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  2. Hello, I have a site built with Pagelines 5 along with Buddypress set up, and for some reason Pagelines Platform 5 plugin is causing a conflict with being able to upload images from mobile devices in BuddyPress (works just fine on desktop). Just wondering if that is fixable.
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  4. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    Ok i made new payment manually it is work again
  5. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    I understand your point Peter, and I apologize for the issue, the problem with the payment method is that it's an automatic system, anyways this is my personal email: edgarcheverier@gmail.com, if you have any problem like this one again please send me an email there.
  6. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    Sure I saw it today ed, validity of card was finished on february and bank gave me a new one BUT No one from accounting or support informed me about this problem. I use Pagelines account very very occasionally last time. Because of the fact that in last two years I didnt found any argument to come in. Any new module or serious upgrade of pagelines, support as is, we spoke about in discussion before. When we made first contract pagelines promised every month something new, new modules, best framework for WP, priority of support, etc but reality now is strongly different, as you know. I have just pay every month PRO membership for years but (except of new website) I have no occasion to visit Pagelines account. Pagelines from my point of view looks like ghost project. Anyway I am your grandfathered and loyal client since 2011. I expect - If you have any problems – that you let me know about it, begore killing my licenses without any reminder, It is not very serious for long term and loyal customers. At a moment I assign new card and I expect If you have any problem in future, you will let me know about it. Other way I expect some value also from Pagelines side. If no new work, no new elements, uprgades, at least quality support and communication Peter Please let me know what now. If I have to find other solution.
  7. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    Hi Peter! Under this account ertl@ertl.sk, I can see a that it's pending a payment from February 6, 2018.
  8. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    Does this forum live?
  9. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    I do not work for PL, just a long time customer like yourself. I recently had an issue in my settings as well, Ed was able to get it sorted for me. Hopefully it will be the same for you.
  10. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    Platform 5 You don’t have any Pro licenses. Purchase one to unlock pro access & support Going pro is easy… Purchase a Pro License Once you purchase you can pro activate your site(s) in your WordPress admin. ???? WHAT IS IT I PAY YOU SINCE 2011 MONTHLY IT IS SOM JOKE?
  11. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    If you log into the PageLines main site and navigate to your profile, you can view all the domains you have used activations on and edit if needed.
  12. I vcannot activate PRO licence

    After activate new web site I had several licences for use but system show me that I have no licence
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  14. Mobile Optimisation

    Hi! try to put the image and the text into a container like in here: https://cl.ly/2X3w1V3g0I0i https://cl.ly/27292V191l0m
  15. Mobile Optimisation

    Hope somebody can help me with this. It's probably something easy to fix but this is an ongoing learning process for me. On the about page of my website, http://nickvdt.com/about , the page renders correctly on desktop but the text is not adapting to mobile. Any help with as to what I've done wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Scrolling issue from fixed-position nav bar

    We have that issue as well, for months now. Thanks Glyph and Michael Kummer, with overflow-anchor set to none it seems to work now. Though this is a hack and not a bugfix. I have the feeling, nobody is fixing bugs for PL 5 anymore? It seem we are moving away from PL 5, maybe to Gantry.
  17. Scrolling issue from fixed-position nav bar

    Hello, I am having a problem similar to that experienced by Michael Kummer here. We have pages that show this automatic scrolling issue (examples here and here) and it is sufficiently annoying that we have seen customers bounce while trying to convert. Strangely, it only happens at specific resolutions, so it can be difficult to reproduce. In general we can only consistently reproduce it on a 4k resolution with a browser width between 1517 and 1536px. Thanks to Michael Kummer's help we were able to set the overflow-anchor property to none in the entire body, which fixed the issue as far as we can tell, but also obviously disabled scroll anchoring for the whole site. I tried applying it to the specific element that looked like it was being reloaded, which was the PL Meganav extension, but that was unsuccessful. Can anyone help us figure out which element or ID we can apply this property to, so that we can fix the scrolling issue but not disable scroll anchoring for the entire site? Thank you - Glyph Language Services
  18. What needs to be improved?

    I clicked on an old bookmark for PL and thought I'd check out what has happened in the last X years since I paid for the product. People are still asking for the same thing!!! OMG!
  19. Child theme based on foundation

  20. Child theme based on foundation

  21. Child theme based on foundation

    I made one for you use it or as a reference to create your own https://www.dropbox.com/s/9zjal7xv5pjporj/pagelines-foundation-child.zip?dl=0
  22. hide pagelines info on user profile page

    I attempted to get this to work in my child theme and failed miserably I remember in the past this worked with DMS I will see if I can find another solution for you maybe in the form of a hook. But I will keep you posted.
  23. Child theme based on foundation

    I'm trying to create a child theme to use with the Foundation theme. I'm getting tripped up with the enqueue styles etc in the functions.php. What exactly do I need to include so it pulls the styles in correctly? Thanks so much!
  24. hide pagelines info on user profile page

    I will try it in a child theme and let you know what I find.
  25. Show Post Subcateogry without Image and with Excerpt

    I am trying to test this on my own and cannot duplicate your error on my end. In the layout options of loops I used the following: [loops_title] [loops_excerpt length="60"] [loops_link text="Apply Now"] In my code I do not get the extra hyphen. Could it possibly have been added in the layout options like this?
  26. hide pagelines info on user profile page

    @Aires Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and it's not working. Not sure what I did wrong. I have a child theme and I copied the settings.php into it I left everything as is but commented out what you said to.
  27. Left right margin about wp content on table

    Do you still need assistance.
  28. Popthums margin between images

    Glad I could help.
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