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  1. Hi There http://thelearningroom.co.nz/?page_id=23 Please see attached file for a visual of what I am trying to achieve. Wanting to use the "footer Columns Sidebar" section to create a footer that uses 6 columns to show all main page nav links (the nav menu titles are not correct and not matching to the main nav top menu as they have been changed since creating the layout visual, but it gives the idea) with their sub menu items, and a sign up form to the right. In the widgets section I have used "custom menu widgets" to generate display of all the links in on the site. I then used a "text" widget in the 6th column to get the sign up form in there. My problem is that I don't seem to be able to customize individual columns with css, they all have a selector class of : .ppfull .pp6 I am wanting to alter the width and padding of each column, especially the sign up form and make sure this sits to the right of the footer. Can I achieve a footer layout shown in the attached image using "footer Columns Sidebar"? Or does this require hooks? Or am i best to find a plugin that could do this for me? Many thanks footer screen.tiff