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  1. Hi Nick. Started crying when I found out that Ozone would not show my Grid Portfolio section at the right place. Is it the same with the Citi theme? Thant it only shows content and not sections? Hope this will be possible in the future. Thanks ,b
  2. I have uploaded breaker images for the citi theme, but I don't know how to position them. My images are all 1600x550. I would like to be able to top left align them....or at least somehow get the part of the image to show up that I would like. Instead, several of the images are actually showing only part of the bottom and then repeating the top of the image even though at 550px high they are more than enough to fill the 300px height of the space for the image.
  3. I was hoping to use Coming Soon while behind the scenes setting up a Citi based website. I assumed I could just make the the Coming Soon page the current static Front page, while assembling the Citi based website in the background from other pages. This all seems to work except for the background image set for Coming Soon not being displayed when the Citi theme is activated.
  4. hi, i just installed the citi theme and im having trouble getting it started. i filled in the info in the site options, but dont see any of the 'crew' or 'about' text showing up. i also experimented with adding an actual page entitled "about us" and putting the page ID, but still nothing. im fairly experienced with WP so im not quite sure why this is making me pull my hair out. is there maybe a well documented getting started guide with this theme? im familiar with pagelines but for whatever reason i cant get the citi theme up and running. im just trying to get it to look like the demo site and hoping to config from there. i did import the settings and site content per the theme welcome page, but it didn't do anything so i ended up deleting the pages/posts from that import. any help is appreciated. thank you!
  5. Hi Nick, I'm trying to add some transparency to the sticky menu bar as I need to see more of the images. Tried styling a few things in CSS including .texture but that only made the whole page transparent. Any clues on this?
  6. Hi Nick, I would like to insert a gallery into the portfolio section but I am having some issues. I know I should supply the page id into the gallery section but I can not seem to find the ID. I looked into the browser window but that does not seem to show a page id. Should I create a post or a page? Also, how does this work with Jetpack Carousel? Are you able to place an blog feed into the Blog section? For example, anytime a new post is created in my designersduty.tumblr.com blog could it show up under the Blog section? Lastly, I would like to right align the text on the right hand side of the About Section. It currently looks like it is left aligned. Thanks again! -India
  7. hi nick! i love your theme- amazing design and very easy to use! i would like to hide the ginormous welcome banner and masthead, is there any simple way to do this? ideally i would like the website to begin right at the about section, and eliminate the entire intro. i have attached a screen cap of what i want to achieve you can see my website here: www.designersduty.org thank you!
  8. Hi, Love how Citi looks - I just want to put the blog up top. Can I use the Content Override settings to do that? What would the page IDs be? Thanks!