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  1. Customizations Disappear Daily

    My customizations are disappearing... right out of thin air! I exported them so I have a copy but it's frustrating that 1 or 2 times a day all the customization I've done disappear and the site reverts back to the default layouts.. Suggestions?
  2. Centering Footer area

    Hi, I'm very new to html/pagelines and I can't figure out (2) things: 1 - what is the best way to center the text in the footer area of my site. It's my address and now it's aligned left along with my copyright. 2- I really want to add a color bar across the the bottom of my site. When I use a box it becomes this huge color box at the bottom. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. The site url is woffard.com. Thank you!
  3. Css Outline Property

    Hi, I'm trying to add a stitched effect to my boxes using the css outline property. The site is http://brasesco.com/blog/ I've used the following code: outline: 1px dashed #CCC; outline-offset: -5px; It works perfectly in Chrome and Safari, but the offset is not working in Firefox or IE. Any ideas? Thanks, J.D.
  4. Im a newbie and fairly new to using Pagelines frameworks for my new site, but there are a few customizations I'm currently having difficulties with, any suggestions or info related source would be greatly appreciated. 01. Is there a way to create a default size for all blog post thumbnail images? 02. How do I remove the frame from the thumbnail images on blog post? 03. Is there a way to remove post author name and post date from blog post temporary? 04. How do I set the bottom page navi to display previous or next page (instead of page numbers)? 05. Is there an option to decrease the "post title" text size on the blog? 06. (Sidebar) How do I change the text format from all caps to normal text and decrease the space between Widget's title and content. 07. Is there a default setting to make feature slider show full background image and no text information (or do i have to manually set this option with every post) ? Thanks in advance. here is a link to the site http://wpdesigntsk.thestreetkite.com/
  5. I'm wanting to make customizations to my pagelines theme. I'm wondering the following: - Is it still best practice to use the Pagelines Base Theme for all changes? - Now that pagelines is 'Less', should I not modify style.css in the base theme? - Should I update the Base them everytime a new Pageline update is pushed out? Does it matter? - Can I/should I copy the less folder into the base theme folder and make modifications from there? Thanks in advance.