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  1. Using the Pagelines Section Contact for this form (http://www.myedadvisor.com/contact/) and although I receive a success message on send, the email is never received. Is there any documentation?
  2. Hi all,   I'm trying to create a Contact Me form whose styling is exactly the same as the default "Leave a Reply" form in the Pagelines framework. I can really tell where to start.  I experimented with cforms, but I couldn't get the styles to match.   Is there a reasonably simply way of doing this?   Thanks, Trevor
  3. Custom Contact Form

    Hi Everyone,   I am having issues with trying to use the Plugin- Custom Contact Forms on my site. I have recently installed PageLines onto my site and loving it, however now with the new setup, I think that PageLines is over-writing the style of the Plugin itself. Basiclly it is displaying a stock standard contact form on my sidebar without any of the customisation that I have done within the Plugin itself.   It is a very similar situation to the one on this topic: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/22911-constant-contact-form-designer/?hl=contact+form   However the link provided does not work and unfortunately I have very little experience with CSS or code of any sort (hence my conversion to PageLines). I have the Plugin inserted through Widgets into my Primary Sidebar.   Here is a link to my site, I am obviously still converting it over to work through PageLines however I need this resolved to build everything else unfortunately. http://www.buysenterprisers.com   Details: PageLines 2.4.4              Wordpress: 3.5.2              Host: GoDaddy   Any assistance would be much appreciated thanks, please if you require any further details, just ask :-)   Cheers
  4. Hi, Struggeling to find the right custom css to reduce margin between the rows / span from 22 down t 2px. Tried many versions. Here is one of many trials which do not work: #page.wpcf7-form .post { margin-top: 2px; margin-bottom: 2px; } ------------------------- This what firebug css code says (margin adjusted in firebug) : element.style { margin-bottom: 2px; margin-top: 2px; } p:before { content: ""; display: block; overflow: hidden; width: 8em; } p { margin: 1.6em 0; orphans: 4; -------- html <div id="wpcf7-f729-p100-o1" class="wpcf7"> <form class="wpcf7-form" method="post" action="/#wpcf7-f729-p100-o1"> <div style="display: none;"> <input type="hidden" value="729" name="_wpcf7"> <input type="hidden" value="3.3.1" name="_wpcf7_version"> <input type="hidden" value="wpcf7-f729-p100-o1" name="_wpcf7_unit_tag"> I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  5. I installed my constant contact form designer...shows up in the dashboard menu under settings. Nifty little gadget that lets you design a custom form to embed in your site--presumably in the constant contact widget. I designed a nice looking form, but when it displays none of the customization displays at all. It is just a plain jane "subscribe" box with none of my colors, the background image I chose, nothing. ( I even tried using one of the already customized forms the widget had already available and it did not show up on the site properly either.) I am completely baffled. Here is the site: http://pilates.trythiswebsite.com/ Also attached an image of what the form SHOULD look like. Just to give you an idea of the disparity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Looking for a plugin for contact forms that works well with Pagelines/. Thx
  7. Hi, I installed the cforms plugin for a client and the styling is all off. I searched the forums and understand there is a css conflict with Pagelines. I tried to fix it myself but can't figure it out. This is what it looks like right now: http://langon.creativewebbiz.com/contact-us/ But the label names (name, address, etc.) should really be to left of the input fields and the input fields itself closer together: Thanks!