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  2. I LOVE Beaver Builder (along with the upgrades of Themer and 3rd party addons UABB and PowerPack). BTW- there's only one owner of PageLines- Andrew Powers. Do a couple searches in this forum and you'll see that he's a deadbeat developer. Just taking in the recurring monthly fees to fund his tuxedo dry cleaning bill.
  3. Me cobraron una anualidad

    Me cobraron una anualidad sin que yo tuviera la suscripción, desde el año pasado di de baja su producto por fallas y con ello la cancelación y hoy me llego un pago el cuál yo no autorice. Solicito el reembolso de esté pago ya que ni por correo me llego la confirmación para esté. Solicito de inmediato el reembolso y al igual la cancelación por completo de su producto
  4. Requested Refund Not Processed

    Save the wait and contact your credit card company now. Pagelines does not respond to refund requests or anything else.
  5. Hi @Aires, I just signed up for Thrive Themes and paid $228 for a year including all themes and plugins. They are apparently working on a new theme that allows you to do front-end editing of the whole theme and not just the WP content section. Cheers Michael
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  7. Thrive themes is expensive and not very good when compared to Elementor Pro which has dynamic content, woo builder, and header/footer. Beaver builder is also good Price breakdown: Thrive = $600 a year and lacks a lot and you will have to find other plugins to assist with some things Elementor = $200 a year and could possibly build anything depending on the developer. Beaver Builder = $200 about the same as Elementor
  8. Requested Refund Not Processed

    Abandoned Company
  9. https://thrivethemes.com/ The best of the best
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations what alternatives are out there that provide a similar front-end editor as Pagelines?
  11. How to upgrade from DMS 2.2.4 to 2.2.5

    I still have 7 sites I support that are in DMS. I switched to Divi 3 years ago and have never looked back. Easier to use, fabulous support and ecosystem. Highly recommend. I was searching for info on what to expect with Gutenberg. I just installed Classic Editor in all my sites for the short term solution. Divi won't be an issue but my DMS and even older Headway sites may be. Time will tell. And JuJo...while the shortcodes are there in my case clients are never going to switch themes. When/if they want a new site I'll rebuild it for them and migrate. So it's a non-issue for me. It'd be the same with my Headway and DMS sites. Maybe not shortcodes, but they's still not easily convert.
  12. Remove next post/ prev post

    Just use your inspect element is Chrome and find the class. Then hide it with display: none;
  13. Product Image Won't Display

    Figured this out... it appears that the Pagelines Quickshop plugin was the source of the conflict. I deactivated it and the image and gallery are displaying correctly.
  14. Show Off Your PL5 Site(s)!

  15. Product Image Won't Display

    @edgarcheverier any suggestions?
  16. Remove next post/ prev post

    Well I use "pagelines framework content" from drag & drop section in Platform 5 to get my blog posts in place, but at the end of the content is this section with class id = "class "pl-pager page-nav-default fix" and a class called "previous previous-entries" I just want to simply remove it because I dont want to show any other related post at the end, any ideas how to remove it?
  17. distinctive image

    Try this in your css style shet in the "editor" seccion in WP .single-post .attachment-post-thumbnail { display: none; } .single-post .metamedia.has-media { display: none; } I also hate that thumbnail C:
  18. distinctive image

    Is there a link to the site
  19. distinctive image

    Hello, is it really impossible to delete a distinguished image so that it does not display at the top of a specific page or entry ?? (However, it must be added in the page panel) Regards RKA
  20. Product Image Won't Display

    I'm using Woocommerce in a Pagelines framework. When I build out a product, I'm able to add images in the admin panel and the Product Image will display on Shop page, but neither the Product Image nor the Product Gallery will display on the product's dedicated page. Shop: https://bendbotanics.com/shop/ Product Example: https://bendbotanics.com/product/500mg-full-spectrum-hemp-oil-fsho/ Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  21. distinctive image

    Hello, I apologize for the trivial question, but I can not deal with it. How do I turn off the display of a distinctive image on the page? (I have to add it because I use plugins that use it), but as I display the page, I do not want it to be visible (and appears above the subject.). Probably a cliché but I can not deal with it. Therefore, a request for help. Regards RKA
  22. I have heard good things about Beaver Builder... and Elementor. I have yet to use either, but have been considering trying Elementor. We are using Divi for a few sites, but the shortcode lock-in is real, and they have been very slow to implement responsive images. I'd love to try a theme that is built to leverage Gutenberg, but I suppose we should wait.
  23. How to upgrade from DMS 2.2.4 to 2.2.5

    It's been a while since I came to this forum for "support", but it looks like 2.2.4 is the latest version. I switched to Beaver Builder framework a little over a year ago and LOVE it. Too bad Andrew Powers drove PageLines into the ground.
  24. Nope. I hear crickets chirping. Maybe I should change my question to this: What is the best, fully supported theme that a DMS 2.2.4 site can easily be migrated to?
  25. How to upgrade from DMS 2.2.4 to 2.2.5

    @jujo did you ever find a resolution? I'm having some issues and need to update as well.
  26. Please Refound

    I've cancelled my autopay and requested a refund from Mastercard for my recent billing. The lights are on, but there is no one home.
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