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  1. I was reading this forum and I noticed that the same solution might apply to my customization with different syntax: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/26630-text-color-change-when-hovering-over/ I want to have my boxes [section, part of the core framework] images (or media as you call it) change when you hover over them with another image. For example if the image is a simple b&w lightbulb then when you hover over it it would look like a yellow lightbulb (because there is an image of a yellow lightbulb saved on my website that I can call). So what I need is a class that calls this other image when the mouse hovers over the original image saved as. Also there is a field in the box set-up options that is called "Boxes Custom Class" so I am assuming I would simply place the code in that text box. Oh, and I need to make sure that the image hyperlink ("Box Link (Optional)" field) still works. Any ideas, inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks