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  1. This post stems from an original observation on an earlier post here:-   http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/33579-canvas-areas-background-images-are-always-the-same-on-each-page/   However I think this is so fundamentally important that it needs to be raised as a more direct topic and that is that DMS 2.0 'Templates' are not 'dynamic'. In a nutshell this means that whilst you can drag and drop canvas / section to a page a then create a new template the resultant template is completely fixed in every way, covering every section except those that pull the Wordpress Loop or are inherently dynamic because of Wordpress Core.    To explain:-   Say I've created a lovely template that contains a canvas with a background image and flipper for post type 'posts'. Now common sense dictates that I wouldn't want to show the same content/post types on each and every page - under a normal Wordpress 'theme' (and over the years I have used and created many) you would expect such basic customisations out of the box. With DMS you simply can't achieve even basic changes like this. Each page under the same template is an identikit of the other. Make a content change on one page (in this example the background image or post type to say 'page') and the template is then updated to another. As I asked previously then just what is the point of Pagelines templates - surely they are just pages? Currently to achieve a basic change on a page (that uses a particular template) means that you actaully need to create multiple templates. That time wasted may be passable for a small site but a ridiculous waste of time for a larger one. A template should be a building block, set with 'defaults' which can then be overridden and thats what makes it a 'CMS'.    Right now DMS is focused too much on Drag and Drop (which is great in itself), but not at all on the system as a true CMS. Indeed DMS is rapidly becoming the most inflexible CMS out there and Pagelines need to seriously address this.    
  2. Hi, I'm using the accordion shortcode on this page: http://actonline.org/releases/   And it works well for the first ten items and item 20, but it won't open 11-19.   I checked the shortcodes and the non-working ones match the working ones (aside from the number and heading). I tried deactivating all plugins and still no dice. Any idea what the issue is?   Thanks!
  3. DMS 2 - map not working

    Hi I have a map here http://www.iloveoffset.com/maps/ I want to add several pointer locations to the map, but when I do they do not appear. On this map there are 2 pointer locations and as you can there is only one visible. Earlier today I added 7 and could only see 4 so there is something odd going on. My theme is up to date
  4. Blog and content posts all started 404 errors the other day. I can't trace it to a specific action as I was doing a lot of different things on the home page template that day. When I was done and checked a blog, 404.   I tried the permalink re-save, no luck.   I've got the content/post loop section on the pages.   I can switch to the other inactive theme (Genesis) and they show fine.   And there's a query on the front page in a slider that displays blog content (and it works fine)   My host is websynthesis (who says they don't use htaccess)   Because it works in Genesis, it's a theme issue. I'm out of ideas. My debug screen is below.   Haven't cut over my DNS entry yet, so to view the site, you'll need to change your host file and add an entry for: www.nationalfootballpost.com nationalfootballpost.com   Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!   DMS Debug Info WordPress Version 4.1 WordPress Debug Disabled Multisite Enabled No Current Role Administrator Framework Path /var/www/nationalfootballpost.com/wp-content/themes/dms/dms Framework URI http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/wp-content/themes/dms/dms Framework Version PHP Version 5.3 WP_DEBUG No WP memory limit 40 MB WP MAX memory limit 256 MB PHP memory limit 256 MB Mysql version 5.5.41 WP Max Upload Size 8 MB PHP POST Max Size 12 MB PHP Max Execution Time 300s PHP type Fpm-fcgi WebServer software Nginx/1.1.19 PHP User Www-data OS Linux Installed Plugins global-admin-bar-hide-or-remove/global-hide-admin-tool-bar.php advanced-custom-fields/acf.php akismet/akismet.php bbpress/bbpress.php bp-default-data/bp-default-data.php buddyforms-hook-fields/buddyforms-hook-fields.php buddyforms-members/loader.php buddyforms-posts-to-posts-integration/buddyforms-posts-to-posts.php buddyforms/BuddyForms.php buddypress/bp-loader.php bulk-delete/bulk-delete.php contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php custom-sidebars/customsidebars.php dms-dev-tools/dms-dev-tools.php dms-plugin-pro/dms-plugin-pro.php follow-me/follow-me.php hooker/hooker.php list-category-posts/list_cat_posts.php menu-social-icons/plugin.php nextend-smart-slider2-full/nextend-smart-slider2-full.php nextend/nextend.php ns-featured-posts/ns-featured-posts.php pagelines-updater/pagelines-updater.php pl-nextbox/pl-nextbox.php pl-tabkit/pl-tabkit.php postpins/postpins.php share-me/share-me.php sidebar-manager-light/otw_sidebar_manager.php solidfooter/solidfooter.php teammate/teammate.php twitter-profile-field/index.php ubermenu-icons/ubermenu.icons.php ubermenu-megamenu-adapter/ubermenu-megamenu-adapter.php ubermenu-sticky/ubermenu-sticky.php ubermenu/ubermenu.php wordpress-social-login/wp-social-login.php wp-all-import-pro/wp-all-import-pro.php wp-rss-aggregator/wp-rss-aggregator.php wp-tab-widget/wp-tab-widget.php wp-user-avatar/wp-user-avatar.php