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  1. Events Section

    Hi Nick im huge fan of your sections,plugins.    Im having a frustrating time with the Events plugin.      How to setup the events so past dates archive automatically from list view?   Can thumbnail of event artwork be displyed in shortcode [event_list]?   look forward to hearing from you.    Thanks    Daryl   
  2. Events Not showing up

    Hi, I purchased Events a week ago and I still can't figure out how to use. I simply want the events that I set-up to show on my client's calendar page. The website url is: http://vdglaw.com/event-calendar/ I created the months and I created a test event here: http://vdglaw.com/event/estate-2/ I do not know short codes, html or css but I've been slowly learning more and more. Can you tell me how to link these two pages together? What have I missed?
  3. Events Shortcodes

    OK, so you can just write this off to my being a noob with shortcodes if you want, but I am trying to use the Month option for the [event_list] short code and I am not finding a way to make that work. What is the syntax I should be using for say...May? Thanks!
  4. Hey, Hopefully I have a stupid question. I'm having some problems with the agenda's showing up. All that shows up on the page is the agenda container. I have tried this on Event and non-Event pages/posts. I was just running with the demo code. [event_agenda] [event_agenda_item time="10" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="12" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="2" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="4" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="6" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="8" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [event_agenda_item time="10" title="Title"]Desc[/event_agenda_item] [/event_agenda] running the latest and greatest of wp, pg and the events plugin cheers, -T
  5. Hey Nick, One comment I've received is that the length of the excerpt for the event_list shortcode isn't quite long enough. I've manually adjusted the $trimmedexcerpt length to 100. By doing that though, I've totally screwed up my home page. I can mess around with layout a bit to fix that but thought I would send you some feedback anyway to say that as you're updating this plugin, increasing the length of the excerpt would be cool. It seems like a bigger deal than just manually adjusting the length because then it gets into multi-line display and I think that's where the issues are coming from. I'm not a php'er so I'm not 100% sure but yeah, there's the feedback. If you can think of a way to help me fix my page so that it displays correctly that would be sweet (but I'll keep tinkering). I think it's got something to do with the 1/3 column setup I've got. Here's the link for your reference: http://ecd.transformecommunications.com Thanks, James. Here's a screenshot in case it looks amazing on your machine. http://www.screencast.com/users/transforme/folders/Default/media/9f72c48f-48d5-4405-bcf2-bea767f767b9
  6. Events Shortcodes

    With the event_list attributes, how should I be entering month information. For example should I be doing it like this: [event_list number=1 month="January"] or should I be doing it like this: [event_list number=1 month=cat_id]
  7. I think these may be google chrome issues... 1. [ONLY IN CHROME] When loading he page and clicking on "REGISTER NOW" the url ads "/#events-eb-modal" to the end. The form drops down, then back up again... If i delete "#events-eb-modal" it works as the demo? 2. the agenda section it not showing the complete agenda for an event ( missing the last 2) 3. WIth the single event shortcode, i can't seem to get the "REGISTER NOW" button to work - can you give a working example? see the site i'm referring to here: http://nourisheducaiton.com.au thanks
  8. Hey Nick, I'm trying to create a page that would have a featured event on top and the events archive underneath. I set it up to work but for some reason the events archive loop is displaying vertically. Also, the filters don't seem to work either. I tried it in safari, chrome and firefox and it gives me the same deal. Am I able to put more than one event setup on the same page? Thanks, James. you can see it at http://ecd.transformecommunications.com/upcoming-ecd-events/
  9. Changing Event Order

    Hey Nick. I've noticed that the plugin organizes the events based on when they were created. Is there a way to switch that so they display based on the date of the event? It's not an issue for a single event but for when there are multiple events in a month displayed on the events archive page. They are displayed in order of when they were created and it feels a little counterintuitive. Obviously there's the option of just changing the publish date but I guess I see that as a temporary solution. Is this an easy fix or one you'd be willing to include in a future update? Thanks, James.
  10. Hi Nick, I'm looking to have my guests be able to view my events based on month, day, or type. Currently I can create tabs with lists for the different months, and days of the week, but I'd like to be able to add tabs for "Sports" or "Live Entertainment" and display events tagged with those details and order them by date. Is this something you can add? Thanks, Elida
  11. Hey Nick, So, I love the events plugin and will use it a lot. One thing though, not all the events that my clients are advertising require registration. Is there an option for removing registration buttons from single events? Cheers, James.
  12. Hey Nick. I LOVE the work you are doing for pagelines extending, it's great. So, I've got a clean install of pagelines, I activated the events section, followed the instructions for setting it up and for some reason I'm having trouble getting single events to display. What I'd like to do is feature a single event on my home page that a user can click on for more information. Here's what I'm entering for code: [event_single id="23"] So, the ID there is what I see when I want to edit the event but when I click on the view link, I actually get the slug for the event title. I'm trying to troubleshoot this and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've imported the sample data to try and figure it out but I don't think there's a single event example in there. Also, I'm noticing that agenda content isn't showing up on any event either. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Cheers. James.
  13. I have Events Manager Pro installed. I want to use the Feature Section to display events from Events Manager Pro. These "events" are a type of post. I have tried enabling Feature Metapanel on Posts (Pagelines, Site Options, Advanced), and following the other instructions on this page: http://support.pagelines.me/docs/sections/features/ but I can't get the events to show up as a choice for the custom post type, or the feature metapanel to display at the bottom of the event post page (when editing the event post). Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Events Page Doubling Up

    I find that if I click on an event (as, for example, one listed in a sidebar) I get to a page which has the general site layout I want but the event stuff is all repeated at the top of the page above any banner, brand nav etc. Can't figure out how to get rid of it. I can delete the copy lower down which is within the page template but that's a bit weird... has this happened to anyone else and how do you resolve it? Thx.
  15. I'm using Events Manager for events, and it works OK. There is just one issue, which is that I don't want to show post date on the Event page. Example: http://www.attac.no/events/skatteparadisfri-sone-oslo/ (in Norwegian) The event is on the 17th of October, but was posted the 9th of October. This causes some confusion to readers when both dates are visible. I want to keep post dates on regular posts, but hide them on Events. Event Manager shows Events as custom post types, and it seems like I'm able to use Pagelines drag-and-drop on the Events.php template. So I figure that what I ought to do is editing the meta-information for events.php? Or use CSS to hide the post-date on events? Any tips on how to do that?