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  1. I am using PageLines Lite and had my site set up to show the latest posts on the front page. This was working fine but recently has reverted to showing my home page instead. I don't believe that I have changed anything to cause this. Under Settings->Reading in the WP dashboard 'Your latest posts' is correctly selected and if i change themes to TwentyTwelve the site performs correctly - with the latest posts page displaying as my front page. However, when I change back to PageLines theme it reverts back to displaying my home page as the front page instead. Anyone any ideas?
  2. Hi there, looking to style the excerpt AND META- BAR I see on blog page and post page. This didnt work: .fpost .post-excerpt { margin: .8em 0; font-style: normal;} nor did this: .fpost aside.post-excerpt { margin: .8em 0; font-style: normal;} Thanks as always
  3. HI all, For several months I have cringed at the background image on my blog's home page -- http://covvha.net/agent-orange-gmo-monsanto-dioxin/ The silver mess is an old background for site wide settings with no repeat. Obviously it has been removed from all of my other pages and individual blog article pages, replaced by the watermark of our logo. I have looked thru all image files to remove it, edited meta, and of course and most obvious, set the background image time and time again in the page via edit page background. The image will upload and follow directions for settings. Upon saving and reloading, the image is gone, setting are gone, and still the silver crap on the page with the specific page background settings empty once again. The silver background is literally a ghost that is haunting me!.. Please help me get it off of my site! Thank you in advance! Kelly CovvHa.net
  4. Hello- I put a quickslider on one of my blog posts. Worked easily and well! The trouble is, now I have a quickslider on EVERY blog post. Is there a way to have quickslider active on just that one post? Thanks!
  5. I can't find a built in tool or plugin that will allow me to... On my Blog Page (home page) display an image map. And to do it in two steps... 1. a small picture of the top few inches of the full image map (because it is too big and I want them to click on it to open up the full map). 2. Then to display the full image map (I can't find a tool or plugin that will allow me to post my image map code.). Because it is a blog page not a regular HTML page. There must be some tool or plugin that allows HTML on the Blog Page (home page) and even better if it could click and open up and second image (the full size image map). My site is www.CMGassist.com Help please.
  6. I would like to request a solution to the individual blog posts sidebar customization. I know that on each page you can customize the sidebars that show which is great. But when you click through to an individual blog post page, all of the sidebars show up and there is no way to hide any of them. Can someone please help? The pagelines developer chat said there was no solution right now. This feature would be extremely helpful for those who utilize multiple different sidebars. Thanks, Lemonstripe Team
  7. Get rid of excerpt

    Is there a way to get rid of the excerpt on the homepage? I just want to show a thumb and a headline for each post. I can set the excerpt to 1 and it only shows 1 word, but if I set it to 0 it reverts to the default...
  8. As you can see from the image I attached, there is no "Cotinue Reading" link I want to be able to add Continue Reading link in Red on all PostPins.
  9. Hi everyone Ive just noticed that when any of my blog summaries (from the category list in the widget) are clicked on - the homepage comes up but the blog title has % xxx% around it. Im using Yoast seo plugin but i havent got a clue where to look on that, its so complicated. Can asnyone direct me what to do? my website is http://www.ripleyhypnotherapy.co.uk/hypnosis-derby-blog/ thanks
  10. Blog

    Good Day; I am creating a separate page for Blog and Blog post. I have gone through the docs however this is my question. I create a New Page: When I go to the left to assign it a template I have the options of Template's 1-5 (I've adapted these and left 5 of this) however When I go to Drag and Drop page there is appears to be a template for Blog and one for Blog Post. I cannot however select these...did I miss something in the process? BEst F www.newsite.thetradinglab.com
  11. How can I get a subscription widget or plugin working on my blog page? I don't want to disrupt the post pages themselves but only the page I set to list my blog entries? I can't seem to use a conventional widget since it won't let me add a sidebar or alternative formatting to the main blog page. Please help. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I will try to do my best to be clear as I am very new on wordpress and cannot find in any topics a right answer to my problem. My question is first : "How to get access to category pages without any widget or menu ?" I do not want either to use the categories widget you can put to your sidebar neither the one of the menu options of the navigation bars. As on the layout enclosed, i would be able to acess to my specific categories by just clicking on the corresponding icon in the sidebar i created with text widget. One button is linked to the whole blog, the others should be linked to the specific categories. More of this, and this could be my second question : i would like to add a specific layout on these specific pages which are linked to their respective categories. At least an introduction to its in the header for example. Thank you for helping... Boutons_categories.pdf
  13. No posts on BLOG page

    I can't seem to show any blog posts on the blog page. Here is what I've done to troubleshoot. I deactivated all plugins, and there is no cache plugin. I setup blog in Settings >> Reading >> Static Page after I created a page called "blog". I checked the Pagelines >> Site Options >> Blog and Posts, all good there as best I can see. I've also checked Pagelines >> Page Options >> 404 page and only "content" is added so that should be good. Also, when I created the blog page, I didn't change template, its simply set to default. All I verified that posts are set to public / published. Also, I can see the blog posts in the WPTouch version of the site just fine. Is there anywhere else I should look.
  14. Hello, I would like to adjust the space underneath our images in blog posts. I have tried several different things, searched, and haven't found a solution yet. What css code would work to reduce (adjust) the padding under blog post images. Example: http://thisisyou.net/lindsay-cory/ That huge white line underneath is what we would like to reduce down. Thanks, Mark
  15. In short, I've deleted the standard 'blog' page that comes with pagelines (accident) then permanently deleted all pages in the trash (purposeful) which deleted the blog page (accident). I've attempted to get the page back by: 1) Creating a new page called blog 2) Simply creating a post and adding the category to the menu header Neither one of which works. I can create a new page called "blog"; however, I am unable to assign the blog page template to the page. So, how do I fix this (not-so-little) problem? I searched and it appears that no one has had this before (or everyone simply knows how to resolve without asking!). Thanks
  16. Hey Nick- Is it possible to create a link to a new page from the portfolio sections? in other words, i want each portfolio tile to be able to take the user to a new page where i can speak more to each one. i cannot find an option do that (though i'm wondering if you might be able to just embed a link to the page from within the desc? would you have to use your shortcode for that?)
  17. Display Page Title on Blog Page

    Hello. I am currently working on a website and one minor issue I am having is that I have a specific WordPress dedicated as the blog page. However, the title of the page does not show before all the blogs. Is there a way to add it? I have the option to automatically add the titles to all pages, however it doesn't take effect on this one. I can use a pseudo css element :before to make it look like there is one, however it won't have the SEO purposes of having the <h1> tag with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  18. I am working on a project that utilizes both Blog category and category name. I am trying to have the blog archive page list only posts for the Blog category and an additional archive for posts from other categories, for example: If a post is from category Sports, it shows on somedomain.com/category/sports or somedomain.com/sports/somepost and not under somedomain.com/blog and so on, and so forth. This is not added right now natively, so I will need to build a custom template to do this, but this could be a most beneficial addition to the pagelines frame work.
  19. Is it possible for posts from one particular category (Blog) not to show up on my homepage when I add a new post in this category? My homepage is not a static page, it is showing new posts (which are reviews in my case) and blog posts shouldn't be there. I'm guessing WP isn't exactly designed to have homepage with posts and a blog page as separate feeds, but maybe there's a way around this? Thanks.
  20. hey guys, how can i decrease the huge space between blog posts in magazine layout mode ? tried using firebug on this one - but didn't help link: http://www.agenturfactory.de/FACTORY_2012/ thanks for your feedback!
  21. I'm having trouble making my content on all of my pages appear. In drag and drop, I have "content" enabled. Am I missing anything or forget to do something? For example, I created an about page and when I published it, my content did not show up. My site: http://www.techieerinb.com Thanks, Erin
  22. I have a quick questions. I am working with PageLines PlateformPro version 1.5.3 Here's our site http://www.yangarch.com/WordPress/ I work for an architecture firm and am trying to get together a blog website for the firm. We want both the "design journal" tab and the "Inspiration" tab to be in the blog format but contain different posts. Our "design journal" page will be blog posts about what our firm is currently working on and the "inspiration" page will be a travel blog or just products that we like that we do not design. Is there a way to have two separate post pages that have different content? Can we assign each individual post to a specific page? Is there a plugin for this? Thanks so much!
  23. I am using the platformpro template and wanted to modify the blog page however I get this message: Note: Individual page settings do not work on the blog page (use the settings panel). I tried to use highlight and feature pages templates but the fact that the page is called blog creates the default page. I do not want the 5 column or 3 column footer on the blog pages. Is it possible to create a fix for this?
  24. Blog Page Question

    Hi, So i hope i'm not askign a question that too many have asked before. On the blog template page, how do i add a third party (non pagelines) feature slider to the top of the page via shortcode? I tried just adding the shortcode to the page, but once i set that page as the one for posts in the wordpress settings, it disappears. I'm just trying to setup a featured content slider on the main blog page.
  25. Is it possible to have a social sharing setup with it to the left of the posts? Something like the attached screen shot?