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  1. Nick:   Just bought your AnyLoop plugin  -- any way to get post meta to display in a loop?   Like, normally I'd use the following:   <?php echo get_post_meta($postid, 'dtf_merch_description', true);?>   I'm overhauling a site and it already has so much content stored in various meta fields like the one above.   Thoughts?     Thanks!  
  2. Hey there, just looking at AnyLoop for DMS and would like to know if its possible to show all posts on a page by image and title in a grid fashion sorted by category or CPT? Can the number of columns be adjusted so the page end up with a wall of posts. I have custom post types I need to display in this manner. Are buttons able to be added? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  3. Any chance these can be adjusted larger and still have the elements in the AnyLoop remain responsive?
  4. Totally apologize if this is the incorrect place to ask, but this morning I purchased AnyLoop and ran into some problems. It doesn't appear as "install" in DMS, and the download link in the login section of PageLines appears broken, too. When I go back to the store page, the Purchase link still appears as well. I'm kinda stumped as to how to get the files!   Thanks for any help, or for forwarding me to the correct folks, either way. Looking forward to checking out AnyLoop. :)
  5. I'm using AnyLoop in a box (one in each box as is shown in the attached image), to display the most recent posts from a specific category. The post titles are not styled as I prefer and I am trying to truncate them to overflow breakpoint. As I understand it, text-overflow: ellipsis; needs a width setting to work.   How can I achieve this while still maintaining the responsive nature of the page?    
  6. Nick, First off, this is a really cool section! Thanks.   Now to the issue. Is it possible to either add a mode or to add an option to the 'compact mode' to enable showing excerpts? Or, am I doing something wrong which results in compact mode only showing the thumb and title? AFAIK, compact mode is not meant to show excerpts but perhaps I'm incorrect.   Attached is a shot of my settings and another of my rendered page (w/AnyLoop styled to not show a bg or borders).   Also, is there a way to add titles to the top of the section? If not within the section settings yet that might make a good addition to it. -Dario    
  7. Anyloop + modal

    Hi Nick, Anyloop was suggested by James in the forums as a possible solution to something I am trying to achieve.. it goes like this.. I have some Pagelines boxes created.. they hold a title, image and text representing the Name, Photo and Bio of a "speaker" at an event. On an entirely different page I will have an "agenda" for said event that lists the times, topics and speakers ... What I want to do is make the speakers name a "link" that opens a modal with the content from the box object (or any custom post type).. Not sure if this is possible, if not... perhaps inspiration for another NH plugin? Might.

    Hey Guys, Just a heads up, I'm going to be on the road from Monday May 13th to Friday May 24th. I will have access to internet, and will still be providing support, but it will be slower than usual. Awesome! Nick
  9. Hi - Loving the capabilities of AnyLoop. We are using a Grid format of AnyLoop to output certain posts to our homepage, but the default image size that AnyLoop pulls is the thumbnail (150x150). We would like to be able to control this. Maybe use the default Medium size created by WordPress, or perhaps, a custom size. Is it possible to control which size it pulls? If so, where does that get set? Thanks, Alan
  10. Hi Nick, I just bought the Anyloop section and installed it. What I would like to do with it is to make a section on my hompage where I can show some post (News). I would like to show the title, the date and an the first couple of lines of the post, plus a read more link. This is the site: http://health-gradient.eu/ At the moment It displays the posts fine but I don't need the full post to display, only the things explained above. I don't seem to be able to do that. Just to be clear, I can not just flick out my default PostLoop sections because my site is actually build on this. I want to use the Anyloop in addition to this. Could you please help me on this. Thank you. Kind regards Christel
  11. Hiya! Anyloop has been working great for me, but I've been dealing with a slight problem in getting it to "hide things". In grid view, on a non-Pockets page, I would like to have the "Comment Link" not show. I select the "(Turn Off) Hide the Comment Link" checkbox in the pages meta settings and hit save, but after the page reloads the checkbox is no longer selected. Here's a link: http://varsity.wpengine.com/about-varsity/ I'm having the problem with the staff boxes about halfway down the page. Thanks! Allegra
  12. Hi, I've paid for and downloaded the Anyloop plugin from the store, but it won't install. I get: "Unpacking the package... Installing the plugin... The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed." Can you help? Maybe something is missing from the installer file?
  13. I have anyloop on this page, and have set it up to pull in posts tagged with 'Cloud Services' but nothing is showing up on the page. Should I be using a content box with the shortcode rather than the actual anyloop section? here's the page... (removed website link) thanks, Alex
  14. Hi, first off, I'm loving all the sections you made. Have bought a bunch (Wicker, Pockets, Better Carousel and Anyloop) I'm making a directory of staff for a website, and have made a bunch of posts in the 'staff' category. I am displaying a bunch of the posts using Anyloop in grid mode. I use the post title for their name, featured image for their headshot, and excerpt for a bit of text about them, but I'd like to show their job title using the tags functionality. IE... tag the post with their job title, and then have the tag be displayed below the post title. Is this possible? Or... would it be hard to modify the section to make it possible? I am admittedly not so good when it comes to PHP. Thanks for your help! Alex
  15. Anyloop Inquiry

    Hi, I would like to inquire about anyloop section for pagelines before ill buy.. http://www.amepl.com.au/employment/ Check the positions available. it is showing 5. I want to use this anyloop section so I can show 20 posts from a custom post type . is that possible with this? Let me know. Thanks
  16. Hello, today I've bought Anyloop and installed it. Unfortunately now I have some problems and don't know how to solve it. 1. If I use Anyloop for a page eg. Template 1 where and how do I have exactly to place the Anyloop section? Under Page Template/Template1 or in the "content area" itself for Template 1. Do I have to remove the "poostloop" section in the "content are" too? It's a little bit confusing for me. 2. I was able somehow to get a test running but the "excerpt"-text of a post is not shown. Of course I've added the text into the referring field in a post and it's not set to "hide". 3. If I use the grid mode then the the value for "width" has no effect. The default value 200 is inserted instead all the time. I use the topical pageline version and wordpress 3.5.1 Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi, I'm trying to load a certain type of post (media stories) to a regular page. I don't want it on my home page. Can I do this with this plugin?
  18. It appears that when I activate the Salebar (Pagelines Section) and I have AnyLoop on the page, the AnyLoop section breaks, only visible on the iPad. When I resize my chrome browser on the desktop, it doesn't happen. In the short term, I deactivated the Salebar, but that is not ideal as I'd like to use the Salebar. Any insight would help. Thanks.
  19. I can't seem to get my posts to use excerpts after switching to anyloop. Before installing I was able to adjust the excerpt length in the site options. Is this possible when using anyloop? Also, when I use anyloop on a template, the content is the main box doesn't appear on the page. see attached regarding the text that doesn't show. And, I'm not getting navigation on the pages that are using anyloop. How do I get navigation to work?
  20. Is there way I can use pagination with the grid layout?
  21. video

    Nick, the topic choices did not include my question. You had recorded a video that was a demo on the pagelines site where you designed a site to look like a shoe company website. do you still have that video anywhere that I can review?
  22. anyloop on category page

    Hi Nick I have purchased your plugin, works great except if I want to use it on any category it always shows most recent post, i can set to show what categories i want displayed from the page options panel, but it doesnt display hirachy of posts on particular category, postloop does this automaticly. I have removed postloop section where i have anyloop active etc... Please let me know on what can be done. Thanks
  23. Problem With Anyloop

    Hello to all! I work for a year with PageLines and i am happy Today i updated to WordPress 3.5 and PageLines Developer Edition v2.3.8 Then i bought and installed AnyLoop and configured at the Admin Panel. But AnyLoop not work or i don't understand how it work? I want to see in the Category-Page the last 5 Posts from the category "orange" and than a Post/Page Pagination to the next 5 Posts with the same category, you can see here a Testsite: Testsite I see only the last 5 Posts and not only from the same categorie. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Greets Lukas