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  1. Hello Chris   (This is my first go at posting a question on a forum :-D) I have uploaded your 'Facebook All in One'.   My site has a temporary address on my host's server until we are ready to replace the existing site, here's the address:  I registered with FB and got the 'API ID' and 'API Secret Key' from https://developers.facebook.com/. - (phew!). HOWEVER... When I type in my current site address into: Website with Facebook Login Site URL:   I get this error message from FB (see below - also attached) : >> Error dancebiodanza.co.uk must be derived from one of: Site URL, Mobile Site URL, Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL. >>   I'm assuming this is because 'dancebiodanza.co.uk' is  a subdomain - not a domain? If this is the reason, anyway around it? Or do we just have to wait til site is live? Or am I barking up the wrong tree totally!?   Have you come across this before?   Thank you!   Robin    
  2. Since I added Facebook AIO, I'm getting a 404 whenever I click Pagelines>>>Page Options. I have saved my permalinks and contacted my host provider about mod-security. They say their mod_security is a top-down feature on their entire server and can't change it. URL http://suburbanmillennial.com/ Any ideas?
  3. Hi Chris, So I have my site up and running on my main domain now http://www.jamesbeach.com. My og:title is set to: James' Beach My og:site_name is set to: James' Beach However, when I click the 'Like' button the post as it appears on Facebook reads (see attached screenshot): Grant likes James. It should be reading: Grant likes James' Beach. What do I need to do so that it posts correctly on Facebook? GRANT
  4. Here is my site: http://sohokakadong.com/lucky I installed and add likebox in SB1 under my sidebar. If you go to my site using Chrome , everything is fine. But if you use other browser to visit my site , the likebox won't show. PC: chrome ->ok Firefox - > NO IE -> NO Safari -> NO Mac: chrome ->ok FF -> NO Safari ->NO Any idea ?
  5. This is a test topic for the purpose of making a google alert.
  6. When I'm trying to customize the Facebook all-in-one plugin my header image on the blog site keep getting removed from my page settings in wordpress. Also I'm trying to apply all 3 of the Facebook widgets. “Like Box,” “Like Button” & “Comments.” But I only manage 1 widget at a time, and they are all on the places where it is just suppose to be one specific facebook widget. For example I try to have a "Like Box" on the left sidebar but instead I have a comments. I also have a comment at the bottom of the page but it is suppose to be like that. The blog posts have "Like buttons" but I think they are from another plugin, like the jetpack. I tried to search if anyone else had the same problem but I could not find any posts http://www.sailubju.com/blog/