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  1. I worked on a DMS template/design on one of my websites while testing things out. After I got things like I really wanted, I performed the export function and downloaded my templates, files, configurations, etc.  I selected all options to export (Global Settings, Post Types, etc).   I then went into another website I have, installed DMS, activated (Developer account) and got the usual welcome, etc.etc.   I then went, uploaded my exported configurations and everything appeared to copy over after loading the main template I was wanting to see.  Some images aren't showing up but that's no biggie.   My problem is that I had about 8-10 blocks of custom css code I added to the original design and this does not show on the Custom Less/Css area so I went to just copy it over from the other site into the block area for Custom Less/CSS but the field is not active on the new site.  I can click on "Custom Scripts" and that is active and will allow me to add data but the Custom Less/CSS field is not "active" and I can't click inside or add anything.   Did I do something wrong?
  2. Hi,   I need a litle help with my menu. I have tried to remove the last seperator line as seen in my screen shot, but I can not figure out how to write code that works properly. Can you help me out?   my site is http://blog.rocktownbicycles.com/   Thanks, Bellcreative
  3. Hi James,    It is the gap between the main menu (Test Page) and the content area on http://www.compare-assetsoftware.co.uk/wordpress/   I would like no gap between the main menu/navigation and the content area.    Please advise.    Prasanna
  4. Hi,    I am looking to reduce spacing between site branding and default content in platform pro.    Could somebody please guide me with the custom css codes please?    Cheers   Prasanna
  5. Hi, I would really appreciate help/advise on the following; I am looking to place two HTML boxes next to each other. I have inserted the following CSS within the Custom Code CSS section of platform pro theme #wrap { width:960px; } .left { width:230; background-color:#00d; height:425 px; float:left; } .right { width:230; background-color:#00d; height:425 px; float:right; } and the following code on one of the pages <div id="wrap"> <div class="left"></div> <div class="right"></div> </div> For some reason I am unable to see any boxes at all. I am new to CSS so some advise would be really helpful. Many Thanks Prasanna
  6. Am perplexed. Yesterday everything worked fine. Today my pagelines custom css only partially loaded. In particular the following tags were ignored, even though they worked before and still work in chrome inspect element: @media all {a {text-decoration: underline;}} @media all {h1, .fpost .entry-title {font-size: 24px;}} @media all {h2, .fpost {font-size: 18px;}} @media all {h3, .fpost {font-size: 14px;}} I deactivated every single plugin on my site thinking maybe there was a conflict. Nothing. I did it again paying special attention to all the ones loading css stylesheets. Nothing. Even with only the 4 pagelines stylesheets loading my h1, h2, h3 custom css above were ignored (and a couple of other minor formatting). Then I clicked on advanced / enable debug and all my custom css get loaded again. Unclick it and I am back to perplexed because it's not working. What am I missing? Here is the site: http://www.laughteryogaamerica.com
  7. Full Width Feature

    Is it possible to make the feature section full width with CSS? I'm working on this blog http://blackinkpaper.com/blog/ and can't seem to customize the image to full width. I want to the height to remain the same but the image to become full width. I'm fairly new to HTML and CSS so it may be a simple fix.
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me with this, because I have browsed all the forums, but can't find an answer... At http://kootpiano.nl/wp, I would like to: 1. left align my main and secondary nav with the header (the sec nav lines with the header, but I can't find how to adjust the main nav) 2. diminish the horizontal space between the main and secondary nav 3. divide the space between the main and secondary nav with a horizontal line (1px) I already have made some adjustments in the Custom Css, and some work, but some don't. I also tried to make these adjustments via the Pageline Customize Plugin, but that did not seem to work. Is there a big difference between those two, or is it just what one prefers? Thanks in advance!! Eva
  9. so, i want to make stylesheets for posts. i don't see any other way that makes any sense at all. i'm sick of plugins that don't work. two questions. first, i make the stylesheets, put them in a folder, then reference them through php, somehow. i'll figure that out, or you can help me. i just need to know that this won't break anything. second, i want to do the same for pages. what's the deal with that? do i mod a template and somehow attach a stylesheet to it? the tinyMCE thing is a joke, and the plugin crashes everything in its sight. i really don't understand why styling, or formatting, or art directing, or whatever you want to call it, is such a trauma with wordpress. a picture is worth a thousand words, wordpress, and white space is not your enemy. man does not live by database alone. thank you. p.s. i have posted this to technical support because what i want to do involves more than just css.
  10. I have followed Nick in the video he did showing how to make a site like Toms shoes... and all is cool until i got to the custom css navigation... I just can't seem to get it to work.. here is what it looks like he has in the video with my site info added. Nick shows the custom code being pasted in at about 9:40 of the video Any idea what where i am goofing up? I tried using single quotes in the image url without luck also // Add background to navigation .navigation_wrap {background:url {"http://travel-through.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/graphite-nav.png"} repeat-x;height:35px;} // change the height of the menu items, make them white and uppercase .main_nav li a {line-height:1.5em;color:@white;text-transform:uppercase;} // Add a background to the menu items .main_nav li.current_page_item a, .main_nav li a:hover {color:white;background:url {"http://travel-through.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/gray-nav.png"} repeat-x;} .page-id-38 { // remove the padding around the content box #contentbox .hentry-pad {padding:0;} // remove the padding around the features sections #quickslider .content-pad {padding-top:0;} // remove the padding around the content box #boxes .boxes-pad {padding-top:0;} }
  11. My clients website does not display the pagelines-customize/style.css just on some computers running ie8. I have tested it on many different systems and in ie8 and ie9 and it works great, but on my clients computer none of the CSS for the menu is displayed, and it is showing also a hidden menu (for mobile). A screen shot of what my client sees is here... http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com/PAUL-ie8.jpg Website here.. http://bigwhiteaccommodations.com Hmm seems to be a problem with your image uploader, i have reduce my file size to 1.3 k and I still get this message ... PAUL-ie8.jpg Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload)
  12. A few questions on header edits

    I a trying to do a few things that I had before on my site but they dissappeared with the most recent upgrade and the editor is different so I can't find what I need in the CSS. Yes, I have Firebug but I still can't find it. First I want the social icons to be larger. I've added the following many place bit it still isn't working. .icons {text-align: right;position: absolute;bottom: 50%; right:0px;line-height: 20px;height: 24px;} .icons a { display: block; width: 48px; height: 48px; margin-left: 8px; float: right; text-align: right; opacity: 0.8; } Basically I want less opacity and larger icons. Where/what am I doing wrong? Second I have this in my custom CSS .brand-links a{color:#786b5e !important;font-weight:bold;} .brand-links a:hover{color:#663300 !important;font-weight:bold;} .brand-links a {padding: 0 15px;margin: 0 0px;width: auto;} .brand-links { position:absolute;top:-200px;right:5px; width: 980px; } I then in the functions had a file with text links that appeared to the right of my logo above my social icons. I can not locate my previous thread on how to manually add those text links so I'm asking again. Thirdly I've tried to make the header space smaller in order to get more content above the fold but it does not move?
  13. Problem with custom css area

    Hi guys I hope you are fine I have problem with custom css area , that happened after change wordpress language from (left to right to) (right to left) I can write on it but the problem is when I write a code all symbols like (/ , . , . : ' " ) goes to beginning of code line .like } #care {width:20px ; The ( } ) goes to beginning of code line but if I keep writing , the ( } ) return to right place but the code I think will be wrong #care {width:20px ;}w Please could you help me to solve this problem Thanks