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  1. Hi, i have several problems to select elements like the content box etc with css and style them.... I have this content-box clone in the footer area and it's not reacting at all... the selectors are: .third_nav_hello .third_nav (A List) I tried to desactivate all plugins but there is no change....Is there maybe a permission problem? http://new.pilates-personaltraining.ch/ THX Corina
  2. Content Box

    Is there a way to have different content boxes? I cloned mine hoping to be able to have a different content in the new one, but it simply copied the original one. thanks
  3. Hey Guys and Gals - How is everybody? I have a new question for you. I am pretty sure it is simple and I am just missing it. On my site tcihotels.com, I have a full page background picture of the ocean; its the first page you see when you got to the site. I can add content but you cant read because the background is overwhelming the text. I want to be able to have the full page background pic, while also having the normal content box, For example: http://atlantisvacations.com/ This site has a full page background as well as the the content box where all the content is readable. How can I accomplish this using pagelines? I would like to have full page caribbean themes on my pages Thank you Joshua
  4. Content box in footer

    How do I modify the content of the content-box I have placed in my footer? Right now my site has 3 content-boxes in the CONTENT section of my homepage: content-box1, content-box2, content-box3. I added another content-box to the FOOTER, and by default, it is showing the content of content-box1 I want to add new information to the footer content-box, making it content-box4 but don't know how to access and change it. Please help, thanks.
  5. problem #1: I was unable to place the callout button where I wanted it (under a video, which is in a box, instead of under the entire page) so i made one with the shortcodes and added a header. Looks great everywhere but ... problem #2: Safari where i cd not do anything with the css that wd allow a decent buffer between button and the video above it. did a display: none for body.safari: body.safari .btn-small { display:none; } body.safari .dcol-pad .fboxinfo .fboxtext h4 { display:none; } put the button and header in a content box for safari, thinking the box wd be the buffer or at least give me something to adjust. This is the code for the box and class i gave it: hentry-pad my-call-button-and-header-pad entry_content From there, problem #3: I was unable to figure out how to write the code that wd identify both the desired location (see the 2 "display:none"s above) and the contents of the box (see "hentry-pad...content" above). I tried every combination of the items above but cdnt get there. problem #4: The button and header only looked cruddy on 1 page in Safari. It was fine on the other page. But adding the the correct page-id-numbers removed the button from both pages. I even tried doing it with display:none on one page and display:visible on the other page but whatever happened on one page it happened on both. problem #5 I'll bet there was away to locate the pl callout button beneath the videos here: www.clearheartcoaching.com Finally, how can i change the color of button-info? (blue) I tried but nada. Thx for your help....
  6. Okay..... So I want to add 2 images in 1 Content Box. I have already added the first one (float: left;): http://cl.ly/image/3j24392v2Y39 The second would be float: right; I have this so far in CSS /*Special Content for HomePage*/ #contentbox .homepage-box { color: #666666; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 0px; background-image:url('/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/WebFuel-Who-We-Are.png'); float: left; background-repeat: no-repeat; height: 111px; } The site: http://goo.gl/YXHZ7 I am stuck.... CSS ninjas need only apply....
  7. Hi there, i'm looking for change the background and font color of the Content Box. I try with Firebug but.. nothing work .. i'm only able to change all the content background color or all the font color but what i'm searching is change the background and the font color only in the content box section. My content box is in the more footer section but in the more footer section i have the secondary menu that i would like dont change (now is with black background and different color for effect) Anyone can suggest me the right css code? Thanks for fast reply
  8. Content Box

    I wonder why content boxes aren't anymore. Now I use boxes for all need but I don't know if it's the correct use.
  9. Content Box - Paragraphs

    Hi, 1. How can I separate content into paragraphs in content box section? 2. How to reduce the space between content box and postpins? please find the screenshot http://d.pr/i/RgO0 Thanks, sakkthi
  10. I have included a content box in my sidebar in drag and drop for one of the templates ( template-3) I am using this template for one of my pages. I have a content box in the content area also. I can add content to this content-box. But I don't find any way of adding content to the content-box included in the sidebar. Please advice.