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  1. Hi, I'm not a coder and by using Pagelines I've managed to put a pretty cool little site together on my own with some custom CSS help from a friend: http://www.undergroundhouse.tv I currently am running version 2.1.6 and I'm being prompted to update to 2.3.5. I don't know what a 'childs theme' is. Here's what I know.. .I am using the Transparency custom theme within Wordpress.org. "Transparency" calls itself a 'child theme'. I am using custom CSS code to set up my main page (containing an embedded video box for live broadcasting, 2 chat boxes, etc..) along with some other customization. I also prominently use the Kenburner slideshow app. What happens when I update to 2.3.5.? I can save the CSS code via copy & paste, but I'm unsure what I may (if anything) lose in this process. My website features a continuous line-up of live streaming DJs from around the world and we have bookings running into January... I cannot afford to have my site go down, so I've been putting this off. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, UGHTV