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  1. By setting a Custom Structure to -> /%category%/%postname%/ DMS no longer work correctly, and returns a 404 page   Activating standard theme works all the correct     Clean installation!!   My settings custom slug -> /%category%/%postname%/   my .htaccess     # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule>   # END WordPress
  2. 404 pages not working

    Hello,   We are migrating from a Rackspace Apache server to an Nginx server in AWS.  We have already switched over our dev and our test environments and were hoping to switch over the production environment tonight but there is an issue occurring in prod that isn't in dev or test.   All 404 pages that used to get the custom PL 404 page aren't working.  So for instance www.infousa.com/x gives a 404 in fiddler, but the custom PL 404 page doesn't show up.     Since this site is not "live" yet to check out what I'm talking about you have to add the following to your hosts file: www.infousa.com  infousa.com   Then you can check a working page like www.infousa.com/sales-leads compared to www.infousa.com/x   Can anyone suggest what files or PL settings I might investigate to try and get the 404 page working again?   Thanks,
  3. customization plugin

    I am trying to understand how to run the customization plugin.   Plenty of 404s on this topic.   Here they are: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Use_the_PageLines_Customize_Plugin/#PageLines_Customize_plugin_vs._the_Base_Theme http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Use_the_PageLines_Customize_Plugin/     Please advise on links to using/documentation for the customization plugin.
  4. Hi guys, Pagelines works great for me. I have one issue that just appeared: when saving "site defaults" I get 404 page and new settings are not saved. everything else works great, I can save pageline settings in pages, posts, etc. many thanks.
  5. Every time I hit "Save Options" on the "Page Options Setup" page, I get redirected to a 404 error. You can access my website at carroll.mdbizchallenge.com. It is a Wordpress multi-site install. I don't have any plugins installed, but am actively using the Wicker Section and have the Pockets Section installed, but inactive. Please advise.
  6. Menu links yield 404

    Hello everyone, mysterious problem, all links in the main nav are 404-ing. I have only one nav bar on the site right now. I've combed over everything but am missing something, would appreciate your help and here are the details: Website URL: http://murrayhillweaving.com/wordpress/ Framework Version: 2.4.1 pro WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: Contact Form 7 AIO SEO Pack Event Espresso Lite Facebook Likes You NextGen Gallery
  7. What is the CSS class or ID I need to use to identify the 404 Error Page so I can make an edit to a particular class within that page? I've tried .error404.address & .404_page.address, but neither have worked.
  8. Hello, Can you guys please help me with this problem, The CSS file fails to load every third (or so) time. It occurs on any pages on my site randomly but consistently. I have checked the source in Firebug and it is looking for the file in this line: wp-content/uploads/pagelines/compiled-css-1360606434.css You can see it in around the 60th line in the source. However, the file that I have in that folder on the server is named differently, so no CSS loads resulting in the usual plain html look when there is no CSS file. If I stay on the page and refresh it, the correct CSS file appears in the script and it loads fine. What to do? Thank you, Istvan site: http://imagyarweddings.com
  9. 404 page customization

    I created a custom sidebar section and added content in it and used drag-and-drop to add it to the 404 page template. Example: http://crescentridgehomeowners.com/404 Everything displays as desired. However, http://crescentridgehomeowners.com/events/ displays what looks to be a 404 / Not Found error when really it's an archive page that only shows content to logged in members who have access (since there are no public events at this time). Yet my custom sidebar doesn't show up as desired, like on the http://crescentridgehomeowners.com/404 page. Why not? Thank you.
  10. Edit Content Of 404 Page

    I read a few topics on customizing the contents of the 404 page but I have not figured out how to add a sitemap on it. I would like to get a 404 page like this http://www.businessbolts.com/ttttttt On Dashboard>Pagelines>Drag&Drop>Page Templates>404 error I can insert: banners masthead feautures highlight callout hero and other special content How can I insert HTML code to create a sitemap? Thanks in advanced! benz
  11. Hi guys, Since updating to the latest versions this morning I've been having issues with my css files not loading. I've checked through the forums but can't seem to find any solutions. Upon loading up the page http://www.martinwrightdesign.com, everything seems to load fine except my CSS file. From the chrome inspector errors tab: 'Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://www.martinwrightdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/pagelines/compiled-css-1355916586.css' I've tried the following to fix: Remove & re install pagelines Deactivate all plugins Just activate the Pagelines sections plugin None of them work. If I use the 2012 theme everything seems fine, also I've manually put a css file in at that destination & it loads it fine, so it seems the issue is that pagelines isn't generating a css file dynamically and placing it in that dir. Any Ideas?
  12. I have created a custom 404 page by adding a Content Box to the Template and added custom text.. Worked perfectly. I have removed the No Posts section from the Active Sections list by dropping it into the Inactive/Disabled Section. After that it disappeared and I cannot find it to put it back... The section.php in its respective folder is intact... Just there is no possibility to drag it back to the Active sections since there is no No Posts section anymore... How can I bring it back. The site is not live yet, but attached the screenshot of the Drag&Drop interface... Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  13. 404 Page Error

    Hi There, After struggling all night, I just successfully migrated my site to a new domain. However now I notice that whenever I try to save a Page Options or Site Options in the Pagelines Dashboard I get directed to the 404 page, and my changes don't get saved. I have a screenshot available to send you. It says on the title bar: Nothing found for Wp-admin Options PHP. Any tips?
  14. Hi, Do we need a special rewrite rule to make your 404 pages work with nginx? I've gone through all of the 404 template and content set up instructions that I could find on the forum, and I can't find the 404 page that is bring created when I look through the theme files...can anyone help? Fixed. Sorry. Thanks. Jennifer