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What's the best way to add Artists to my art fair website?

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#1 kjubeck



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Posted 20 April 2011 - 05:34 PM

I am trying to achieve something with WordPress and Pagelines that seems reasonable enough, but with my limited knowledge of WordPress programming/php, I'm unable to hack my way to a solution (despite many hours attempting so :-). Admittedly, I am still wrapping my head around all he features of Pagelines, so perhaps I am not understanding its capabilities fully. I will describe my challenge and desired result, hoping someone in the community might see a simple solution I have overlooked.

Here is the website I am working on: www.dubuquefest.org. I am trying to figure out an elegant way to add all of our art fair vendors to the site so that visitors can get an idea of what kind of art they will find at the fair, get excited and make a point of coming to this great non-profit event. I am seeking a solution that is flexible, intuitive. The data I would like to display for each artist includes Name, short description, and sample image. Ideally the images would be displayed in a grid, with the name of the artist below each image. Clicking any image would display a light box with larger version of the image and the ability to navigate to the next or previous artist. Pagination would also be a great feature, as there are more than 50 artists. In addition, I would also like to display the artist images in a carousel on the homepage.

Here are the things I tried, and the issues I found with each approach:

  • first, I considered using Posts, entering each artist as it's own post and assigning them all to a "artists" category. This would make it easy to display artists images in a carousel, but I have no idea how I could pull each post image and title into a page. (I have tried my hand at adding custom templates and sections to the base theme, all with no success). I also do not like how this gets the artists content mixed up with our news posts. I imagine that some special plugin or programming could exclude them from the news and home page, but I'm not skilled enough to do that myself.
  • tried using Pagelines Boxes. Set up a special box set for the artist boxes. Here is the result:

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    I'm not happy with how the images are varying heights. I'm also unable to find a way to apply lightbox functionality to the box images (we're using the Lightbox 2 plugin, which is working nicely on this page:

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  • tried using the Next Gen plugin. Overall, I was not happy with the prospect of having all of this data reliant on a plugin and I do not like how it requires me to upload all files to a new directory in wordpress (why doesn't it have the ability to access the existing media library?)
  • tried adding each artist image to the media library, then using the built-in WordPress Gallery to display them on a page. Here is the result:

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    Lightbox works and the layout is great. Unfortunately, the gallery by default shows the image caption under each image. I would need it to display the image title instead for this to be an acceptable solution.

Perhaps I should also note that I want to be able to use the WordPress and Pagelines options as they are meant to be used ??¦ I'd prefer not to use hacks to achieve the desired output or design.

A nice-to-have feature would also be the ability to categorize the artists (for example: 2-D, 3-D, Jewelry) so that users can filter down to the type of art they are most interested in.

So, if you are still reading, thanks for bearing with me :-) Please tell me: Am I missing something obvious? Is there a way to do this that meets my expectations? If not, what is the recommended compromise?

Much thanks,


#2 kjubeck



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Posted 20 April 2011 - 05:46 PM

p.s. I am willing to pay a developer if a bit of custom coding would do the trick. As an independent designer and web consultant, I find myself in this predicament quite often.

#3 cmunns



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Posted 20 April 2011 - 07:19 PM

hmmm...you probably want to create something that is special purpose so that it is as easy to manage as possible since you have so many artists. I think a custom section can be built for you, contact me adam[at]whetinteractive.com and we can talk about it.