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  2. 404 When trying to connect site to PL

    Doesn't do anything.... @Ray
  3. Nested Columns Code

    This shows the grid code: The basic grid system consists of a 12-column grid. To employ it simply wrap the columns in a div with class of pl-row. Never explains how to add a nested column. @Aires
  4. Disable hamburger Mode

    Thanks Ii like this idea, pls how do i achieve this?
  5. PL5 CleanLogin & Captcha

    Hi guys, is it possible to add Google Captcha to CleanLogin PL addon?
  6. I gave up... never could get a definite answer.
  7. I originally purchased, I believe, a 3 site licence for DMS2. The new account interface does not reveal any of this information. How do I know how many licences I am entitled to? How do I reset one for a new website? All it says now is that I don't have any Pro licences?
  8. Have you found a solution to your problem.
  9. Salebar

    I will see if I can recreate this issue and post back.
  10. Disable hamburger Mode

    Ok So you want to hide the hamburger icon as well as move the logo to the center. I will have to add this to my dev area and post back later. An alternative to this would be to hide the menu completely on mobile and place an image section that is only visible on mobile.
  11. Nested Columns Code

    I hope this will assist you https://www.pagelines.com/developer/css-components/
  12. Last week
  13. Nested Columns Code

    @Andrew @Simon I was wondering on your old documentation for DMS you supply the code for a Nested Column: <div class="row"> <div class="span4">4</div> <div class="span8">8 <div class="row-fluid"> <div class="span6 zmb">6</div> <div class="span6 zmb">6</div> </div> </div> </div> You don't explain how to do this in Platform 5 Besides <div class="row"> </div> Whats the appropriate code for a nested section in Platform 5.
  14. Insecure URLs after enabling SSL

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I think it was actually a caching issue. After I purged all the caches, the warnings cleared up. Thanks for the tip, though. I may need it in the future.
  15. Insecure URLs after enabling SSL

    How familiar are you with editing the DMS Config file? If you download it and search/replace the http for https... I used to do that when migrating to https. Now I use BackupBuddy and a caching plugin provided by my host (SG Cache from SiteGround).
  16. DMS pro tools no more exists?

    I use both plugins on my DMS2 sites... running the latest version of WP- 4.8.1. No issues.
  17. Disable hamburger Mode

    The website is not live yet. Still under development. (An alternative will be how do i place MegaNav logo at the middle of screen? )
  18. Yes this an old thread but to answer the question very simple, in the valid form tag simply add a button right after <form> such as <button type="submit" id="rspassUserBtn" style="display: none;"></button> now the button is there but its invisible and it will not disrupt the look of your form, so to ma it work we simply add to the model dialog button click event to simply click the real button. Sure you could sit around and think of all kinds of code to move the button to the bottom but who is to say it would always show up correct so why re create the wheel.
  19. [Solved] Locating single.php in source files

    Excellent, thank you for that Ray, Will see what I can come up with.
  20. Disable hamburger Mode

    Please provide a link.
  21. Using LESS/CSS with Impulse

    Can you provide a link so that we can better assist you.
  22. Just updated Wordfence security plugin to Premium version and ran a scan. It reported the following Pagelines/DMS related errors: The Plugin "PageLines Updater" appears to be abandoned (updated August 5, 2015, tested to WP 4.1). The Plugin "DMS Dev Tools" appears to be abandoned (updated January 20, 2015, tested to WP 4.1). The Plugin "DMS Pro Tools" appears to be abandoned (updated June 1, 2015, tested to WP 4.1). Should these be deleted? Are they no longer supported after WP 4.1? Will this cause problems in the site? Am running Whitehouse theme with DMS2 also installed. thanks
  23. DMS pro tools no more exists?

    Ok, now I also see: The Plugin "PageLines Updater" appears to be abandoned (updated August 5, 2015, tested to WP 4.1).
  24. DMS pro tools no more exists?

    Hi Just updated Wordfence to Premium and ran a scan. It says: The Plugin "DMS Pro Tools" appears to be abandoned (updated June 1, 2015, tested to WP 4.1). Should I delete this plugin? If so, will that break something on the site? Site was built with Whitehouse theme, DMS2 is also installed also get this error: The Plugin "DMS Dev Tools" appears to be abandoned (updated January 20, 2015, tested to WP 4.1). Please advise if Pro and Dev Tools can cause problems with WP more modern than 4.1??? thanks
  25. Salebar

    Why have an x to close when it doesn't closes? And NO I have not deactivated every other plug in. https://pehjaproduction.se Just wondering
  26. Using LESS/CSS with Impulse

    There are some Impulse qualities (title, subtitle, alignment, overlay opacity) that I would like to modify, but when I view source I see that unlike other feature sliders that I've used with PageLines, Impulse seemed to be completely executed via script. Usually I would identify the div class or ID and change via LESS/CSS, but I've not a clue as to how to do it with Impulse. Any help is greatly appreciated. -Tom
  27. I've researched some stuff and can anyone tell me if I can do this via the functions.php file in the child theme?
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