdesigns.com I want to have the header and footer background expand across the entire page no matter what size... I would like the content of the header and footer to remain within the content area (This is how I have it set up on my current website via css) The problem is that even using developer tools and updating my style.css in my child theme the parent theme (pagelines) is overriding my styles and I can't get the header and footer bgs to extend. I tried a bg img that has a black bar across the top as a "fix" but it doesn't solve the problem for the footer and it doesn't respond the way I want it to on different sized screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need more information to assist me please let me know! Thanks, Cassey
  3. Hey, I have not been here since pagelines 2.0 when I got a Dev licence but soon gave up to just use more basic frameworks as I found somewhat restricted by pagelines. I now have some time to dive back into it and wanted to know if they have built a easy system to have certain areas full width such as the header on this page: http://pagelines.me/ Do they have any drag and drop features yet to do this? It seems a little cleaned up and would like to experiment again.