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  2. Responsive on Flicky Post?

    Did someone forget to add responsive settings to the new Flicky Post section? See screenshot in mobile, that's no good.
  3. Slow page ressources

    The page appears to be waiting for this to load, and it errors out. Some sort of security plugin.
  4. Yesterday
  5. PostGrid section

    Thanks, I'll try it! So what about diplaying bug? In page editor mode there are 6 columns, but in view mode there are only 5.
  6. Slow page ressources

    I mentioned my site above: br & thanks in advance
  7. Good evenening, I was working to a restyling of my site with the Pagelines Framework 5 and a theme but I had to switch to the old version version of the framework because I need to have the site always online and make te new design in a mirror site. I've updated the framework to 2.5.0 version but not done a backup of the dashboard entries like the css personalisation. Now I have the sidebar on the bottom, the width of the container is very tight and I don't know why, the sizes in the layout dimension editor are exactly like one week ago, before updating the theme. Here's the problem: Thank in advance for help...
  8. does PL5 support AMP?

    I just installed it and going through the settings. But only because the site ranks slowly on load times for google. Yes, I am using that same plugin.
  9. does PL5 support AMP?

    Are you using the AMP plugin mentioned in the opening post?
  10. does PL5 support AMP?

    Has this been updated? Google is ranking my site slow over mobile. It appears to load okay but that seems pretty important. for more information.
  11. Slow page ressources

    We are not about to disable a basic editor function because you cant use it. Im afraid that image is quite useless, Without the url how am i to test the site at all?
  12. Last week
  13. Slow page ressources

    Example: - see the two Post-Loop Images. - see the screenshot attached (from
  14. Slow page ressources

    if there is an issue with bullet-lists and color, please eliminate the format function - I suggest.
  15. two slide bar

    The reason i mentioned the optimize plugin is its impossible for us to debug issues when all the css/js in concatenated and the html is also stripped of comments.
  16. Flick slider height

    Thanks @Aires - no joy. The !important forces the slider to be 600px when on mobile also... What I really need to do is maintain the ratio to width to height as the screen is reduced in size. Is there a ratio setting somewhere or some CSS?
  17. Flick Slider Cutting Off on Mobile

    Try increasing the min hieght for the slider. There is an option there.
  18. AMP plugin

    Yes I know that ! And if you asked me if I love that, I would say know ! But the actual God of internet, the one who fixe the divines rules , (named Google), love it ! And given that I'm only a poor shepherd who obey .... I obey. I hoppe it will help my website to win some position in google. or... maybe the actual smiley is more .
  19. two slide bar

    Hello @Simon thank you for your message. Yes I use a plugin named Autoptimize that combine a lot off JS and CSS together in order to load the page faster. It does not come from the plugin (even I active or deactive it, it's the same, and I used it for month without problem). Thank you also for the code. In fact it's small java script If have found in order to reproduce the Hide plugin of iHeartpaglines. Indeed, my home page is quite Heavy (a lot of image). And as you know, PL5 plugin does not allow Lazy-Load for image (as far as I know). So, in order to make this home page much faster, I had to rewrite every thing inside the wordpress content .... (it's the only way I have found in order to Lazy Load images .... ). Now this small amount of code does not working (given of Autoptimize, I have to fixe that, but it's not a big deal). This second scroll bar, appeared when I have changed my hosting servince . I'm know with SiteGround. What have really change (except the name of the company one the bill), is that I 'am know using HttpS protocole and also using Cloudflare with CDN . I guess, it may come from Cloudfare ?? What I have observed, is that once I have scrolled all the page down, the scrall bar disappear : magic ! I don't know what's going inside de the code ..... Let me know if you have any idea, otherwise , simply hidding the scroll bar would works for me ! I'm not a developper !
  20. Page can't load

    Over optimization at its best.
  21. two slide bar

    Hi I ran into this issue sometime ago and it was caused by sharebar section if I recall. The best way to test it is to remove sharebar and see if it goes away. I had to add some CSS to fix it.
  22. AMP plugin

    Hello @Simon Thank you for your answer. Well, that's sad that a website designed with PL5 could not be transforme into a AMP format automatically... So I guess that means that for each page, I will have to create a AMP specific page :(.
  23. Page can't load

    FYI Not only does it work but the page is faster to load then it was when it was on Cloudflare!
  24. Hi, I'm having an issue with Flick Slider on mobile. We have a site in development and are using Flick Slider to show testimonial quotes with a headshot of the alum. On mobile, we are having an issue where the top of the photo and the bottom of the quote are being cut off. I'm not sure if there is something that got messed up on our end somewhere causing this or if there is something we can do so that the slider is responsive and shows the entire photo and the quote below. Here is a link to the site - Appreciate any help/ideas! Thanks!
  25. Page can't load

    Well once again you are right! I change the DNS to get Cloudflare completely out (not only turn off) and the site is back on. Thanks once more. Have a great weekend.
  26. Page can't load Sorry, I have no idea how to configure cloudflare, we do not use it on any sites, try turning it off and clearing the cache in cloudflare. Short of that you should be contacting them.
  27. Flick slider height

    The site is now live at I'd like to try and implement a solution to this. Ideally the ratio should be maintained across all devices. Thanks in advance
  28. Page can't load

    Cloudflare it is and I tried to turn it off (in fact it is now off). Change nothing.
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