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  1. Hi,   Action map is not working when multisite enabled.   Kind regards,   Willem
  2. This message is displayed on the front-end of a site that has the Action Map plugin active and the current theme is not PageLines: Action Map should be updated to not do this because a theme could be changed for many reasons (or a multisite site create a new site and PL isn't set as the default theme) and the error message is not user-friendly and no error message should be displayed to non-admins (i.e. access/permission to do something about it -- deactivate the plugin). Thank you.
  3. When I activate Action Map on my site it is failing with the error message: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/23/10280923/html/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-action-map/pagelines-action-map.php on line 96 I am using WP 3.5.1 and PL 2.4.2. Thanks for your help, Brian
  4. Hello, I have been using the wonderful Response Gallery on my site. It is a pleasure to implement and to behold, and beautifully responsive whenever I get a chance to try it out on mobile devices. However I could not find a way to manipulate the position on the page. Are there any settings I may have overlooked that would let me align the gallery, e.g. to the left, or change its overall dimensions? Any hints would be much appreciated. Yours faithfully, Jan. P.S.: (I cannot find the Response Gallery on the "Topic Prefix" dropdown menu, so I chose Action Map, arbitrarily. I hope you still get this message and can perhaps fix the "Topic Prefix" list - at least I think Response Gallery is a straight forward Pagelines section, it has all the hallmarks...)