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  2. Wordpress Multisite - Editing Network Admins/Users

    Yes of course, I will comment this to the developers, Thank you very much!
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  4. Wordpress Multisite - Editing Network Admins/Users

    I had this happen on two separate sites that were different Wordpress mutlisites (thus needing to create super admins). In both cases I did troubleshooting to determine if it was a theme or plugin issue and on both installs I would disable all plugins and then test it by turn each plugin on or off to see if setting changes could be changed. For both sites Pageline Platform 5 was the only plugin that interfered with the admin changes. Does that help?
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  6. Newsletter Slider Form from DMS into platform5?

    Hi! You can use really nice extensions to do that on PL5, such as: Signup: https://www.pagelines.com/product/pl-plugin-signup/ Clean Login: https://www.pagelines.com/product/pl-plugin-clean-login/ Facebook Login: https://www.pagelines.com/product/pl-plugin-login-facebook/
  7. Php Execution (Nextbox for Platform 5)

    Hey guys Really appreciate this thread and article. Will be experimenting with it. However, does this set up an issue with Wordpress core software updates? For themes, it's recommended to create a child theme for this very reason. Does the wp-includes/shortcodes.php. get wiped out with WOrdpress updates? How to handle this. Seems sort of cludging to have to go in and reinstall code after updates? thanks
  8. Custom PHP in platform5?

    This suggestion from Simon might help you.
  9. Greetings I had a nice feature from DMS on a site i'm upgrading from DMS to platform5. How can i get the functionality of the old DMS "Pagelines Signup" section? It had a great user interface that provides user with a slider switch that uncovered a simple signup form. Thanks See https://cassclayton.com for sample of what i need to recreate in platform5, upper right column.
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  11. Custom PHP in platform5?

    Hi guys Hopefully an easy question. I have some custom code included in a Next section in a DMS site that I'm converting to platform5. What is the easiest way to insert my code into a "section" which I can easily add to my page structure with the platform5 page editor? I have the Embed extension but that takes javeascript, and my PHP test failed. Also have the Shortcodes extension, but looks like that only inserts objects into the WP-loop? and again, how to create a Hook that can go here? thanks...
  12. Pagelines Framework Section Plugin

    Hi, I'm not sure about that plugin, because it's a bit old, but if you need a section plugin you can download the Pagelines Platform 5 plugin, and if you want to continue with the DMS2 theme you can just keep it, but now you will be able to use the PL5 extensions, and you will find a lot of sections plugins: https://cl.ly/0Q1N241w1A1z
  13. Pagelines Framework Section Plugin

    Working on a very old site which has pagelines framework theme. I need section plugin. so i can install postpins section. I have lost backup copy. Thank you.
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  15. Platform Plugins being updated?

    Hi! Yes, the complements will be updated, The developers are working currently in another project, but they have planned to add new plugins and update the old ones after that. Thank you!
  16. Fontawsome - locally hosted

    Go Here. https://fontawesome.com/get-started Download Your Own, Or Use their CDN Javascript. <script defer src="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.10/js/all.js" integrity="sha384-slN8GvtUJGnv6ca26v8EzVaR9DC58QEwsIk9q1QXdCU8Yu8ck/tL/5szYlBbqmS+" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> Place that here.
  17. Hi there, I have a Pro account and have several sites that are now showing that most of the Platform 5 plugins have not been updated in over 2 years and I'm now getting the 'The Plugin appears to be abandoned' warning from WordFence. Are these Platform 5 plugins going to be maintained / updated? Along a similar line... will the Signup plugin be updated to be GDPR compliant? I'm using it to sign up to a MailChimp list and MailChimp have now added additional GDPR fields that we can use to be compliant. Many thanks in advance.
  18. Wordpress Multisite - Editing Network Admins/Users

    Hi! Thank you for reporting the issue. Is this problem happen, even without external plugins? could be a conflict with another plugin.
  19. Wordpress Multisite - Editing Network Admins/Users

    We recently ran into a problem with your PL Platform 5 plugin in our Wordpress Multisite installations in which we are unable to edit network users (such as making an admin into a super admin or changing their user dashboard colors preferences) while your plugin is activated. The problem doesn't present when we deactivate Platform 5 so anytime we need to add a super admin we need to turn your plugin off and then n again after the changes are complete. Just thought we would mention it in case this is something you can fix or if anyone else is having this frustrating problem too. Thanks!
  20. Fontawsome - locally hosted

    you can remove font-awesome by deleting the line: @import url(/css/font-awesome.min.css);
  21. PageLines causing slow_errors

    Hi guys! Looking at the slow_errors log of WordPress, I have noticed that Pagelines is #1. The site in question is michaelkummer.com - see Michael Kummer Information -- 96752--------------------------------------------------slow_errors: 4518slow_errors_common: [pool site-96752] script_filename = /www//wp-admin/admin-ajax.php +++ dump failedslow_errors_common_total: 372slow_errors_common_themes_and_plugins: /wp-content/plugins/pl-platform: 1246/wp-content/themes/pl-framework: 746 My hoster is Flywheel is they are usually pretty good when it comes to performance. So I was wondering if anyone else has experienced those issues and if there are any solutions. Thanks Michael
  22. Broken CSS

    I tested the plugin in order to see if it's working, and the extension it's working correctly. After deactivating all the external plugins, Can you try to delete and reinstall the CSS editor? Do you have any errors in the console?
  23. Broken CSS

    UPDATE: I have deactivated all Non Pageline Plugins and discovered this... the custom CSS (in this case a border) - renders ONLY when the page editor is on. but not when I turn off the page editor, try in a private browser window, clear all caches or change browsers the border doesn't render.
  24. Broken CSS

    I seem to have broken my Custom CSS. I tried a few Optimize and Caching Plugins to help improve performance and noticed that some custom CSS disappeared. I deactivated, deleted the plugins (Autoptimize, Hummingbird, WP-Cache) - thinking that the problem was with the way CSS may have been minified - but the custom CSS has not come back. Any ideas? Thanks so much
  25. Fontawsome - locally hosted

    Is there a way to disable FontAwsome (currently loading from servers) and make use of a "Self-hosted FontAwsome" (ps.: same Howes for google Fonts)
  26. Submenus Not Dropping

    Hi Todd! You can use the NavPro extension, if you don't see the submenu with the Navpro, save and refresh the page. This should work! Edgar
  27. Submenus Not Dropping

    Hi - Pulling my hair out over here, and would love an assist! Site I am building, http://www.livkundalini.com/home, has a problem with the submenu items in the nav not appearing. If anyone wants to see what the Nav should look like, feel free to look in the footer on the left hand side. Have tried disabling Pagelines and using the twentyseventeen theme, but problem persists. Saw this error (pasted at the bottom of this post) displaying in the inspector, and saw discussion of Jetpack potentially being a culprit. Disabled Jetpack, but the problem persists. Had the hosting company even flush the server-side cache, but no avail. Any thoughts? Please? It's the only thing keeping me from launching this site! Many Thanks, Todd WebSocket connection to 'wss://public-api.wordpress.com/pinghub/wpcom/me/newest-note-data' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403 O @ (index):7
  28. DMS Editor not working

    Hi! How did you installed the DMS editor? The easiest way to use it is first installing the PageLines Platform 5 plugin and then in extensions download the DMS2 theme PL5: https://cl.ly/2X2y2D1y301v DMS2: https://cl.ly/07130k3P2S26
  29. DMS Editor not working

    Hi @edgarcheverier, Thanks for your advice. There are no errors in the console. And I have tried deactivating all the external plugins, but no luck. Is there any other practice that I could use?
  30. Page won't finish loading

    Hi, Can you try to deactivate all the external plugins? normally the javascript errors are because there is a conflict with an external plugin.
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