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  1. Carousel & Category Blog Posts

    www.thisisyou.net Painstakingly, I was able to make "3 blogs" on one site, by making seperate categories and using the "page links to" widget. 1. Is there a way to have an image carousel at the top of each post category page, showing only the posts within that category? When I had 1 blog, I was able to do so. With the appearance of multiple ones, I have to reach out to see if it's possible. If not, is there a way to have it appear at least in the mark and tracy's blog, or on this page, showing only that category. I understand that if I can get one, I might get all three as a result, but I figure I'd reach out to see in hopes of at least getting a bare minimum. 2. "Mark's blog" category, and "Tracy's blog" category, both have a side bar,..they seem to be using the same template set-up as the first page. Is there a way to change this, so that there is no sidebar present, so that it resembles the Mark & Tracy Blog composition? I can't find a way to adjust the template for the blog categories. I checked the forums for answers, but couldn't find anything. The forums were helpful to at least get me three categories to appear as 3 different blogs, which is what I wish the end result to be,... or resemble. Thanks in advance, Mark