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  1. We are having issues the with accordion bad ass shortcode.  The proper accordion tab will not drop down when you click on it, only the first one will drop down each time no matter which one you click on.  Please see this test page we set up with an example of the problem http://www.lemonstripe.com/test/  Any help?
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks so much for this plugin.  I'm starting to dig in and have tried to add carousels in two sites, one using tags for jigoshop products and another using categories for a wiki plugin.  I'm not getting any errors, but there are no images, so can only assume I'm doing something wrong.  Featured images are set for all. Gardening Website: http://organically.us/wiki/predators/ I have shortcode inserted to show subwikis for predatory insects (category), but no images display.  Plugin for Wiki is inscub_wiki, named my wiki posts "Wikis". Post type has been named "inscub_wiki" and also tried "wiki" in the shortcode.  Shortcode added is: [ba-postcarousel speed="400" slideshow="false" delay="5000" number="20" category="predators" post-type="wiki" orderby="ID" order="ASC" showtitle="true" showimg="true" showexcerpt="false" thumbsize="thumbnail" itemwidth="250"] Jewelry Website:  http://theartisanjewelry.com/product/rose-quartz-pink-pearls-silver/ I have shortcode to show other products of the same gemstones (tags), but no images display.  The plugin is jigoshop, and the post types should just be "product".    Shortcode added is: [ba-postcarousel speed="400" slideshow="false" delay="5000" number="5" tag="rose-quartz" post-type="product" orderby="ID" order="ASC" showtitle="true" showimg="true" showexcerpt="false" thumbsize="medium" itemwidth="400"] The code seems to be working, but the custom post types are not getting hooked in, I think.  Maybe I missed a box or something?  I'll keep trying, but hoping there is something you can clue me in on. Also, I was looking at your better carousel plugin and wanted to know how that is different or better than the BAS plugin, because I'm really trying to insert a carousel in the posts right now. Thanks so much! Jan  
  3. I have deactivated all plugins and tried to upgrade and it still doesn't work. Here is the screenshot   http://screencast.com/t/qkP0NEc1
  4. Bad Ass video shortcodes

    Just purchased this plugin. Don't see any options to insert video in my drop down menu.   Any ideas?    
  5. Hi there. Just installed, tried to add a Divider, get the divider drop down but no options? Any ideas?
  6. Hi Nick I am getting the following error intermittently after updating to the latest version of pagelines (2.4.3) when I load any page on my site whether it uses BA shortcodes or not: 'Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /clientdata/zeus-dynamic-1/r/u/ruleoflaw.org.au/www/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 156' Prior to updating to Pagelines 2.4.3 I was getting a similar error message from the TwitterBar Section, which would not load and prevented the dropdowns in the header menu from loading. Please disregard TweetBar query if you do not think it is relevant. Help much appreciated. Thanks Nik
  7. I love using the Bad Ass Post Carousel, but the excerpt on the carousel runs into the "Read more." Anyway to adjust the length of the carousel or reduce the excerpt so you can read the excerpt clearer? I've tried Firebug with no avail. Thanks. My link is http://www.urneveralone.net/about-me/#.UZzuPrVOTh7
  8. I am having an issue with the post carousel in Bad Ass Shortcodes. If I have a link within the first 200 characters of the post it looks like it screws up the rendering of the content. Normally there is a DIV that has a couple classes of "ba-ss-thumbs-footer fix". However if there is an <a href> within the first 200 characters of the post that DIV get's mangled. It isn't a very noticeable bug because it doesn't really change the way things render unless you are modifying the style of the contents of the DIV. For example the "Read More" link should be enclosed inside that DIV but if you have the link in the top of your post it is not enclosed anymore. To fix the issue I have removed links from the top of my posts for now but it seems like links shouldn't break things. Thanks for any insights. -Tanner
  9. Twice in the last month the http://www.ehr1.co has "become broken." By this I mean that the entire framework disappears. No header, navigation becomes a list, boxes no longer are horizontal, etc. I took a look at the error log and found the following. Could you assist me in correcting this and comment on whether this is the problem? [01-May-2013 19:55:41] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157 [01-May-2013 19:55:45] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157 [01-May-2013 19:55:45] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157 [01-May-2013 19:55:45] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157 [01-May-2013 19:55:45] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157 [01-May-2013 19:55:49] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157 [01-May-2013 19:55:54] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pagelines_insert_core_less() in /home5/ehroneco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ba-shortcodes/ba-shortcodes.php on line 157
  10. HI there, The BA Shortcode is knocking my footer to the bottom area. http://tandandesign.com/new/services/print/ Is this a glitch? There seems to be no padding or margin to play with... Thanks!
  11. at the beginning of placing the highlight text shortcude ( bad ass codes ) there is a spacing at the beginning...can you please help why?
  12. Hey Nick, wondering if there are any additional modifiers for the Button shortcode? I want to make several buttons - all the same width, but the text i am using for them contains different amounts of letters.. Ie: I want all of these to be the same: big, tiny, biggest Also, i would like to be able to control the roll over effect and the amount of glow. thanks so much. Wendy
  13. Hey Nick. So I've been thinking. Because you've already created an amazing shortcodes plugin I was thinking that it might be neat to extend it to include shortcodes from sections you've created as well. For example, I currently have a number of different sections from you purchased. Some of them include shortcodes. It would be really cool if I could click the BA icon in my text editor and when I've added new sections/plugins see the shortcodes for those already added there. It would take some guess work out of figuring out attributes or the right way to set it up and give more people a reason to buy BA. Just a thought...
  14. Hi, Im using your post Post Carousel shortcode and cant get rid of the line where readmore link appears. please can you advise me on how to get rid of this thanks. link http://lff.xposurehub.com/ see attached screen shot Thanks Daryl
  15. Just checking to see if all your stuff is working well with the latest framework update. This is my first update with live client sites so I want to make sure things are pretty before clicking the update button. I checked your blog before coming here to see if you'd posted there, but alas, nothing. thanks, James.
  16. Hi - I'm trying to use badd ass shortcodes columns. However if I select to divide the content area into anything more than a half, the dropdown menu which allows you to select the last column, only goes to 1. So if I want quarters for example, for the 4th box I would need to select the previous box as being '3' but this is not an option. Can you have a look at this Nick? thanks... Adam.
  17. I have noticed a repeated error on several of my pagelines sites. I think the problem is only occuring when working with WPTouchPro Mobile, the ba shortcodes throws up an error on the mobile site and blocks the mobile from working. see image.
  18. Hi :-) I am working on this site - http://elisabethlaukieffer.dk/ and want to remove the quote icon on the right. Using Firebug I found this code and (in Firebug) changed the height: 40px; to height: 0px; span.ba-quote-icon { cursor: default; display: block; font-family: 'Pictos'; font-size: 40px; height: 40px; position: absolute; } But it only works in Firebug and not on the site. Any idea on how I can do this? Thanks :-D Bolette