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  1. Dear PageLines-Community, I recently bought pagelines and have some questions regarding customization. PageLines customer service advised to contact the forum regarding further questions. I tried, googled and searched this forum but I'm now at a point where I do not make any progress without help Url of Blog: www.victorypug.com I also attached a scribble of my current layout (left side) and the desired layout (right side). This is important because I will refer to the numbers on the layout. 1. Featured image I would like to have a featured image (image only, no grey area and no text on the left side of the image as currentyl) of the most recent post with 800px width. 2. New lines I woudl like to insert some lines of 1000px width at the following positions: - below navBar - below text of featured post - Between each row of tiles of further posts (optional) 3. Preview of Feature Below the featured most recent post on top, I'd like to have the title and a short teaser (first lines of post) of the post. 4. Menu items The navbar should ideally consist of 4 to 5 selected Blog-Categories, which should be highlighted gray upon hovering with slightly rounded edges. 5. Other items On the upper right side of the blog I would like to place the search-bar, Social icons and the regular menu items. 6. Optional text I was also thinking about having a short text (like "Most recent posts") above each row of tiles. But this is really optional. General specifications: Total width: 1000px I'm more than happy to make further clarifications if my descriptions are unclear. I know that these are 6 issues but I really don't know how to proceed - your help is very much appreciated! Kind regards