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  1. Add Title to Carousel

    I have read the thread at http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/11137-how-to-add-title-to-carousel/ as well as the "add Hooks docs but am having an issue adding a title to the Carousel. I have adding the code provided in the referenced thread to my functions.php and init.php foles no avail. The code looks like this: [CODE] add_action('pagelines_inside_top_carousel','add_carousel_title'); function add_carousel_title() {?> [/CODE] When I try to use it, I receive a syntax error. Any ideas? TIA ~Rat
  2. Hi guys, How can i add to PageLines Lite theme the thin stripe appearing at the top of Platform theme? (I think it is indeed a transparent blank allowing the background to be seen - because such stripe is the same color as the footer). Thanks for your so kind help! (i'm not a webmaster as you may imagine).