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  1. Hi I am trying to use a multi color site title. I know that that the simplest way to go about this is to put each work in the title in a span of its own and then style them in my css. I however don't know where to go to modify this. As right now the site title is within the H1 tag I think that some modification of the php or a function would do the trick but am not familiar with how to add or modify this in. I'm using: Base theme Business Branding Pagelines Customize Any Help would be appreciated greatly.
  2. I'd like to add a skype chat button (code below) to my social buttons. I'm using the Business Branding plugin . Any ideas how i could add this? Or any other suggestions on how to get it on to the branding section without leaving huge amounts of white space? <script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn.dev.skype.com/uri/skype-uri.js"></script> <div id="SkypeButton_Chat_nickd.miratrix_1"> <script type="text/javascript"> Skype.ui({ "name": "chat", "element": "SkypeButton_Chat_nickd.miratrix_1", "participants": ["nickd.miratrix"], "imageSize": 32 }); </script> </div>
  3. I've recently installed the Business Branding section on a site in development to include the phone number above the social media icons in the header. Before installing this, I had the logo centered. Obviously, changing the 'Branding' section to the 'Business Branding' section in the drag and drop bit means the custom CSS to center the logo no longer works. I've tried accessing the code with firebug and changing the classes to business-branding, but nothing seems to be working. Ayy ideas? Current version of Pagelines Current CSS: .section-business-branding .business-logo .mainlogo-link, .section-business-branding .business-logo .mainlogo-img { float: none; margin: 0 auto;} url: http://dev.sociallearningcollective.co.uk
  4. My custom logo/header is 769 px x 240 px. The Branding Area Extra is 290 px and includes code to sign up for a free item. The Business Branding section has been tested on a sample site (sample1.911smallbiz.com) and works perfectly. On my client's site (lisadewar.com/home) the Branding Area Extra appears beneath the logo/header rather than beside it. See copy attached ... this has been removed until I'm able to fix it. The information is entered the same on both sites --- tested on one before adding to the other. Header image uploaded as custom logo/header on Website Setup. Branded Area Extra (see below) Could this be a plugin or other conflict??? I just moved the site over to Pagelines a few weeks ago.
  5. Folks, My site works ok on IE9 and on FireFox 19.0, however for some reason IE8 the menu bar displays the menu name intended for small screens and the business branding section is not formatting correctly. FYI, I am using the latest version of Pagelines / Wordpress and for the branding I am using a plugin called Business Branding. Site URL is: http://tinyurl.com/a5vt5bc Screenshot attached Many thanks in advance.