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  1. This post stems from an original observation on an earlier post here:-   http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/33579-canvas-areas-background-images-are-always-the-same-on-each-page/   However I think this is so fundamentally important that it needs to be raised as a more direct topic and that is that DMS 2.0 'Templates' are not 'dynamic'. In a nutshell this means that whilst you can drag and drop canvas / section to a page a then create a new template the resultant template is completely fixed in every way, covering every section except those that pull the Wordpress Loop or are inherently dynamic because of Wordpress Core.    To explain:-   Say I've created a lovely template that contains a canvas with a background image and flipper for post type 'posts'. Now common sense dictates that I wouldn't want to show the same content/post types on each and every page - under a normal Wordpress 'theme' (and over the years I have used and created many) you would expect such basic customisations out of the box. With DMS you simply can't achieve even basic changes like this. Each page under the same template is an identikit of the other. Make a content change on one page (in this example the background image or post type to say 'page') and the template is then updated to another. As I asked previously then just what is the point of Pagelines templates - surely they are just pages? Currently to achieve a basic change on a page (that uses a particular template) means that you actaully need to create multiple templates. That time wasted may be passable for a small site but a ridiculous waste of time for a larger one. A template should be a building block, set with 'defaults' which can then be overridden and thats what makes it a 'CMS'.    Right now DMS is focused too much on Drag and Drop (which is great in itself), but not at all on the system as a true CMS. Indeed DMS is rapidly becoming the most inflexible CMS out there and Pagelines need to seriously address this.