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  2. Problem with Onepage plugin on iPhone

    I'm having the same issue - http://literacyessentials.org - screenshot of iPhone Safari attached. The intro and gallery modules are not visible and you can't scroll up to them ... it's as if they are not there.
  3. Problem with Onepage plugin on iPhone

    Hi Aires, did you get a chance to check www.gigexec.co - I tried one page on another site and Iget the same issue, the page is missing sections but only on an iphone. laptop (firefox, chrome) and Android seem to be fine
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  5. Templates quickshop

    Sorry. The correct link is https://globosdemar.com/categoria-producto/camisetas-para-ninos-y-ninas/ I need three columns, and the section of quickshop give me four. I edit the class: .pl-col-sm-3 in this way, { -webkit-flex-basis: 33%; -ms-flex-preferred-size: 33%; flex-basis: 33%; max-width: 33%;} } but it is not the best. Isn´t possible change the div´s class in some template?
  6. Hello, I have switched from the Framwork theme to DMS theme on http://calcipatrimoine.theproofingcompany.fr (miror site of http://calci-patrimoine.com). But I have now only the Primary sidebar in the Widget section ! Secondary sidear, Footer sidebar have all disapear... Can I have help to have them back ? Regards, Anthony
  7. Activate Pro on my account

    Hello, I can't activate my Pro account on http://calcipatrimoine.theproofingcompany.fr (miror site of http://calci-patrimoine.com) When I click on "Activate Pro" button of the Account section, nothing works. Also, do I need to activate DMS with a DMS key in the Pagelines Updater ? Regards, Anthony
  8. Last week
  9. Custom sidebar

    When using Custom Sidebar I get 13000 error when looking in inspection bar. Is this plug not compatible with PL5? I got Worpress 4.8 Custom sidebar 3.0.8 and PL5 is upp to date. The site is autoident.se
  10. Templates quickshop

    Hi @DonRicardoRVM I'm getting a 404 on the link you provided: https://cl.ly/lHyY
  11. Aftermath of developer removal

    If we install our licensed copy of PageLines over the sem-disabled version left behind by the original developer how great a risk of a crash will we be exposed to? If we install our licensed copy of PageLines is DMS included or is there a separate fee and download?
  12. Aftermath of developer removal

    DMS it is (see screenshot) There are no current messages to activate or update anything. We are in discovery mode in order to make the best decision about moving forward. We need to make sure that the Pages content are really in the db. We need to have all functionality working but it is not. The inclination is to replace PageLines but we are unsure about whether a migration will work successfully. We immediately need to be sure that a restore from backup will work although the original developer was unable to demonstrate a successful restore and another developer was unable to create a working Staging instance.
  13. Mixed content error

    Have you thought about trying any of the WordPress plugins that could possibly fix your issues.
  14. Aftermath of developer removal

    DMS 1/2 are both themes and can be found under themes in dashboard. Platform 5 is plugin and is essentially free and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. But to me it sounds like you have DMS. Are you getting any messages that you can see like it needs to activated or something. Backups are more of a WordPress thing in general and there are tons of options you just have to choose which is best or easy for you. Some that come to mind are backup buddy or updraft just to same a couple. Are you looking to build your site with PageLines if so I would highly recommend you go with platform 5 for its ease of use and current status.
  15. Aftermath of developer removal

    It appears to be referencing DMS. Once again, the problem was caused by the developer being removed as admin. There are not a lot of clues as to what's missing. How can one tell the difference between DMS1/2 or Platform 5 in a disabled install?
  16. Preview of Draft post not working

    Hi @raylonet Thanks for the immediate response. Appreciate it! Yes, the posts has content.
  17. How save Platform page to upload to different site

    Hi. Again appreciate your reply> So here's what I did with mixed results: 1) added Templates and Import/export extensions to http://affinitystudiofauxpainting.com/ and http://petasandersonrestorationandfaux.com/. and of course activated both places 2) assigned all pages associated with Peta to user Peta (note the portfolio section and contact pages are what's important.) 3) went to Peta Portfolio page 1, saved top-most section AND template. Also went to portfolio page 2 4) exported using the Wordpress Tools | Export function (could not find a Pagelines specific export for just the pages 5) went to http://petasandersonrestorationandfaux.com/ and imported found Peta Portfolio page-1 worked (except for broken image links, so had to manually upload images to Uploads | 2017 \ 03 folder. But only thing that got uploaded from Peta portfolio page-2 is the WP loop content, none of the Pagelines sections/components for this page got uploaded? Thanks for any help
  18. Preview of Draft post not working

    Hi @laldan Make sure you have the content section on your single posts, here's a screenshot of how it looks on the editor: https://cl.ly/lGmx Here's a quick video: https://cl.ly/lGv0
  19. When we create a new post, before publishing, the preview of the post is not working instead it displays a list all the posts. But I was able to preview the published posts. When i changed my theme from Pageline-platform5 to other theme(twenty seventeen) I was able to preview the post both the draft and the published post. Is there any filter/setting in pageline that restrict draft post from viewing?
  20. How save Platform page to upload to different site

    Let me check the Docs ... if time permits I may do a video.
  21. Aftermath of developer removal

    Hi @Jessica Emery, Sorry for your troubles. When you say Pagelines which product are you referring to DMS1/2 or Platform 5. I await your response to see how I can best assist you.
  22. Broken website - DMS2

    Hi, I recently migrated a completed website in DMS2 over to a new host. However, it looks like the theme is broken. Any advice? The other themes show up fine, it's just DMS2 that's not working. Whenever I try to switch back to DMS2, the page crashed and I get a HTTP ERROR 500 http://www.rjgibson.com is the site
  23. PageLines Section MegaNav v5.0.15

    I see your site has a few JS errors via revolution slider: https://cl.ly/lGJP solving those first would be ideal
  24. PageLines Section MegaNav v5.0.15

    No sorry, @raylonet Obviously i had to deactivate it because it messed up the site. But if you are still on the line i can activate it for you. Let me know then. The site is http://www.autoident.se but it is deactivated for now.
  25. Aftermath of developer removal

    The developer we used explained nothing about PageLines. After many other mistakes were discovered he was let go. This disabled his PageLines account. We have purchased our own account but are hesitant to make significant changes to the site because of all the problems. Some symptoms that we saw immediately with our site were that there didn't seem to be any way to enter any editor to make changes to Pages. Posts, oddly, seem to be conventionally editable. The developer failed to demonstrate an ability to create and restore from backups so we only have the working production site. An attempt to create a working backup copy doesn't work as well as the production site (which, remember, doesn't work very well). What is the safest procedure to follow to ensure that we don't crash the site? Do we need to change the theme to one of the standard WP themes to disengage PageLInes? What do you suggest about solving the backup problem? We are hesitant to reinstall PageLines without a good plan.
  26. PageLines Section MegaNav v5.0.15

    Hi @pehja Do you have a link?
  27. This update messes things up. I got 2300 Jquerry errors and a little X in the far left of the site. Just thought you should know!
  28. Templates quickshop

    First of all, sorry for my bad English. I am developing an ecommeece with wp, woocommerce, PL5 and quickshop, and I need to do some changes in the simple product grid. I want to change the classes of some divs, but I can't find the templates. Also, I change the grid of the category products pages, but I didn't make it correctly. This is the cat archive's: http://globosdemar.com/wp/categoria-producto/camisetas-para-ninos-y-ninas/ Can you help me?
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