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  2. welookups online tutorial

  3. Updating the design of an existing site

    Hi Pagelines. I'd like to redesign a site using Pagelines. What is the best way to do this without messing with the old site. Any ideas? I was thinking of just creating draft pages but the header, menu, footer are all universal across the site so if I want to explore changing them it will mess with the existing site. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. At the moment we're using Beaver as it's a lot like DMS but we also use Elementor.
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  6. Pagelines Still in Business?

  7. In good faith, I am request a FULL refund of all payments add-ons since day 1. This is requested to be processed within 14 days, after which I will pursue legal action. If others are interested in supporting a group action - please contact me directly.
  8. Thanks for the insight @JamesGiroux I'd like to see this supported since I have a bunch of sites still on PL. Otherwise there's no point paying $500/year!
  9. Pagelines Still in Business?

    same here!
  10. Pagelines Still in Business?

    This same problem with me. Does anyone help me? Cheap Dissertation Writers
  11. James, what framework/themer is your go-to? Beaver, Divi?
  12. Hello. I can provide some insights as a former staff member here at PageLines, a moderator in the PageLines User Group, a former Theme developer for PageLines and founder of PageLines Academy for DMS. I haven't worked for PageLines since 2014/2015 so I do not have recent information but I do know a bit about PageLines' past structure. Andrew is the kind of developer and designer who does know how to build good products. He has an eye for design and the skills to bring them to life in ways that have been innovative at launch. He has said in several statements across a few facebook dev group posts that he has been working on a new platform for PageLines that will exist outside of WordPress. While there is likely to be an upgrade path if this new product does eventuate the challenges of the existing products will remain. My past experiences with PageLines as a customer include challenging upgrade paths from PageLines Framework to DMS to P5, early promises of ongoing product development and the reality of a one to two-year lifespan for each iteration. For those wondering if the product has been abandoned, the likely answer is no. It has not been abandoned but energy is being poured into other ventures that Andrew is passionate about and PageLines itself has been dropped to the minimum effort required. The fact that these forums still exist means the bills are still being paid. That says to me that Andrew is still very much motivated to keep PL going as-is. I still have clients using PageLines Framework and PageLines DMS. They both still work even though the products have not seen any active development in many years. I am however, also using other systems that are being actively maintained, with large developer communities and growing investment in building out great products. I have always believed that PageLines was a platform with great promise and potential. I am however, less optimistic now about its future than in the past. If you are looking for a home as a current or former PageLines user, if you want advice on new options, for site builders from people who understand your PL history, I invite you to join us in the PageLines User Group (now called Design, Develop, Deliver) where we help each other with PL challenges, discuss the WordPress ecosystem and generally try to be supportive wherever we can. Our team is still building sites for clients and still supporting designers with development expertise and white labeling services and we still love the PageLines community. We'd love to see you all there, friends old and new and we'll help you through the challenges as best we can.
  13. Pagelines Customers Need Confirmation of Long-Term Stability of Platform

    I'd like to upvote/bump this thread if possible. We've built a majority of our sites on the PL5 platform in recent years as it worked great for our needs. However, as noted above it seems the platform is dead. The cost to transition all our sites over is substantial, we'd prefer to stay on PL5 but need some security/compatibility updates fast. @Andrew You've got a loyal but wavering subscriber base that needs some kind of answers, please provide them as it is the responsible thing for you to do as a business owner. Our agency would even be interested in discussing possible purchase of the platform, our devs are extremely familiar with the code base and we've contributed to some of your past push updates before too. Or if you really want to give back, open source the base code and let us fork it on GitHub to keep it updated. @Andrew if you can't take care of your baby anymore, at least consider giving it up for adoption to those who'd be willing to keep it alive! It was a great product in it's day and still has high potential. If anyone on this thread has connections to a tech blog/magazine, it might be of interest to have a reporter investigate the demise of Pagelines. I would personally be interested to know what happened, especially if many of the original devs are now working for competitors!
  14. Pagelines Still in Business?

    I want to upvote this so we can get an answer! We've been using Pagelines too for several years and it seems updates just stopped last year along with support. However we still get billed on time! Is Pagelines still a functioning company or is this zombie software that's adrift?
  15. Save changes suddenly stopped working

    There is such a message in the cockpit. Platform 5 Connection IssuePossible Token Issue: Please try the refresh button under account, or disconnect and reconnect to get a new token. However, the implementation of these activities gives nothing, you still can not save changes ... Most pages on the site are located. Nobody can really help and have no such situation? Kedark
  16. Hello. I have a big problem, platform 5, the save changes button does not work. All the time, "spins" and can not save modifications. There was information about the account refresh or re-login (due to the token), everything has been done, still saving does not work properly. Help. I got an answer on facebook that you have to put the site from scratch, I have a dozen or so - it's some tragedy. So ask for help !!! Regards, Kedark
  17. Numb6rs with 6 in color red

    Hi Andrew, could you send me back again the span tag code to write Numb6rs with the 6 in red please ? many thanks in advance i have lost the last the last one u sent me best lionel
  18. No recomiendo el Producto

    Me hicieron un cobro de ¨renovación de su producto a pesar que yo ya lo había dado de baja desde hace un año, cancele la suscripción con ustedes por problemas técnicos
  19. Cannot Find Page

    I am having a huge issue with my website. I cannot find or edit the homepage. The main issue is that the home page being shown when you login is not the home page that is published. I have tried going in on the back and front end. What happens when I go to the home page on the front end is it shows a different homepage than what is published. So it is not editable on either end because it simply just isn’t there. Below is the email from my web developer: “That's odd - it indicates to me that there is potentially some kind of conflict going on somewhere at the code level, or that multiple tins are installed to perform the same function which may be causing conflicts. I'm not seeing anything on the back end that indicates what the issue might be or gives any clues that would help with troubleshooting"
  20. Pagelines Still in Business?

    Same with me. Last year I cancelled subscription and they returned money, but fey days ago they charge card again! Asked for refund. So fare no answer...
  21. BILLING - Refund

    Hi James, Hope you are well, Please cancel my subscription #308672 and make refund on MasterCard
  22. So the Access Control area isn't showing.
  23. Hi guys, maybe you have done this already. GTM need to be installed in two parts: in header and in body of the web site. Header part of code is a simple thing. Trouble starts when I try to add to <body> section. Google tag manager for wordpress plugin doesn't help as my php version is not enough fresh for it. Can anyone advise me how to modify functions.php in order to add there second part of GTM code?
  24. Footer

    In the footer of my website, I can't find where Leasing is located. I have to remove it. http://grandavenueshops.com/
  25. Pagelines Still in Business?

    I got a charge on my account but I havent seen an update to PL in over a year. I emailed support but no response? Can anyone help? @Andrew
  26. Quick Shop - Featured Image Won't Display

    Others have been experiencing the same error/bug. It has been reported, but no word on a resolution. I just use the standard WP loop for Woo/PageLines clients. Elementor offers a lot more customization of Woo if you need client solution. I still like Pagelines but it just no longer works for every client.
  27. Quick Shop - Featured Image Won't Display

    I'm building a product catalog site. The featured image is set correctly, but the woocommerce placeholder image is displaying instead. If I click on the placeholder image, the featured image appears, and the featured image works fine as a thumbnail. Please view the site here: http://www.directmat.net/product/power-lock-logo-mat/ Note: I deleted the placeholder image via FTP to see if that would inspire Quick Shop to look for the featured image. No such luck. Please help!
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