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  1. **Note: I'm new to wordpress and my major isn't about computers so excuse me if I'm bit far or didn't know some of the technical terms**    Website URL: www.tycoonje.com Framework Version:  WordPress Version: 3.5.2 Plugins in Use: Server/Host: Screenshots/ Video link:   http://screencast.com/t/1HUw4ZDGAr1 Details:  I'm using DMS and trying to modify a blog post page by adding a 2 Column Layout to the template section. The problem is that whenever I try to add the Post Loop component to one of the columns, the other one reallocates itself below the first column. Moreover, the reallocated column (whether empty or has another plugin added to it) doesn't allow me to modify its size nor I can move it at all.  I've included a video link explaining everything.
  2. 2-column recent posts

    Hi. I love Pagelines but it has so many options I get a bit lost. I set up a home page which shows latest posts. The most recent post spans 2-columns and there are two posts below it in separate columns. How did I do this??
  3. Ccan anyone tell me the best way for replicating this pdf in a web page? Should I use columns, tables?