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flickr question still PLEASE HELP (I AM OUT OF TIME)

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Sorry, I have asked this question 3 times but I really need to get this resolved. It has been over 3 weeks and everyone starts to help but then keeps forgetting about me :( I cannot have the images clicking through to flickr. It is against the clients policy to have social media accounts so I had to use mine to get the photos up so I have to disable the clickthrough. I Either need it to not be clickable at all or use lightbox however, lightbox does not work on the sidebar widget, it screws all the formatting up and I know you guys asked to see it, but after a week of leaving it up for you to look at it I had to take it down, too many complaints from the client. Someone mentioned giving me a code to overwrite this or editing the widget. I was not able to find the sections in the widget that apply to the clickthrough therefore I was not able to break the link. I need this for both the carousel and the sidebar. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to disable the clickthroughs on the images for these 2 sections? Or if you know how to make light box work in the sidebar widget? Here is the complete post about this. PLEASE, SOMEONE...ANYONE?? This is the last thing I need to do to be done! thanks :)

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