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  1. How do I revert to the original blog post layout? I don't like the new layout, I would much rather prefer the older vertical layout, than the new horizontal layout
  2. In 2.3 Pro edition, the Store displays the warning message: 'You need to install and activate Pagelines Section Plug-In'. I click the 'Install it Now' button and the dark 'installation....' status appears. 10 minutes later...... nothing. tried this multiple times.... installation never completes. Ideas?
  3. Hi The toolptip with this format: This is a [pl_tooltip tip="Cool" location="right"]tooltip [/pl_tooltip] example. and This is a [pl_popover title="Title" content="..."]popover[/pl_popover] example. stopped working after upgrade to 2.3 I wrap it in pl_raw and it did not work, for example: This is a [pl_raw][pl_tooltip tip="Cool" location="right"]tooltip [/pl_tooltip][/pl_raw]example. I've tried in a test forum without plugin and CSS code. I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Since updating from 2.2.5 to 2.3 my social icons have jumped from the right to the left side in the footer on my website http://www.janpeeters.nl. I'm sorry but I haven't got a screenshot of the 2.2.5 version but let me explain. On the left of the footer is the text '© 2012 Jan Peeters, Energiek Leren' aligned to the right were the social icons that are now below the mentioned text. I've not been able to restore this. Hopefully someone can help. I presume it has to do with the full transition to LESS. My custom CSS file I have copied to your paste service: http://paste.pagelines.com/2ed Thanks, Jan
  5. Hello, Following the issue of the version 2.3 update, I would like to downgrade back to 2.2.5 How can I do????????
  6. After upgrading to 2.3, shortcode styling seems to have disappeared for some buttons in a Feature Section I have. Here's the shortcode I'm using for one button: [pl_button type="warning" size="large" link="http://truelocalonlinemarketing/contact.com" target="blank"]Get in Touch[/pl_button] Basically, the button colour - and other styling - has disappeared.
  7. After upgrading to 2.3, I found that there's an unwanted background colour being applied to a feature section using a fade transition. I've tried a few other transitions and have noticed the same problem. The only one transition that seems to be "immune" is scroll (all scroll transitions seem to be okay).
  8. Here is a link to the 2.3 release notes http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/21930-23-release-notes/