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  1. Hi there, looking to style the excerpt AND META- BAR I see on blog page and post page. This didnt work: .fpost .post-excerpt { margin: .8em 0; font-style: normal;} nor did this: .fpost aside.post-excerpt { margin: .8em 0; font-style: normal;} Thanks as always
  2. Font size

    Hi guys, Sorry if there is an easy answer to this but is there a quick fix to change font size in the different text elements of the website? I primarily want to change the size of the Navigation headings and the body text. Thanks Jamie
  3. My test site is http://trakrcrm.net. I want to change the font size in BradNav. How best can I do that? Or where in CSS is this controlled?
  4. Hi there, I'm having a couple problems: How, and more importantly, where do I change the font size of the items in our footer columns? We want to make the font much smaller, but I can't for the life of me find where to put to the code. I have tries the CSS/LESS field, and the footer.php. No dice. How do I tell the footer to have its own background? We want the footer to have a solid color background that infinitely spans horizontally and vertically. Right now, it's transparent. Thanks!
  5. Is there a CSS code to adjust the full width post title font size. This is from Pagelines Framework http://thewinesyndicate.ca/ab/'>http://thewinesyndicate.ca/ab/ but I prefer the size of the title from PlatformPro here http://thewinesyndicate.ca