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  1. Hi, after a long time i've eventually decided to upgrade to dms from pagelines. I've followed the "upgrading and migrating instructions", after i uploaded dms and activated it, the web site is now completely blanck. I cannot even access wordpress dashboard. My web site is www.acutimpianti.it Can  someone help me? Thank you  
  2. I just purchased the plugin.  I feel that it just duplicates the editor already within DMS.  I thought the plugin was going to have a firebug/developer mode type setting that allowed for ease of selecting different elements of the site/page and allow for quick coding.  Let me know if I am doing this wrong.   (Starting Point) Frontend of website. Click Custom Code in DMS Toolbar Click PageLess   (Thanks in advance for help/support.)
  3. Hey guys,  I am trying to get a masthead to only appear on the homepage of my site. While using DMS, I try to do local section options it works fine, but it's still posting to every other page as well.    Any ideas on how to disable it from showing on all the other pages? Thanks! Jason   www.zox.la
  4. Hi, Having a heck of a time here.. first hyperventilating on having the new DMS system come out when I have major deadlines... UG..   However, need a bit of help.   Trying to make a full page rev slider... with header content, content post over it with a transparent background gradation top and bottom.   See layout here   Visit Site in works Here   1. Cannot find css to raise content even when using firebug 2. I do have css image background on the column area (however notice how the gradation is replicating within each area. (css seems to be wrong)   Here is code: .row, .row-fluid, .editor-row { background: url(http://aerospecaviation.midniteoil.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/contentfade.png) repeat scroll 0 0; width: 100%; } .revslider-container {width: 100% !important;height: 100%;position: relative;padding: 0;overflow: visible;margin-top: -20px;z-index: -2;} Any suggestions will be much appreciated.    
  5. Menu for One Page Site

    It is taking me way to long to figure out how to create a menu for a one page site and I'd appreciate some help.  I guess I need to create a menu and use custom links but what do I need to put into the custom link and where on my page do I put what do the menu link goes to the part of the page I want it to?  Thank you for any help you can provide!
  6. I'm a newbie, so I'm still learning.  I can't seem to figure out how to separate the header template area from the top of the site, or top bar at the very top of the site.  What I want is to bring the header template area down some, so that you can see my background image.   I don't know how to even go about giving that a class, or code it in custom code.  Can anyone help me please. Thanks.  
  7. How do

    Guys,    I have configured the Navbar but when the screen is not wide enough it changes to a pullout from the right. This is awesome, but how does one control the menu used for this. It is not the same as the one normally shown and I do not see how to configure it.    http://blog-hinshelwood-com.mrhinsh.staging.wpengine.com http://pagelines.com On Pagelines.com you show more menu options on the sub page...   How is this all configured...   -MrHinsh
  8. Guys,    Some section when I add them do not seam to add properly. I get the icon in the page but no edit menus on roll over. I must be doing something wrong and a pointer would be fantastic...   http://screencast.com/t/0Jchk8ViTT   Has anyone else seen this issue?   -MrHinsh  
  9. Hello Pagelines DMS team!   I have a few suggestions that I would LOVE to see implemented in your upcoming upgrade, and documentation added asap.   Add/include a 2nd background image section as an overlay background above site background for pro acct ( In other words, allow for a second background image to lay on top of the site background image; this would make it easy to add borders on the side for boxed style layout) Add/include a "divider section with custom image option" too for pro accts (maybe add a section to add custom image dividers to float) Add/include a new "Tabs and Accordions sections" to pro accts Allow for DMS to move boxed template areas up and down too.  (right now it only allows to move in or out in the boxed area, but it would be nice to be able to move it up and down too) Add/include a few more "image grids, galleries, and slider carousels sections" for pro accts Add/include a "contact form section" to the pro acct Add/include a "vertical menu-nav with custom image option" to the pro acct Add more documentation on how to export a Child theme and import, and/or migrate to another site Add more documentation/tutorials on how to use floating css code to place different sections on top of one another Add a color wheel to all the sections, thus avoiding having to add custom code. I would rather see you guys add these features/functions to the DMS panel, rather than having to deal with third party plugins, which I don't like to do unless it's a must.  And to be honest, I would rather have as many available options in the front end for design, and avoid having to go to the back end as much as possible.  You guys made it very convenient to work in the front, but right now it sucks having to go get 3rd party plugins to add functions that should already be included with DMS pro accts.  This would totally make it for a much easier design and DMS experience, and save a lot of time too.
  10. By setting a Custom Structure to -> /%category%/%postname%/ DMS no longer work correctly, and returns a 404 page   Activating standard theme works all the correct     Clean installation!!   My settings custom slug -> /%category%/%postname%/   my .htaccess     # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule>   # END WordPress
  11. HI,   I am testdriving WP 3.6 RC2 + PageLInes DMS (free) before jumping for a Dev subscription.   According to PageLines DMS (own) docs - http://docs.pagelines.com/customize/pagelines-customize-plugin   The plugin should be available here: PageLines DMS Toolbar → Store → Plugins → Free   But on my own installation i can seem to see this plugin, does any one has an idea why?   I have tweeted about the above several times @PageLines, but as usual no reactio, so i hope i get an answer here Regards Charles  
  12. We have been customizing sites with the old framework for about a year and loved it.  We could easily add hooks into the site (for example a line under the post title or a footer design at the bottom of the site) but now it seems we cannot do that without going through all the hoops of creating a child theme?    Please tell me I am missing something here.  We have been with pagelines for almost a year now and have used the custom CSS code plus the hooker plugin to make some awesome custom sites.  Now, it seems a lot more complicated?    I have read the docs on hooks a couple times and this just seems way more complicated than it used to be.  Are we getting hooker back for DMS?   And I cannot even attempt to create a child theme because the base theme is not available for download.     Please help!
  13. Hi guys,   as I already told you on twitter I get stuck upgrading to DMS on my site.   It's my second try.   Yesterday I've tried on a demo site and I have the same problem but I thought it was about you being hacked and dms not able to "talk" to the store.   Today I start with a full wipe of the database and all was smooth.   So I decide to upgrade my personal website. Actually it's empty but I need to make it work soon cause my clients need some reference on my latest work.   Anyway I get stuck. DMS toolbar is showing on the frontend but clickin on it makes nothing at all. I disabled all widgets and plugins and function.php is empty since it comes with dms.   I create a user account for you if you want to check by yourselves. If someone of dev/support team give me his contact I can send you a PM. The site is http://studio4nea.it   I've done what you (from [email protected]) suggested ("renaming the plugin folder") but unfortunately have no success on this. I also have tried to remove the old pagelines directory and child theme but even with this I have no luck. As you noticed (from [email protected]) there is a youtube error shown by developer tools of chrome but I think it's something with dms itself.   The other site I've already upgraded (http://demo.studio4nea.it/test/ ) is still showing the same error but dms is working! Although if you try to change theme to i.e. twenty-twelve error disappear.   Hope you can help me because I really need to upgrade other clients website and I absolutely cannot wipe their database out! Best regards   Carloalberto Fornea
  14. Came across a site for a client that they like and it has a really cool feature when first beginning to scroll where the page seems to "cover up" the first part before locking the nav bar in place and scrolling through to the rest of site.    Love the concept and looks like they are using Rev Sliders for other area and just adding one image to each but does anyone know how the above description was accomplished?   Pretty sick looking!   Site address is http://www.august.com/   James
  15. Hello Evan,   I purchased PageLess for Frameworks, and my plugin does not seem to work for DMS...   Do I need to re-purchase this again? As my sections / plugins are not showing anywhere and there does not seem to be an update in the plugin section of WP..   Please advise..   Thank you    
  16. New to the world of Pagelines/DMS.    Signed up for a developer account and have been playing with it the past few days non-stop playing on multiple domains I own.   I freelance as a web designer and the main reason I signed up for the developer account was to take my designs to the next level and start building on DMS for client sites. Going to wait a bit for bugs/kinks to get all worked out but I do have a question.   When I install DMS to one of my sites, I go and sign into my account and enter my activation key and it registers, etc.  If I design a site/templates for a clients project and then everything is complete and I'm ready to upload the site to the clients Wordpress install, I have to install DMS, correct?   If so, how do I keep them from having access to my activation key since I would need to install DMS for the templates to work on their site, correct?   This may sound like a dumb question and I'm sure I'm missing something pretty obvious...haha.   Thanks!    
  17. Activation - Fatal Error

    Hi Guys, I decided to try out your web host, Flywheel and got a Beta account. Everything was fantastic earlier until I activated DMS. For a few hours I just got a plain white screen. Then I got the following Error Message: I contacted Flywheel's Help Desk and this is what they had to say: There are no plug-ins installed so that definitely isn't a problem.Also - I dont have this problem at all in my local WordPress dev sandbox powered by DesktopServer (http://serverpress.com/products/desktopserver/) (the only serious problem there is not having the ability to actually preview my site to see what what my experiment looks like). SO - I have turned off the WP_DEBUG and Flushed the Cache, but now get the following Error Message: Any ideas? Fortunately with their set-up I can easily delete this site and start over, but without using DMS it seems (which I really don't want to have to do - DMS is bloody awesome!) Cheers! Lisa
  18. Sorry, I don't know whether this thread is right place to ask or not. Please correct me.   I have buy through credit card 1 licenese of DMS pro/personal. After several days I'm not satisfied because of problem activating the DMS toolbar. So I can't use feature drag n drop like other. I have ask in this forum but still not solved. So I make decision to cancel payment and ask refund. I have send email to [email protected] and fill contact form in pageline support but no answer till now. Somebody could give me advice how to proceed that? Thanks in advance
  19. DMS Site Live.

    Hi everyone,   Our new DMS site is now live!   https://www.hibbslupustrust.org   Any suggestions or ideas to improve the site are very welcome!   Best wishes,   John  
  20. Hello, Am loving the DMS, however I do have a plugin that doesn't quite work like it should..   The plugin is time.ly (www.time.ly) and when set to any other theme (I know DMS is not a theme!) the 'post event' popup screen works perfectly.. When in DMS mode it doesn't - the popup (to the foreground) screen gets drawn up, but the as soon a field is clicked on it closes and the information to be added as required... It's almost like a transparant screen is layered over the pop up one too many times (or is set back one to many layers).   I've disable all other plug-ins but still to no avail..   I'm thinking the issue might not be only related to the time.ly plug-in.... Has anyone experienced the same issue? - even better, does anyone know how to resolve?   Regards from NZ,   Grunta    
  21. After wasting what seems like a colossal amount of time this weekend, it seems that my DMS may have limited functionality because my Pagelines account for framework/Platform 2.44 will not connect to the proper server. In fact I am not sure that I am even on the correct service plan because I am told that I would be "grandfathered" in. When I cannot make certain functions work on the front end of my test site, I try and go to look at the drag and drop defaults and switch them around. Some options come up on individual page and posts from the editing interface or "back end," but the majority of my site defaults appear to be missing. Leaving me not only to not be able to further explore DMS but also keeping me from working on and refining any of my sites on Pagelines. Normally you guys do a great job, but the time that this is costing me and the combined heat I am getting from clients has been rather ugly. Is there any kind of ETA we can get from you about functionality? I want to know: When will I have full functionality for DMS?  When will full functionality return for Pagelines 2.44? it almost seems like there has been a lack of response due to a lack of answers because we might not like the answers. But I personally would like some sort of estimate.    Until then, I think I had best stop investing the time until we can get better answers and clearer DOCS. Don't misunderstand! You guys are great and I support you 100%. I just need better communication than that which I have experience since the HACK and Launch this week. Thank You! :-)
  22. re: Order #13243   Hi,   My activation key didn't activate, and now I have no keys. Here's what I did... Purchased a Personal 1-key DMS license on launch day (or ground zero depending on how you look at it). Created a sub-folder WP installation on my live domain (mydomain.com/test/) Downloaded DMS.zip from /my-account Uploaded/installed to WP Attempted DMS activation in DMS editor > 'Your Account' - seemed to accept and alerted 0 keys remaining. DMS still in 'Basic' mode. Retried entering key, got 'Exceeded maximum number of activations'. Stuck with no remaining key and no activated DMS. Note: I have no 'de-activate' button as it is not activated (this was suggested elsewhere).   Any help appreciated in advance, though I understand you guys are pretty busy so I'll be patient...   Dave
  23. That's what I feel?

    Hi all   This is just to comment what I think about the problems we have in this moments.   After hacking  PageLines all would have to have a little patience. You can see the explanation what happen in this: http://www.pagelines.com/coming-back-online/   Companies like Apple also suffered these attacks made for "stupid" people,  you can see: http://www.google.com.ar/search?q=hack+apple+developer&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&sa=X&ei=zKv0UeKmMrbk4AP1u4GYCw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAA&biw=1165&bih=641   I understand that many need the DMS to work, many people are hurt and other are angry, but I have no doubt that the most affected are PageLines.   Please, let's have a little patience and give them the opportunity to resolve the problems, many of them are for own security, I´m sure that they are working hard.   Regards Carlos   Sorry my "Bat English" but I need said what I feel.
  24. A little is wanted

    Hi,   I just installed Dms and well, I can't get it to work.    I have attached a picture:     What am I doing wrong that almost everyone else on the planet is doing right? (Thats a loaded question I know)
  25. Hey guys, its a bit of a weird issue but when I log out my website looks like this on the homepage and this within the articles, but when I am logged in it looks how I have configured it to... like this in the header and this in the footer. I have now deleted the sections as I of course don't want people to see that.     I have cleared the cache within super cache and within DMS itself.    Any ideas?