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  1. hi there, I have installed catloop in content area and would like to set a limit to how many display. Right now it paginates but this could get pretty long. Please advise how I can set this limit. thank you!
  2. I'm trying to show a single post on a static page using the catloop section. I want it to show in traditional blog view with the photo and part of the text with a "read more" button. I've changed the pagelines options to show full post text and normally the read more would be automatic. However, for the catloop post- I'm still getting the full text. Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. Catloop

    hello, i created that same topic in pl forum - but danny told me to place it on the store forum with prefix catloop - so here we go again: i use font awesome icon font on my new page and it works well (under dev.). but i can't manage to get icon fonts to work within the text area of post excerpts (together with PL catloop plugin) - they simply won't show up. within post and pages and even in the footer nav i use font awesome without any problem. HTML for icon font is: <i class="icon-external-link"></i> example: from a static page with catloop category post excerpts (no icon font visible) - i click on read more - and now - within the post the icon font is visible. i think the catloop plugin causes the problem any ideas ? Edit: Sometimes the TinyMCE erases the HTML for icon font - when you switch to html mode and back!
  4. Hi, Id like to know if thes a way to make a navigation only between posts of one category chosen in Catloop? Catloop category: http://hellokitchen.ru/blog/ A post within this category: http://hellokitchen.ru/4350/progulka-jamaca-de-dios/ Thanks! What I want is on the attached image:
  5. Hierarchy: I can't figure this out. I bought CatLoop (which is great) and it is supposed to be a section. I find it here: http://imgur.com/vjD6K1m Also, these sections are listed in Plugins > Pageline- sections: http://imgur.com/kpQ4VJd Is this the way it's supposed to be? Thanks.
  6. 2 questions. #1. CatLoop is referred to by Pagelines as a "Section", however, it appears as a Plugin in CPanel. #2. I would like to add a hook to include the image that appears in the post. Is this okay to do? Thank you!