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  1. Hi, Having a heck of a time here.. first hyperventilating on having the new DMS system come out when I have major deadlines... UG..   However, need a bit of help.   Trying to make a full page rev slider... with header content, content post over it with a transparent background gradation top and bottom.   See layout here   Visit Site in works Here   1. Cannot find css to raise content even when using firebug 2. I do have css image background on the column area (however notice how the gradation is replicating within each area. (css seems to be wrong)   Here is code: .row, .row-fluid, .editor-row { background: url(http://aerospecaviation.midniteoil.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/contentfade.png) repeat scroll 0 0; width: 100%; } .revslider-container {width: 100% !important;height: 100%;position: relative;padding: 0;overflow: visible;margin-top: -20px;z-index: -2;} Any suggestions will be much appreciated.    
  2. I am struggling to see how I get my content to have a white background colour but slightly transparent so that the default image background of the site to be visible. Do I need a special tool or is there somewhere I can alter the css in order to reduce the alpha transparency of the body content.