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  1. Problems with DMS2

    Hi, I've updated to Wordpress 5.0.3 and my DMS2 is not working anymore. I've tryed downloading Platform 5 but the link doesn't work. What can I do? Thanks!
  2. Unable to attach an image that's already been uploaded. When attempting to upload one from scratch, it gives me the error seen in the screenshot. As you can see by the Chrome Inspector, I receive a 400 error.
  3. Ik like to use the following Plug-in in my DMS Theme, but can' get it to work. My DMS Editor is not loading anymore if I paste this short code in a page, textbox or mediabox: [wpdatatable id=1] Plug-in: WPDataTables Plug-in Shortcode: [wpdatatable id=1] Website: http://gentleclinics.nl/prijslijst-heren/ Anyone experience with this plug-in and DMS.
  4. DMS 2 update

    I recently downloaded the latest DMS2 update. Since the download, I lost front end ability to update. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I originally purchased, I believe, a 3 site licence for DMS2. The new account interface does not reveal any of this information. How do I know how many licences I am entitled to? How do I reset one for a new website? All it says now is that I don't have any Pro licences?