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  1. I use Nick Haskins' Trickle on a site I'm reworking, jfspencer.staging.wpengine.com. Features doesn't work properly with it as Trickle uses Cycle 2 and Features uses Cycle 1. (I don't understand what that means, I just know that is what Nick posted in a response on his forum.) Do you know if Accordy Slider will work with Trickle? If you don't know, any reason why it might not that you can think of. I need some kind of Features like slider and I like Accordy but am hesitant to take the plunge. Let me reiterate, however, how much I like Squared.
  2. how is it possible to use it in header? FW 2.4 show me no possibility. I would like to use it except of features thanx
  3. Accordy slider

    Hi, anyone know is accordy slider have the possibility to link the image slide in it?
  4. Hi I have purchased Split Slider today and have to say I am not happy with my purchase. If you look at the demo it gives the impression that this works out of the box. You cannot add the slider to the template area, there are no controls to change the size of the slider and it does not display full width. I can change the CSS parameters to control the required aspects but not everyone can. If something is illustrated (in the demo) as being full width then it should just work and there should at least be some level of height/width control from within the admin. Even the built in features slider has more options which is free. Normally all the plugins are great but on this occassion I have to say I am very disappointed. Sorry to be so negative as the slider looks great on the demo but you just can't achieve this out-of-the-box. Cheers Gary
  5. Hi there, I have just purchased this plugin and it looks great...I have put it on here http://blueskycreative.eu/aylesham/test-accordy/ as you can see it is stacked up vertically? I have tried deactivating all my other plugins, it is a new site setup so shouldnt be anything conflicting? I also tried it on two of my sites and it did the same? I thought perhaps some of the files had not uploaded correctly so have ftp and done through pagelines... Im sure its something silly any ideas? Thanks Paul
  6. Puppy Plugin

    Puppy isn't on the Topic Prefix dropdown, so I've selected Accordy Slider... Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please let me know if I should post it somewhere else. I want to know if puppy can open to a specific post, rather than a random one and link to whatever page/post I want?
  7. Image Grid

    Hi, I have just purchased your PL addon Image Grid. Sorry, but I am at a total loss with this instructions: "Upload an image gallery to your page (You have to upload images - you cannot choose images that are not uploaded to the specific post or page" How does one upload an image gallery to a post or page. I certainly know how to upload media into the post or page but a gallery? I'm confused because I don't know how to upload an image without inserting it into the post content itself. Please explain. Also, I would like to display more than 4x images across (5 or 10 actually) - is this possible? Regards, Robert ps: you need to add "Image Grid" as a Topic Prefix.
  8. Dear Aleksander, I finally implemented your Accordy Slider. So far I had used a similar plugin, but that is not responsive, and the Pagelines integration of Accordy is of course very attractive. The first impression is very positive - Accordy is easily set up and beautifully responsive. I have two initial questions: Firstly, is there anywhere where I can set things such as slideshow transition timings? The Dashboard Page Options is where I would have expected this, but I could not find anything there. Perhaps I have overlooked something. And secondly, when I change the size of the browser window or device, the images are distorted to fit the slider. I am not an expert and responsivity is all new to me; I must admit that I still have to stretch my mind to understand it... But would there be any way to avoid this? The distorted images look, well, distorted. If the aspect ration could somehow be preserved it would be great. Even cropping seems preferable to stretched or squashed faces. Would this be somehow possible? If these issues can somehow be resolved, it shall be Accordy throughout for me! Thank you for building the slider in the first place, and for your attention to these matters. Yours faithfully, Jan. (P.S.: In case it is helpful for your understanding of my grievances, here is the test site I put Accordy on (nothing else so far): http://www.animatinglibraries.com/wordpress/