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  2. It's a sad goodbye

    It is with much sorrow that I have to say goodbye to a product that had such great potential. There has been no acknowledgement from anybody as to whether or not Pagelines will continue or even if they are going to hand it over to someone that would keep the project going. I can't keep shelling out money every month to a company that either no longer exists or has chosen to abandoned their customer base. Well it has been a nice 5 years.
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  4. Excel homework help

    Hi! The knowledge of MS Excel is indispensable in the modern world. On this website you can have a look on Excel Project Sample which can help you with writing this kind of project.
  5. Do I Have To Keep Paying?

    Hi there - I am paying a monthly fee for Pagelines, and am almost entirely out of the web design business. I have a couple clients left that are going to be transitioned to a different developer. If I stop paying monthly fees, will their sites be defunct? Thank you.
  6. I can't install extensions?

    Hi! I can't seem to install any extensions to my WP-site. I go to WP-admin > Pagelines > Extend. I select a plugin and click "Install via Platform Plugin", which just links me to this spam-site. http://tr.im/pl5 What am I doing wrong? Also - how do I install external WP-plugins while Platform is activated? I can't seem to find new plugins at the "Plugins" tab. Do I need to do this via FTP? Best regards,
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  10. Grams different heights

    Hi everyone, since Instagram had allowed to publish in different ratio formats (instead of only square ratio) the grams stripe has different heights. Can you tell me if i can fix it easily with some CSS?
  11. Billing - REFUND

    I now understand, and have been told, that Pagelines is an abandoned company, even despite the invoice of the fraudulent charge shows Pageline's address to be a residential home in Austin, Texas. Since a reply was not given to my five emails, and this support ticket, since a week ago, I have a filed an abuse claim with Cloudflare, the hosting company of Pagelines.
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  14. Billing - REFUND

    Good evening, I was erroneously charged (order #400478) and I sent an email about this, but I had not had a response. This was back on January 2nd, Thank you, Tommy
  15. Shortcodes plugin

    I found my way around it by installing the Classic Editor plugin from WP https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/
  16. Shortcodes plugin

    Since updating to the new Wordpress Gutenberg I have lost the Pagelines Shortcodes feature in the editor. Please advise... Marcus
  17. I have a site running pagelines framwork 2.4.6, base theme 1.0.2 and a child theme 0.1.0. We tried to update the theme about a year ago to the latest version and it completely broke the site. Much of the theme formatting was lost. I'm trying to find information on best practices for updating the theme. I realize that the version installed is pretty old. Any documentation or advice on how to do this without having rebuild the site layout would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. I'm sorry if this post is placed in the wrong Forum, but I have been looking for a contact mail address to pagelines but I just can't find one. So have I missed it totally or are there no such thing (as customer service) when you have a question regarding your invoice? If there is one please provide me with it.
  19. why does Andrew not answer to his customers ???????? What is happening, it is no serious at all...
  20. Platform 5 : impossible to download

    Hi, Impossible to download platform 5 from your website (security alert) Impossible to download platform from wordpress (no results when I search Pagelines in the wordpress extension platform...) What is happening ? Pgelines is dead ? No news on your blog since 2016... I am a bit worried.. Fabien
  21. I purchased a single user pro license and installed the theme on my WP site. However, none of the pro functionality is turned on. When I click the Activate button, I get sent to a Paglines page to buy a new license. I have checked my email conformations and receipt, but the code is not on that. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  22. Activation issue

    Hi, I just change the domaine name of a website running with PL5. When I try to activate the licence for the new domaine name, it doesn't work. (I have 5 activations remaining !). Does anyone have an idea how to fixe that ? (Just paid my renewal fee last weeks ....)
  23. Looking for the automotive eCommerce Template

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  24. I'm trying to download pagelines so I can recommend it to members of my community, but when I click the link to download I get an unsecure site error. If I proceed to ignore the unsafe content and load the page, it just shows a bunch of links. Am I doing something wrong?
  25. Menu displaying wrong somethimes

    Hi. I´m writing because I noticed that my menu sometimes displays wrong. It seems like it doesn´t read the css styles. The problem showed on many devices and with a different internet connection. At the beginning, I thought that it was a server problem and I contacted them, but they said everything was fine on their end and the problem should be this page builder. There is something that I can do? Thanks
  26. Hello. I am writing because I am using videos as backgrounds and I noticed that they don´t display on Iphones. Do you know why?
  27. SSL certificate causing errors with Pagelines?

    download free WordPress theme 2018 from https://www.sktthemes.net/wordpress-themes/free-wordpress-themes/
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