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  2. How to add code under header image

    Сальвадор купил 80 биткоинов, воспользовавшись очередным снижением цены https://alscar.ru/article/salvador-kypil-80-bitkoinov-vospolzovavshis-ocherednym-snijeniem-ceny.html
  3. Coinbase может повторить судьбу Celsius https://alscar.ru/exchange/coinbase-mojet-povtorit-sydby-celsius.html
  4. How to add code under header image

    Разгрузочные дни при беременности. Меню разгрузочных дней при беременности. https://biz54.ru/mother/razgryzochnye-dni-pri-beremennosti-menu-razgryzochnyh-dnei-pri-beremennosti.html
  5. Assignment Help Online

    Вечерние и свадебные платья Rony Abou Hamdan Couture 2022 https://biz54.ru/beauty/vechernie-i-svadebnye-platia-rony-abou-hamdan-couture-2022.html
  6. How to add code under header image

    В преддверии перехода на PoS киты начали перемещать Ethereum на биржи https://alscar.ru/exchange/v-preddverii-perehoda-na-pos-kity-nachali-peremeshat-ethereum-na-birji.html
  7. Хакеры Anonymous пообещали разобраться в деле Terra и посадить До Квона в тюрьму https://alscar.ru/article/hakery-anonymous-poobeshali-razobratsia-v-dele-terra-i-posadit-do-kvona-v-turmy.html
  8. How to add code under header image

    Диета «Сонома» https://biz54.ru/diet/dieta-sonoma-na-jenskom-saite-o-vsem.html
  9. Uhnd12jsxcvsdf

    Выделения при беременности на ранних сроках: белые, желтые, оранжевые, черные или кремовые — норма и патология? https://biz54.ru/children/vydeleniia-pri-beremennosti-na-rannih-srokah-belye-jeltye-oranjevye-chernye-ili-kremovye-norma-i-patologiia.html

    Regarding order# 687365. The company that I worked for no longer uses my services but my credit card was used on this transaction. The credit card that was stored was expired, and I have now deleted it. Am I able to get a refund? I have cancelled the subscription. Thank you.
  11. Should I upgrade from DMS Business?

    No, This Project is DEAD.
  12. Should I upgrade from DMS Business?

    I have one website using DMS that I haven't updated for, I would guess, about five years. I don't have any immediate needs to "improve" the website, but I'm wondering if it would be advisable to review my PageLines account and the DMS version I am currently using(?) Reviewing my email archive, I don't see anything from PageLines since 2015. It confirms that my renewal order is complete. This is for DMS Business at the rate of $20/mo. Since I allowed the website to just remain undisturbed all this time, and it appears to work properly, and since I am not a skilled website developer, I figured I'd leave well enough alone. But after doing a big catch-up on PHP and every plugin yesterday, I realized that I simply don't recognize what I thought I remembered of the DMS page designer/editor. So if I ever want to make changes to the website, I'll need to get up to speed on DMS/PageLines, and that raises the question of whether I should be paying less per year ($199 vs $240) and change to PageLines Pro Business. And if that's the case, how do I go about it? How will the payment mechanism work? (I'm currently paying by PayPal.) What will I have to learn about PageLines Pro (5)?
  13. What needs to be improved?

    Hi guys, My F02 is due for its 70000km service. can anyone advise what needs to be changed? Its 8 years old and so far no issues. Im thinking spark plugs, ATF <-- definitely needs changing? Some workshop suggested alternator bolt?? Please advise. Thanks 
  14. In recent days, cryptocurrencies are considered to be the ideal investment option. Investors are interested in trading cryptocurrencies to make huge profits in the crypto space. Even many startups and entrepreneurs are anticipating launching their own Crypto Exchange Platform. Maticz, the first-class cryptocurrency exchange development company offers a delicate White label Cryptocurrency exchange script that allows the users to launch a vital Crypto Exchange Platform. Our White label Crypto Exchange Software is backed with enterprise-level features and military-grade security which ensures the traders have a top-notch trading experience. For technical Consultation, Telegram: maticzofficial Whatsapp: 9384587998 
  15. You can buy 100% safe WOW TBC Gold at MMOWTS

    Over 150 teams signed up ahead of last weekend’s Qualifiers, but only eight teams remain in both North America and Europe. The remaining teams, composed of some of the best 3-vs-3 players in the world, have mastered the legendary Arena for their shot at a 30,000 prize pool. If you want to join and professional team like this, you need prepare a lot of برای مشاهده لینک ها ، لطفا با نام کاربری خود وارد شوید و یا هم اکنون در انجمن فروشگاه های اینترنتی ایران ثبت نام کنید. With more gold, you can get better gear and be more powerful. Great gear helps you to deal more damage and provide stronger survivability, thats why more and more players choose to buy cheap TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS. Because MMOWTS is the most trusted third party site with years of experience. I recommend you برای مشاهده لینک ها ، لطفا با نام کاربری خود وارد شوید و یا هم اکنون در انجمن فروشگاه های اینترنتی ایران ثبت نام کنید from them and enjoy best offers 
  16. Top 10 NFT Marketplace Platforms

    The nft marketplace is a digital hub that facilitates the digital creators, NFT aspirants, and entrepreneurs to sell, and buy NFTs with ease. Creating an NFT marketplace from scratch might be a complex process that involves huge technical knowledge. The development cost from the scratch is a bit higher when compared to the ready-made solution. This is because the developers have to specify a user flow, develop unique features, and design as per the client's needs. The cost will not be constant and may vary as per the features required. Creating an nft marketplace using the NFT Marketplace clone script is cost-effective and requires less time. It can be customized as per your need and can be updated as per the market trends. Get in touch with Maticz, a noteworthy NFT Marketplace Script provider in the market that will help you build your preferred NFT Marketplace within a week. Connect us, Whatsapp: 9384587998 Telegram: maticzofficial 
  17. Recommendation for Ecommerce Store

    I will second all those recommendations and add browse Craigslist in your area. You can get a much better bang for your buck buying a used or demo kayak. 
  18. Blank page after activating 'Base'

    K, here is what seems to make a person crazyyyyy, lol. I have artwork created in Adobe cs4. I have tried to import it as a cs2, cs3 and a cs4 saved artwork and can not get it to import it to the blank page. I have also saved it as an eps and followed what i did as an AI file with no such luck. All I have is a blank page. Please help me with this I have rhinestone templates that I need to make soon. Than you, T3 
  19. Java Script Issue Detector

    I know that Data Power uses xslt and java script latest version programming for implementation , but not sure which one support all these operations and easy to implement. 
  20. Recommendation for Ecommerce Store

    See if you can find and Eagle Fishmark 320. They are no longer made but was the best for the money. You could getthem new for around 135 so you may find a good used one for the price you are looking at. 
  21. Assignment Help Online

    To ease students academic pressure, MyAssignmentelp.co.uk provides inclusive computer science assignment help. Numerous students, who often try to find answer to the question, who can do my computer science assignment, get immensely benefitted of our computer engineering assignment help services. myassignmenthelp.co.uk/computer_engineering_assignment_help.html 
  22. Top-20 app development software platforms

    Yes it will. We have a dongle-based RTAS update about to be released that requires the Syncrosoft key. If you get that then the UB update will be free. If you already own a Syncrosoft dongle from another app and have the KLC package then you will also be able to get the UB update for free. So its basically a free update that requires the Syncrosoft key, however you get it. OK? regards, Jerry 
  23. Top 10 NFT Marketplace Platforms

    Ownership of an NFT does not confer control of copyright. Most NFTs can be freely copied by anyone because doing so will usually increase the value of the NFT. 
  24. Which Place Students Choose To Study?

    Hi I want to ask about Windows 10; which version to install clean install? There are pro, enterprise and educational versions I see more features available in the enterprise and educational versions; however most users go with the pro version Any advice? 
  25. Top-20 app development software platforms

    Chetu develops fantasy sports software for games, platforms, and websites, covering sports such as fantasy cricket, football, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, auto racing, and cricket. We also engineer RESTful APIs to retrieve sports, league, and player information.
  26. Blank page after activating 'Base'

    What is your video card? You probably just need some firmware. The Debian wiki has a page on the subject which may be applicable here.
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