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  1. Hello, I'm looking for help with the top Brand Nav Section of this site. http://www.effectivepeoplegroup.com.au/group/ I need to have the main logo centred and all the header section in the yellow band. At the moment I can't seem to remove the padding from around the main logo. It is showing a white panel on the left side. I'm very new to CSS so need help please, after going through the forums I have used the following CSS #branding .section-branding .content-pad {padding:0;} And it does nothing I also have added .section-brandnav .mainlogo-link img {max-width: 103%;} max-width:100% leaves me with white on the right side also so adjusting this to 103% seemed to help. But increasing this didn't change it further. I've tried inspecting with Chrome inspect tool and can't seem to find how to fix it. Also I need to centre the Navigation and extend to the width of the page 900px. With the menus evenly spaced or centred in this space. At the moment I'm stuck with it being right aligned. I tried the Sexy Snips but it doesn't work though I did succeed with the code they suggested to make the font bold for the navigation. Thanks, Jacqui