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  1. Either one of those methods in the post will work I have tried them both. It is useful if you want to add images or ads into your sidebar or other information.
  2. Aires

    Meganav Image or custom HTML

    Hi @travistsickle, The best way to do this is just use one of the menu items for your image or custom html. Mainly what you would do is add your custom html either img tag or some other html in the navigation label area. Also go up to the screen options and turn on classes to that you can target that particular menu item. You may want to hide on mobile with media query if it looks weird. Let me know if i can further assist you. ~Aires
  3. Simon

    Page can't load

    Over optimization at its best.
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  4. This issue should be fixed in todays build (5.1.4)
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  5. Simon

    Maps section not displaying

    Ho about turn off the caching and optimization to get a baseline. The errors you are getting is concatenating all js into one file, the one file however is loaded in the wrong place and all the files inside it are in the wrong order. Start by turning it all off, then try each option one at a time. There is probably no way on earth you will get all js into the footer so you can get the green 'no js above the fold' or whatever it is. As you are probably using menus etc that are in the header and require js. You see the issue? If your site was plain old html then YES you can have 100 green no js above the fold because there is no js. You are chasing rainbows.
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  6. claudedagenais

    [Solved] ModSecurity

    Bingo! For some reason I had a old child theme that was a derivate of the PageLines.com Framework Child Theme that I was using as a base for my child theme for all my projects. Looking into it I realized that it was way to complicated for what I really need. So a created a new one from scratch with just the basic stuff in the function.php that I need in all my project and it works. So I will have to go back to all my previous project, change the child theme and I believe it will solve the problem. Thank you Simon for your patience with me. You can close this.
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  7. Some shared hosts block all out going connections, the do allow connections to wordpress.org to install themes and plugins. You can install the theme using this link: http://deploy.pagelines.io/build/pl-framework.zip If you are on a shared host, chances are they have some sort of firewall in place. If you do not know then the chances are you are on shared hosting. Please see the readme for further info:
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  8. My first website with PL5: www.musicsteroidz.com Music Steroidz is a music label based in Suriname, South America.
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  9. you need the mixin as well as the icon,.. so class="pl-icon pl-icon-beer" As for shortcodes in widgets, WP disables this by default, so themes enable it, some dont. http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-use-shortcodes-in-your-wordpress-sidebar-widgets/
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  10. Aires

    Meganav Font Change

    Hi @yogester22, What you would need to do it get the mega nav id wchich can be found in the advanced options and add your font family with CSS. Here is an example. section#meganav_u0soaqu { font-family: fantasy; }
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  11. oksodavid

    Template/Page Duplication Issue

    yep, turning back to 'current page only' doesn't retrieve layout, nor deselecting page template in wp editor. I could only retrieve via rollback
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