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  1. I did a search on this and could not find any topic like this. I am on Version 3.5 of Pagelines (I just bought this about a week or so ago) Ok I have gone over every single line of code possible in the CSS to get ride of the weird background color box that ONLY appears on the "Blog" section of the site. it is driving me insane. The box in the background is this color #fef7e5.. Any help would be awesomely appreciated as both my partner and I are confused and just going nuts over this silly little thing First go to http://www.depotdays.info/progress (to bypass the coming soon page) than click on Latest news or this link /http://www.depotdays.info/latest-news/ Secondly (but not as pressing) I don't know why but I cant get in to the live chat even though I am paying for "plus" membership.. Is that a whole other thing that I need to "create" a new user for?