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  1. Hi, I installed your Featured Picture Box section, found the config area in the 'page Options', but I can't see how I apply this to boxes, there doesn't appear to be anything in the boxes area, and there is no WP menu item for Featured Picture Boxes. How do I do this? Urgent advice appreciated as I have to get some boxes running with a hover tonight!
  2. Hi Ryan, Currently, the images floats and occupy almost entire width of the sidebar. How can I add padding? Also, is there any way to show thumbmail images in smaller size of my choice apart from adding to Boxes? Suppose I want to show 150x150 image into 120x120. Is it possible? If not, can you add the feature pls. Also, I want to add widget title for the section i added to the sidebar. You can check my site, the section is live. how can I add it?
  3. hi. I'm close to pulling the trigger on Featured Picture Boxes but as I look at the demo site in chrome I see the images jitter and move a pixel or two when I hover over. this looks about perfect otherwise but I know I'd be hearing it from the client if they noticed the movements. is this a known issue? if its cleared up I'm in. thanks,
  4. Hi, Today I purchased the section but don't know how to use it? Can you please post steps to use it..both using content box, recent post and using custom post types.. Where can I locate "more info boxes for help"?? as suggested by you? Regards MG
  5. I purchased the section Saturday, 5/11/13, at 9:55 PDT and received my receipt via email almost immediately. When it hadn't become available for installation after four hours, despite refreshing the store numerous times, trying the page in various browsers, etc., I sent an email to Ryan Varley. He responded very quickly, and as I expected, had nothing to do with delivery through the store. (He wrote a terrific email response, though.) Today is Sunday, 5/12/13, at 10:42 a.m. EST and the section is still not available. What can I do to get this issue resolved. Thanks.