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  2. I used Loop to create a wonderful blog post listing... it's lacking some meta data, but it was quick and easy and allowed granular control over my layout. How do I now style the single post view? I realize there is no single.php file in PageLines. How do I go about making some changes to the single blog post page. I want to add meta data (post date, author, tags, categories, etc), move the Featured Image under the post title, etc, etc... what is the easy way to do this? I don't want to create my own section using the api. Is there no other way? I've been searching the web regarding this topic, but am unclear the best way to handle in PL? Where exactly within the PL framework are the files that control the display of the single post page? Thanks in advance for any help or insight!
  3. Ok guys, no worries. Found another fix. Added a 'Widgetizer' into the column, created a new Custom Sidebar in Wordpress, which contains only a menu. This forces the menu to behave differently, as it's in a sidebar, not being used as a horizontal menu. It forces the menu to display vertically, with one item per line. A bit of adding custom CSS to make it look and behave a bit nicer, and it's working well enough.
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  5. Challenges with gif Icons on mobile devices

    @chrisayers You made my day! Thank you! Looks great now :O)
  6. Challenges with gif Icons on mobile devices

    There is an option on the side for col mobile set that one to 6 or 12 and set the desktop ro 3 col.
  7. Hi guys, We are building our new hompage based on PL5 and a requite satisfied. The website looks fine on pc and tablets. Nevertheless, the gif icons look very small and not alligned on the mobile version (see pictures pc versus mobile). Can you recommend us any help? Thank you for your help in advance, Michael
  8. PL And Gutenberg Editor

    I noticed the new Gutenberg editor hides the PL shortcodes on the "back side". If you use PL inside the post loop like like I do most of the time you need to grab that classic editor they tell you about. No Gutenburg With Gutenberg
  9. Links not working on adopted site

    Hi Kevin, Ok I will take a look to the website from the admin account, please send me all the login information to hello@pagelines.com. Thank you! Edgar
  10. Links not working on adopted site

    Hi Edgar, Everything looks fine if you go to each page from the dashboard as if you are going to edit them, including the permalinks. If, however, from the landing page you click on a link - anywhere - you get the page 400 error. Would it be easier for you to see if I entrust you with the admin login? You'd probably spot something straight aware being familiar with PageLines Best wishes, Kevin
  11. Links not working on adopted site

    Hi Kevin, I see is getting a 400 error, all this pages and blogs are created I mean, can you see all this pages in the WP dashboard and the permalinks are correct? Thank you! Edgar
  12. Links not working on adopted site

    Hi Edgar, whitestagcoaching.co.uk If you visit the sites and click on any of the drop down menu options, links on the right hand side of the page or any of the 3 boxes on the landing page, you’ll see the problem. There were no apparent errors but I did note many spurious comments (48) which had been posted over the past year. I get the impression the client wasn’t aware of these as she asked me for the admin login details so she could check any text updates she needed to do. It was when I was checking the login worked I noticed the problem myself. Many thanks, Kevin
  13. Links not working on adopted site

    Hi, Can you please add the URL of the website, and also a few photos of this Links ? Do you have any errors in the console ? Thanks !
  14. Server Move

    Hi, This problem must be caused by the installation of WordPress in the new server, since PageLines cannot read where the CSS files are located, it cannot compile and will not render correctly.
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  16. Server Move

    Hello, I own a hosting company and one of the websites we host was built using PageLines 2.5.0. We are trying to move the site to a newer Linux server by copying all WP files and exporting/importing the database, but when I pull the site up on the new server it is severely broken and appears that most of the PageLines settings aren't there. For instance, when editing an individual page on the old server, under PageLines Meta Settings, I see Page Setup, Features, Boxes and about 6 more tabs on the left with options on the right. On the new server, the only one there is Page Setup so it's missing most of the settings and won't function. The developer who built this site for this person has long been out of the site building industry, so any suggestions? The old server this runs on is scheduled for decommission soon so I need to get this moved and don't know how. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi. I provide hosting only service to a client for their PageLines WP based site which was passed on to me when the original developer withdrew her services to my client . My client wanted to modify some of the content which is when I noticed NONE of the links on the site work. Having acquired the site and nor knowing PageLines, although I have had a look around, I wouldn't know where to start. I am obviously concerned for my client, and although not formally providing support itself for the site, would want to restore the functionality of the links as soon as possible. Please let me know if you would be prepared to view the site to assist and provide guidance and I will contact you directly with the website address. Many thanks in advance of much needed support. KR
  18. Hi folks So, I'm by no means an expert but I know enough to know that getting your site looking good over multiple browsers and screen sizes can be a massive pain. I'm using Pagelines Platform 5 but with DMS2, partly for legacy reasons. On this page http://caterfly.co.uk/what I'm using a secondary Simple Nav menu in the left sidebar. I've spent far too long trying to to stop the lines of the menu items spilling over onto the next line, or combining two list items on one line [results vary across screen size / browsers]. I couldn't get consistent results in which the menu simply displays each item vertically. I've tried various hacks, playing with font size, margins & padding, and column width etc and examining the CSS using developer tools in my browser to try to identify what's happening. I now know far too much about browser rendering engines! It seems the CSS > display: inline-block renders inconsistently across browsers - a known issue. I added an extra line in the custom LESS/CSS: #simple_navu95p6wo ul.inline-list > li { display: -moz-inline-box; } - which is Firefox specific hack. Browsers for which this is irrelevant ignore this line, and continue to display: inline-block; I've seen that's its use is discouraged and it is tagged for making obsolete, but the discussed replacements don't work for me in Firefox. Other suggested hacks don't seem to help. Site currently looks ok to me in Chrome / Chromium / Firefox but not Opera, which is a pain. Safari isn't great but that might be due to the smaller screen size I was viewing on. I would love to get it displaying correctly in Opera > as a simple vertical menu, displaying each item on its own line. The Opera hacks I've seen don't work for me, nor do any of the CSS options available for that line (using Opera developer tools). Any suggestions for fixes? Or am I missing something, is it something else? Cheers!
  19. Transparent Nav over Lax on Homepage

    I am seeing your nav (on top) now.
  20. Transparent Nav over Lax on Homepage

    @chrisayers thanks for the reply... I forgot I could hide sections. And I got the transparent MegaNav in the Lax section... Those were all pretty easy. The only glitch now is that the Lax section is vertically centering its contents. So the menu won't stick to the top. You can see it action here: https://peakbotanics.com/. Note how the Nav is well below the top. I've tried adding a CSS class to both the Lax and Meganav sections with the following but it's not working: .nav-top {vertical-align:top; -webkit-align-self: top; align-self: top;-webkit-align-items:top; align-items:top !important} How do I get the Lax section to vertical align top?
  21. PageLines hacked?

    Very interesting. I do love a mystery
  22. Transparent Nav over Lax on Homepage

    Something like this........
  23. Transparent Nav over Lax on Homepage

    Number one and two are a little tricky. We would need to create a custom version of lax with a nav bar in the opt arrays. It is not all that hard. Aries or myself could probably knock a custom section in a couple of hours for you. As for number three on your list that is easy. Put the extra nav bar up top on your home page but then hide it in the advanced section of the editor here.
  24. I'm trying to build a homepage with a Lax image and a transparent navigation "hovering" over the lax image. To accomplish this I need to figure how to do 3 things: How do I set MegaNav to be a transparent background? How do I get it to appear inside (not above) the Lax Container? How do I add the nav to all other pages, i.e, if I put nav it in the Header, it will appear twice on the homepage? Thanks for any help!
  25. PageLines hacked?

    yeah like I said, I deactivated all my non-pagelines plugins and the issue went away, but when I reactivated them, the issue didn't come back.
  26. PageLines hacked?

    Hi, Do you have any external plugin or something external from PageLines installed? Yes seems like something is changing your front-end, but is happening only on your website and when I access to your website from my browser I can't see this issue. So maybe you have something installed that is accessing to your front-end. Try to deactivated all the external plugins and clean everything in your browser.
  27. Pagelines TubePro Not Loading Videos

    Ah! That makes more sense. The person I was talking to didn't really seem to understand why there would be an issue, so I just decided to make my life easier by switching the plugin haha.
  28. PageLines hacked?

    I wanted to share something I'm dealing with on my PageLines 5 website. The website is culturedfoodlife.com. I've seen this issue a few times, but it's always fixed itself without me really doing much, so I don't know how to troubleshoot. It'll start out with my page loading all wonky, due to scripts and stylesheets missing. I look at the page source, and towards the top, I see this line: <link rel='dns-prefetch' href='//www.group-ib.ru' /> I have no idea what that website is, or why it's loading that line of code, and then further down, I see it again as the domain that tries to load all of my pagelines section style scripts: <link rel='stylesheet' id='pl-pins-css' href='https://www.group-ib.ru/…/plugins/pl-section-pins/style.css…' type='text/css' media='screen' /> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.group-ib.ru/…/pl-sect…/script.infinitescroll.js…'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.group-ib.ru/…/plugi…/pl-section-pins/isotope.js…'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.group-ib.ru/wp-conte…/…/pl-section-pins/pins.js…'></script> Here's a screenshot: https://www.screencast.com/t/Nqk9YglUf So I get that this is why it's not displaying correctly on the front end, because these style scripts don't exist on group-ib.ru, and I have no idea why it's inserting group-ib.ru instead of my domain culturedfoodlife.com.It makes me think I'm being hacked. This seems to be affecting the styles and scripts of pagelines sections. Other plugins on my site load their scripts with the correct domain name. When I've seen this in the page, it usually fixes itself after a few minutes, but in this last case, it didn't fix itself until I started disabling plugins. I was trying to see if I could go through each plugin one by one to see if I could fine out anything. I disabled everything but all my pagelines plugins/sections, and the issue went away. Then when I re-enabled everything, the issue was still gone. So now I'm clueless as how to keep testing this. Any suggestions? The fact that disabling every plugin EXCEPT the pagelines plugins kind of make me think that the issue isn't with pagelines, but then again when the issue occurs, why does it only affect pagelines sections? Andrew Powers I could use some insight. Thanks.
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