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  1. I have two websites running Pagelines 2.4.4 as their theme (using a child theme). I also use "W3 Total Cache" and "Amazon S3" as my CDN service. The first website does not work properly when CDN is activated on "W3 Total Cache". The problem is that the LESS CSS is not uploaded to "Amazon S3" so the website misses the styles. The second website has the exact same settings but it has no problem.   Checking everything I noticed that the first website has a folder names "page lines" in the uploads folder (within "wp-content"). Inside this folder there are multiple compiled files of compiled CSS files. Also this line in the source code of my homepage refers to one of these compiled files: <link rel='stylesheet' id='pagelines-less-css' href='http://url.com/wp-content/uploads/pagelines/compiled-css-1372540484.css' type='text/css' media='all' /> In the second website the line is different: <link rel='stylesheet' id='pagelines-less-css' href='http://url2.com/?pageless=1_1372548999' type='text/css' media='all' /> There is no "page lines" folder created in the "uploads" folder in the second website and it has no problem.   Why these two websites have this difference and how can I fix that?  
  2. what is the best way to integrate pagelines with maxcdn? the dynamic css is causing the site to go all wonky. how do i prevent max cdn from trying to load the css on it's own servers.